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Blind crossroads accidents

Second crash in ten days at crossroads
A four vehicle collision at the Ford Street junction with the ridge road on Wednesday, June 10, just after 9 am luckily involved no serious injuries.
But for the second time in ten days police, fire and ambulance were called to this highly dangerous crossroads 
On Monday, June 8, Clayhidon Parish Council agreed to call on Somerset Highways again to cut the verges at this junction earlier in their planned schedule. Every year local drivers feel they have to take their lives in their hands to cross this very fast road when their visibility is dramatically reduced because of overhanging trees and high growing grass and weeds.
On Monday, June 1, after the accident in which a Clayhidon resident was badly injured, two parish councillors contacted Somerset Highways to ask for action. I also spoke to police about the accident and made the same comments.
In some years local people have taken their own strimmers to try and make the crossing from the Wellington road from Clayhidon safer.
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BLIND JUNCTION: Uncut grass conceals traffic from the right. Left and below: a police sign obscures the view to the left.
Local driver cut out of car after collision with lorry
One of the most lethal road junctions in the Blackdowns claimed another victim on 1 June. A Clayhidon woman was trying to cross the ridge road at the top of Ford Street when her 4x4 car was in collision with a lorry.
She was within a split second of being killed. Luckily the lorry appeared to clip the rear of her car and it spun out of its path onto the verge. She had to be cut free by firemen and was taken to Musgrove Hospital with multiple fractures. The lorry driver was unhurt. Police are appealing for witnesses to call them on 101. 
There is widespread concern in the parish about neglect of this junction. The issue is likely to be raised at Clayhidon Parish Council on 8 June after two councillors said they had called Somerset County Council urging them to cut the verges to make traffic more visible.. Click here for the Somerset County Gazette report.

Alison Weekes commented on 2 June 2015:
 I witnessed the horrific crash at the top of Ford Street crossroads on 1 June, when a lorry collided with a car coming from Clayhidon.
Obviously I can't speculate about the cause but as all of us know the vegetation at that dangerous junction makes it even more dangerous at this time of year.
For months now there have been some plastic barriers round some kind of hole in the verge on the left as you leave Clayhidon and I was utterly puzzled to find a big white sign compounding the visibility problem on Tuesday.
I got out of my car ready to move it, only to find it was a police notice appealing for witnesses to the accident. I left it alone, but when I rang the police I told them the sign could possibly cause another accident if not moved. I also rang Somerset highways to get them to cut the verges.
Twice before I have been there with a strimmer to do it myself. And I know other people have done that too.
The ridge road is an extremely fast road, where drivers often exceed the speed limit. It should be a priority to cut these verges before the vegetation gets so high. And perhaps have a speed camera occasionally.
We all edge out slowly, but I'm always grateful when I have a passenger who can help judge the speed of other vehicles.
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