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Carlingwark planning rejection

'Astonishment' as councillors reject eco house

Mid Devon councillors have turned down plans for an innovative and exceptional eco house in Clayhidon, by just one vote.
No local objections were made to  Susan Annett's and Richard Brown's new house at Carlingwark and it was backed by the parish council, the community and the AONB.
Despite that, and support speeches from  the parish council chairman, Richard Kallaway,
'Why I opposed the plan'

Graham Langford, the one parish councillor who voted against the plan, explained why. "I had argued that the Design Review Panel did not think it merited approval and they were the architectural experts independently testifying to the Local Planning Authority.  However I accepted the majority decision of the Parish Council as a whole to support the application.
"Now the Local Planning Authority have met and made a democratic decision which is not what some may have wanted and all hell breaks loose!
"I find it interesting that in the world we now live in, if you disagree with a democratic majority decision then you are entitled to jump up and down, making a fuss to attempt to overturn it.
"Does this remind you of the National Referendum on the EEC? "

It is a slippery slope that we find ourselves on if every majority decision (be it with a margin of 1 or 100) is subject to howls of upset.  Would it not be terrible if everyone agreed on everything all of the time?
and local district councillor, Frank Rosamund, the local county councillor Ray Radford, voted against the scheme.

This has already caused outrage from local residents who have condemned his comment to the planning meeting  that if approved the new four bedroom house could lead to many more in the Blackdown Hills.
However the plans were submitted to Mid Devon under a special exception category for “Grand Design” type homes. It is the first such application made in the district, and has been specially designed to fit into the landscape and would have been the first house in the country built with a beech structure. The scheme includes a new orchard and lake. Not one neighbour has objected.

However planning officer Alison Fish recommended refusal because she thought the plans were not, in fact, innovative enough.
Because the committee was obviously split, Cllr. Radford’s intervention so annoyed  former parish councillor Alex Hill, of Bollhayes, that he has written to tell him so.
He wrote:” I was astonished and deeply disappointed by your response this afternoon to the planning application for a new house at Carlingwark in Clayhidon.
“The whole point of ‘paragraph 55’ provision is to encourage innovative and bold designs in open countryside. To object on the grounds that approval of the application might risk a profusion of similar developments is completely missing the point. On those grounds there would never be any house built in Mid Devon under the conditions of this provision. Yours is a dead end point of view. Such applications are to be encouraged and will bring much needed business to the local rural economy.
“ That you should choose to ignore such strong local support bewilders me.I thought that you were elected to support your constituents and represent their views.”
Councillor Radford replied that his main concern was bare walls and that if these could be designed out he would support the project,.