Clayhidon Church Fete, August 2015

A fun and friendly church fete was held in Clayhidon on 29 August involving a hotly contested bake off competition and a crowd pleasing duck and dog show.
Farmer's wife Thelma Blackmore won the Victoria sandwich cake class while the signature challenge in a muffin tin was won by dog show organiser Freddie Parker, with a group of marshmallow topped sheep.
The event was a real community occasion organised by the Friends of St Andrew's and money raised was for the church and the Little Princess Trust, which provides real hair wigs for children who have lost theirs through cancer treatment. There was also a flower festival in the church over the bank holiday weekend.
The fete was opened by the chairman of Clayhidon Parish Council, Richard Kallaway, who welcomed everyone, and later auctioned the baked goods.
Money from the dog show entrants went to the Ann Conway Trust, which helps people coping with brain hernias like the one suffered by the organiser, Freddie Parker, last year. There were classes for the handsomest hound, prettiest pooch as well as obedience and agility, and a highly popular display of ducks and sheepdogs.
Children also enjoyed an egg and spoon race, sack race and welly throwing. The afternoon included a display of classic cars, skittles, a raffle, stalls games and refreshments.
Committee chairman Nicola Bendle said the total of £1,150 raised was "quite amazing."

Results from the Great Clayhidon Bake Off
Victoria sponge technical challenge, 1- Thelma Blackmore; 2 - Judy Law; 3- Rachel Drawert. 
The Signature Bake Muffins- Adults 1 - Freddie Parker; 2 - Lynda Higgins; 3 - Tina Barnes. Children 1 - Evelyn Tonkin; 2 - Evelyn Tonkin.
Perfect preserves 
Jam: 1 - Pat Regardsoe; 2- Lucy Jefferson; 3 - Rachel Drawert. 
Jelly: 1- Judy Law; 2 - Julie Bullet. 
Chutney: 1 - Kim Burridge; 2- Paula Regardsoe; 3 - Margaret Prettejohn.
Curd: 1 - Margaret Wheaton; 2 - Tina Barnes.
Green fingers fruit and vegetable monster: 1 - Arthur Alers-Hankey; 2 - Tristan Alers-Hankey; 3 - Evelyn Tonkin. 
Miniature garden on a paper plate: 1 -Tristan Alers-Hankey and Tristan Alers-Hankey; 2 - Angus Lashley; 3 - Jen Bjars. 
Single bloom: 1 - Kim Burridge; 2 - Kim Burridge; 3 - Coralie Sampson; commended Nicola Bendle.
Get Creative handicraft: 1 - Pat Regardsoe; 2 - Margaret Wheaton; 3 - Pat Regardsoe. 
Painted item: 1 - Julie Bullet; 2 - Anne Langford; 3 - Jo Foreacre. 3D handcrafted item: 1 - Nick King; 2- Pat Regardsoe; 3 - Freddie Parker; 3 - Jen Bjars.
The treasure hunt, hidden in a field near Applehayes, was won by Lynda Higgins.

Dog show results 
Addy Bloodworth from Doggy Dudes grooming was the judge. Trophies and prizes donated by Trudy Brown, Chip's Field. Mount vets donated for the rosettes.

Prettiest Pooch or Handsomest Hound:
1st Peter and Pippy
2nd Jenny and Fen
3rd Lucy and Fizz

Happiest Hound
1st Kevin and Fell
2nd Ryeland and Pickles
3rd Angus and Boris

Most Appealing eyes
1st Eleanor and Charlie Nelson
2nd Nicole and Polly
3rd Karen and Fleece

Dog the judge would most like to take home
1st Rosie and Wilma
2nd Sue and Pepper

Best Condition
1st Lucy and Fizz
2nd Nicole and Scooby
3rd Meg Palmer and Ben

Musical Sit
Joint 1st Alfie and Maggie
Jenny and Fen

Picture: Alfie and Maggie