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Review of the year 2015/16

Clayhidon parish website

 Review of the year 2015/16

The website, which was founded in 2011, now totals 1,047 pages.

While there was a modest increase last year in the number of people using the parish website, people used it more frequently than in previous years and spent much more time reading it. The raw figures, provided by Google Analytics, are

·       5,358 users (+6%)

·       10,219 sessions (+31%)

·        24,386 page views (+39%)

·       2 minutes 37 seconds, average session (+37 seconds)

The great majority of these visits were to the home page. After this in descending order were:

·       Planning applications 1,157 (+36%)

·       Parish council 1,105 (+92%)

·       Local history 204 (+9%) 

The big rise in visits to the parish council section is presumably due to the extra council pages – now totalling 166.  Virtually all the minutes dating back to 2002 are now on the website, and the latest minutes from Donna Evans are added within days of a meeting. This makes it a useful resource from which information can be recovered easily by using the site’s Search box. Her rapid and efficient service is much appreciated. I had hoped to allow Donna to post minutes and agendas directly onto the site, without using me as an intermediary, but this has proved technically difficult.

We have used Facebook extensively in the past year, mainly to publicise Parish Hall events, and these posts generally reach between 250 and 700 people. This figure is multiplied many times over when we put more interesting items on Facebook, which is a brilliant way of spreading information quickly – for instance, the 44-tonne lorry that overturned in a lane was seen by 2,110 people, the Great Clayhidon Bake-Off at the village fete reached 1,547 and the launch of Pam Reynolds’ history reached 971. Thanks to Facebook these stories were seen by many more people than read them on the website. We will look to further develop our use of social media.

Gareth Weekes, April 2016.