Monster truck hits bridge

It was designed for Europe's autobahns and motorways, and when this huge poultry wagon ventured into the narrow lanes of the Blackdowns an accident was inevitable. 
No-one was hurt, but Gladhayes Bridge, Clayhidon, recently restored at great expense, was cracked. Parish councillors are hopping mad, wondering why Devon highways departments do not put  up signs.
Some of them met Neil Parish MP recently to urge him to use his influence. Now parish councillor Graham Langford has asked if there is any reason why action correcting the road signage in Rosemary Lane should not be taken now, "or why temporary advisory route signs off the main ridge road for these lorries be put in place pending an holistic Blackdowns approach?"

Buried cable soon exposed 

It hasn't taken long for weaknesses in the Blackdowns wonderful new ultra-fast broadband network to be exposed. Poorly maintained roads, huge tractors and lorries and plainly inadequately buried fibre optic cable have combined to produce this result at the Wiltown end of Smeathy Lane, Clayhidon.

Annual reports from local

clubs and organisations

>Click on this link to see the past year's annual reports to the parish council from:
Clayhidon Parish Hall
Clayhidon Friends
Clayhidon Art Group
Rosemary Lane Chapel
Clayhidon Local History Group
Blackdown Support Group
Violet Chapman Trust

Signpost is back

At last! The traditional signpost on the crossroads at the top of Ford Street, which  was wrecked in a serious accident three years ago, has been rebuilt using funds from a Somerset heritage scheme.  It was returned to its old site on 3 May. Picture by Yvonne Roth.

Shedloads of comedy

What do you get when you cross a former Cambridge music scholar and conductor of the Scottish Opera with an ex-bricklayer with a voice like Mario Lanza?
Answer: A pain in the jaw from laughing so much, according to one man who watched the Opera Dudes at Clayhidon Parish Hall on 14 April.
Before the show was over they had posted a video of themselves on Facebook, taking the mickey out the hall's artists' dressing room, a garden shed behind the stage. 
Read our review.

Bringing books to rural Devon
Devon County Council wants to consider ways to increase take up in rural areas in order to reach more people who can't easily access Devon’s 50 public libraries. >Read more and follow link to take part.

Want to receive reminders
of hall events?
If you are already on Clayhidon Parish Hall's mailing list you need to send an email confirming that you wish to remain on it.
If you don't do this by the end of May we will have to remove your name to comply with new Data Protection laws.
If you are not on the mailing list you are missing out!
Either way, if you would like to join or remain on the list simply email clayhidonhall@gmail.com and tell us.
Then we will ensure you receive a reminder every time we organise an event.

Blackdowns bus for hire

After much effort by the Blackdowns Community Bus Committee and support from various fundraising events, a 13/14 seater bus has been purchased and which will be available for hire. >Read more
Car overturns
A car overturned on a bend above Ford Street on 9 April and you can see photos on the Somerset County Gazette website on this link 


Trash busters

Meet the trash busters - just a few of the volunteers who gave up their Sunday afternoon on 25 March to collect litter from Clayhidon's road verges. To see the shocking amount they collected in a couple of hours click here.

Viridor to fund new hall roof

Rubbish from thousands of households is paying for a new roof on a popular Blackdown Hills entertainment venue.
Taunton-based Viridor Credits, which is funded by donations from Viridor’s 18 landfill sites across the UK, including Broadpath, near Uffculme, is giving £25,856 to Clayhidon Parish Hall.
The committee running the 125-year-old building, originally a Victorian village schoolroom, wants to raise over £100,000 to bring it up to 21st century standards.
“Worn slates, leaking ceilings and poor insulation mean we have no choice but to start with the roof,” said committee chairman Gareth Weekes. >Read more.



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