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New boardwalk

New boardwalk is 'floated' across deep bog

Walkers can now get safely across one of the boggiest footpaths in Clayhidon,

thanks to the construction of a new boardwalk.

It’s on footpath 14, which runs from near Forches Corner to Garlandhayes, crossing Wiltown Turbary, a small area of woodland tucked away off the road.

“Because the bog is so deep it wasn't possible to support the boardwalk on stakes, in the normal way, so it has been floated on alder logs sourced from two trees on the Turbary,” said Parish Councillor Sue Hay.

Wiltown Turbary belongs to the Clayhidon Charity. Parts of the path were difficult to negotiate. The new boardwalk goes across all the boggy area

making the path much

easier to follow.

The boardwalk was constructed by Guy Manning, a local contractor who does a lot of work on the footpaths. It was jointly funded by the parish council and Devon County Council.