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Parish Council report, January 10 2011

posted 8 Feb 2011, 06:18 by Gareth Weekes   [ updated 17 Mar 2011, 07:45 ]

Clayhidon Parish Council met on Monday 10th January in the village hall.

We were joined by Frank Rosamund and five members of the Parish.

Ray Radford and Sue Hay sent their apologies.

Bellets Bridge - despite being beautifully rebuilt, the field pipe, leading into the drain across the road, by this bridge, is still blocked. It has been reported to the County Council. The road drain is clear.

Planning - barn on Heazle Road now has been approved. Farm building at Newcott Barton approved. Conversion of building into pottery at Applehayes approved. Nothing further has been heard about Mr Board's caravan, or our letter concerning the refusal at Stych House.

We have indicated that insufficient information, re an application for a 100 ft. x 40ft  building on a 12 acre field adjacent to Burrows Farm, was given for us to make a sensible decision. The field has no water or electricity. The planning officer agreed. This is a considerable sided building - for what purpose?

Low Cost Home at Hidonfields - Yarlington Homes is the third Housing Association to become involved in negotiations with the developer over the price. Unfortunately for the builder the price of houses is reducing and he is not a happy bunny, as both suggested prices have been refused. The problems do not lie with the District Council.

Notice Boards  - permission has been granted on the boundary wall of Rosemary Lane Chapel for one board. A possible site has been identified on the site of the old telephone box at Garlandhayes.

Ford Street cross roads - vegetation around the pole etc on the Merry Harriers side of the road. This does need to be cleared before the summer to facilitate viewing on this dangerous cross roads.

Wall at Wiltown - this is looking dangerously insecure;  is it County's responsibility? 

Salt Bins - you may remember Ray Radford offered us £300 towards the cost of a new salt bin. On consideration salt may be more use to us than one bin, this amount would buy us 10 tons of salt from County, is this loose or waterproof bagged? (which it would need to be for storage.) Mole Valley charges £106 (reducing for quantity) per waterproof bag per ton.

Some farmers have agreed to store salt to grit roads in their area as a service to the parish, as this is no longer carried out by County. County is not happy delivering to individual farmers but perhaps they could embrace the ''Big Society'' and accept farmers' help in this matter, as long as the farmers did not appropriate it for their own use.

Road Closure - from 24 Feb to 2 March, Bridgehouse to Shackels Cross, for SW Water. Appropriate measures will be taken for householders to reach their properties.

Mobile Library - notice of future provision is on the Village Hall notice board; roughly speaking fortnightly at 2pm for 10 mins at Clayhidon crossroads.

Website For Parish Use - Gareth and Alison Weeks have kindly volunteered to set up a website to highlight Parish Council news, events, minutes and correspondence. Other parish activities would be linked in. As you all know they are retired journalists and we are very grateful for this time consuming offer.

It is the Queen's jubilee in 2012.

District Councillor Frank Rosamund's report

Council news: in order to save £13,000 from Mid Devon's council budget all future news from them will be in the Mid Devon Star and not the Gazette. The Star is available from the Post Office and Spar Shop and is that magic word - FREE!   Refuse Collection Notices - some of these were hand delivered around New Year and some of us received the notices after the first collection of the New Year (by post). Frank to look into it.

Budget - severe local government cuts by Westminster, 15% cut this year, and a further  11% next year. Although cuts have been budgeted for this year - as they thought - a further £200,000 savings to be found.

Small savings are going to be sought eg Villages in Action, and the above mentioned Devon Star. Jobs are being cut, job sharing between chief executives is taking place, possible increases in car parking charges, renting out parts of Phoenix House, efficiencies in refuse collection (this may lead to new, more efficient vehicles being purchased).

Roads - drains at Wiltown are blocked, and the drain outside the Hall needs attention - this is in hand. On the radio £1.6   million roads budget has been spent on road clearing this winter in Devon. Does this mean our surface dressing will be put back? All potholes would have to be repaired before this is done.

Next Council meeting  March 14.  Parish Annual Meeting   March 28 Both at 7.30pm in the Parish Hall.