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Blackdown Hills Wednesday Club

If you don't ask you don't get

Firstly, I have to thank Somerset Community Foundation for a grant of £200
towards our Christmas Lunch. We do pull out all the stops for our Christmas
Lunch which is free to our members, providing sherry, wine, crackers, turkey
with all the trimmings, loads of puddings and then tea and mince pies after
the entertainment. And, then, everyone goes home with a Christmas present.
It is expensive so the grant was very welcome. We are especially grateful to
Jane Kirk who encouraged me to apply even though we had received a grant
last year. I was doubtful we’d get money two years running but Jane said “If
you don’t ask, you don’t get” and how right she was! Thank you.
Our Valentine’s Day Quiz was a great success with 2 tables getting top marks
of 40 out of 50. Who knew there were so many things one could ask about
February 14th? The prizes were tubes of Love Hearts, of course.
On February 27th, Amy Taras and Trevor Lloyd came to sing and play for us
again. I missed them when they came in October so was very thrilled that
they agreed to come again. (Amy especially did us a huge favour because
she was moving house the next day!). I knew I had missed a treat before and
the duo did not disappoint. Amy has a wonderful voice just right for singing
Country and Western and blues and she was accompanied throughout by
Trevor on guitar who sometimes sang along with her. There were 10 songs in
all, some we knew, some were new to us. The programme started with
‘Walking after midnight’, and then included Blondie’s ‘Dreaming’ when Trevor
changed his guitar for the delicate sounds of a mandolin, the Flying Pickets
‘Only you’, ‘Blue Bayou’ and ‘Soldiers Coming Home’ which was new to me
and I hope I’ve got the title right. We all knew ‘You are my sunshine’ which
has a rousing chorus which we all joined in - with great gusto - and then
heard one of Trevor’s own compositions, the premiere no less of ‘Come on
Home’ which was lovely. We finished with that great Country and Western
number, ‘Jolene’. What a fabulous afternoon! We are so lucky to have live
music and especially lucky when it is as good as that. Thank you so much,
Amy and Trevor.

April 10th: AGM followed by Bingo
April 24th: Sue Weightman talks about the Taunton Food Bank

May 8th: The Wellington Monument - its history and its future
with Emma Jones from the National Trust

All meetings are in Churchinford Village Hall and start at 2pm for 2.30pm

See you there. 

Sally Milnes

Musical start to the New Year

The New Year started in fine style as the Buckland Singers launched into ‘Here we are again’ to kick off their Music Hall medley and then took us through ‘Down by the Salley Gardens’, ‘Drink up thy Cider’, ‘Oklahoma’, ‘The Carnival is Over’, a Mary Poppins medley, the Beatles medley, ‘Shenandoah’ and finished with a World War 1 medley. Almost makes me breathless to think about it! The Buckland Singers have become great friends of the Wednesday Club, they always provide marvelous entertainment and we shall be ‘happy as can be’ to see them again. We thank them all and Elaine for accompanying them. 

Two weeks later, we had a very different entertainment. We borrowed a large selection of clothes from the St Margaret’s Charity Clothes shop in Taunton on a sale or return basis. Then 5 brave souls modeled four outfits each, day wear and evening wear, and strutted their stuff down the catwalk. Some of our male members had been lured to attend with the promise of the models in swimsuits but their luck was out!  I think they enjoyed it even without that bonanza, though. And the models? I’m not going to name you - you know who you are! - but we are truly grateful to you for doing it, and to the compare. It was a very happy, fun afternoon and I think that everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. We gave a donation of £45 to St Margaret’s and, together with money from the sale of some of the clothes, handed over more than £100. They were more than pleased and we’d had a great day. Win Win!!


Meetings for March: 

March is our Submarine month so anyone who wants to learn a little about submarines and the Royal Navy will be welcome to join us.

March 13th:  How submarines go down and come up again and everything in between with Commander Jim Foster, Royal Navy.

March 27th:  Command at Sea - what it’s like to take command of a Polaris submarine with Commodore John Milnes, Royal Navy.


Meetings for April: 

April 10th:  AGM followed by Bingo

April 24th:  Sue Weightman talks about the work of the Taunton Food Bank


We hope to see you, 2.30pm in Churchinford village hall

Sally Milnes