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Snail mail

 Gareth Weekes tapes a message to the postbox in Battle Street, which a snail promptly eats.

On the trail of the slimy blighters of Clayhidon
“Slimy blighters” lurking in a Clayhidon postbox have hit the headlines in a classic Silly Season story about snail mail.
Several newspapers reported that mail posted by “baffled villager” Gareth Weekes had been eaten by snails and his letters had arrived with large holes.
“Snail mail is fighting back - from an infested Royal Mail postbox in rural Devon,” said one paper. 
Gareth, a former local newspaper editor who now edits the Clayhidon parish website, always used the postbox at the bottom of Battle Street until he realised what was happening to his mail. 
"The slimy blighters were living in the dark down there, making lunch out of my letters and envelopes,” he said.  "The whole experience has put a new meaning to the expression snail mail in our digital age.” 
He taped a note to the postbox warning the postman, but within two days this too had been eaten.
Gareth is the chairman of a communications consultancy, Deep South Media, which employs nine former journalists on the south coast. “They thought it was daft enough to make a Silly Season story for the papers and they were right,” he said.