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Answers to Quiz Night warm-up

  1. On which mountain is it said that Noah's Ark came to rest? Mt. Ararat. 
  2. How many gospels are there in the New Testament? Four
  3. What nationality was Alfred Hitchcock ? English
  4. On a darts board, what number is directly opposite No. 1 ? Number 19. 
  5. Which woman has won the most Wimbledon singles titles? Martina Navratilova. 
  6. Who wrote the Enigma Variations and The Dream of Gerontius? Elgar.
  7. Which singer sang the song 'Hanky Panky' from the 'I'm Breathless' album? Madonna.
  8. Which artist cut off the lobe of his own ear and later shot himself? Van Gogh. 
  9. Who was Britain’s youngest ever Prime Minister? William Pitt the Younger 
  10. Who wrote the children's story The Old Man of Lochnagar? Prince Charles

How did you do? If you answered any of these questions correctly you won't disgrace yourself at Quiz Night on Friday 24 April and you could have a lot of fun.  To make sure of a place call Caroline Bendle on 01823 681047 or email carouselle@btinternet.com

Eight teams have already entered so it should be a great evening, starting at 7.30. There'll be tea, coffee, snacks, and a licensed bar. Entry is £3 per person. The Quiz Master is Peter Walter.