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Parish website's review of the year 2014/15

Huge rise in visitors in 12 months

- report to Clayhidon Parish Meeting, 13 April 2015

There has been a huge jump in the number of users of the parish website – from to 2,065 in 2013/14 to 5,024, a rise of 87 per cent.  The number of pages viewed rose by 27 per cent to 7,772.

The great majority of these visits were to the home page. After this in descending order were:

·       Local history   882 (+32%)

·       Planning applications 844 (+36%)

·       Parish hall   733 (+40%)

·       Parish council   575 (+14%).


There were occasional events when many more people visited the site than usual. These included:

The memorial event for Bee Hill
Gary Williams’s funeral
Retirement presentation to Clayhidon’s postlady
Farm fire at Palmers
Parish Council story about possible broadband improvements
Responses to mass emailings promoting parish hall events.

It is clear from these spikes that what drives people to the site is timely information about interesting and relevant events.

We are very grateful to Sue Hay for her excellent reports of Parish Council meetings and to Michael Osmond for taking the trouble to hand-deliver agendas and planning applications. We are sorry that we no longer receive the minutes, which we suggest should be archived online as a matter of record. Perhaps the council would consider resuming this service.

The website is an entirely voluntary effort, but it is an effective way of communicating with local people and we would be happy to co-operate with the council or any other local organisation to improve coverage and encourage more interaction with the public.


Gareth and Alison Weekes, April 2015.