Community Bus



September 2018: The Blackdown Hills Community Bus is now well and truly operating in the area. The aim of the bus is to provide affordable transport for residents of the Blackdown Hills, which suffers from a lack of public passenger services.  To date it has been used by WI groups, cricket teams, trips to rugby matches, for weddings, trips to venues such as Otter Brewery, Otter Nursery and many other individual uses.


 In some cases the parties have provided their own drivers but in many cases they have called upon the small group of volunteer drivers.  This is an area which the charity responsible for the running of the bus would now like to address by increasing this block of drivers.  The purpose of the bus is to serve the whole of the Blackdown Hills and not just Churchinford, Blagdon and Otterford, as was the case with the old CBO bus. We are getting bookings from the other areas so it is now our aim to build up a team of drivers from other areas. The idea is to find a willing volunteer from each area of the Blackdowns who will, in turn, coerce a small team who can be called upon if the bus is hired out within that area. We are therefore appealing to anyone over the age of 18 and under 70, with a full, clean driving licence to get in touch if they are willing to be part of this team.


After all the hard work that has been put in to provide this invaluable service, the charity needs your help to make this project succeed.  They can be contacted by their Facebook page – search for Blackdowns Community Bus or  You can also phone 07762 813967. Please note, bookings for the bus can also be made via the above.

Bus for the Blackdowns is for hire 

April 2018: Calling all clubs, groups, schools and organisations in the Blackdowns! 
Our new 13/14 seater bus was at last delivered on Monday 26 March after being delayed by snow. 
One of our aims is to help those who need cheap transport due to age, isolation or any sort of disability, but we need your support to do this. The new bus is for the use of the whole of the Blackdowns area.
The bus is available for hire by any group or individual for any activity, such as transporting a football team, school trip, garden club outing, theatre trip, transporting wedding guests etc. etc.
We are working on our pricing policy, which initially will be £75 a day (£50 a half day) plus fuel. 
In order to cover our costs we need to hire out the bus at least 40 times a year at that amount. 
Please spread the word and book your trips now! 
Phone our mobile number 07762 813967 or email
- Blackdowns Community Bus Committee.