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Project for carers and older people

Age UK and Unite Carers are running a nine month project to contact parishes and local groups in rural areas of Mid Devon to establish awareness in the community of the services available for carers and older people; making contact with individuals needing support and recruiting local volunteers able to provide such support in an economically and environmentally sustainable way.

Stage 1 - We will meet with community groups in 10 rural clusters and explain our project, asking to work together with them, to identify carers and older people needing befriending support and volunteers who would like to be trained to provide this support in a structured way under the umbrellas of Age UK or Unite Carers. Between January 2013 and May 2013

Stage 2 – Together with the community groups run volunteer recruitment promotional events in 10 locations. Target - to identify and engage with 40 new volunteers within the rural community - Between February and May 2013

Stage 3 – Volunteer Interviews and establish preferences of individuals. - Between March and June 2013.

Stage 4 –Volunteer training courses - run separately by Unite Carers and Age UK in Crediton and Tiverton areas (4 courses in total) – between May and June 2013.

Stage 5 – Carer and Older People support events to promote the services of Unite Carers and Age UK and other local organisations. Held in the same 10 locations - Target - To engage with at least 40 Carers and Older People who need the support of the volunteers – These events will promote support for carers of all ages including Young Carers from 5 to 25. To be held in June and July 2013.

Delivery of the Volunteer Services by matching volunteers with “clients” will start in July as part of our separate projects.