How to find the latest Clayhidon planning applications
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To locate an NGR (National Grid Reference) visit and type the numbers into the 'X Easting' and 'Y Northing' boxes.

17/01979/FULL. Land at NGR 317450 110777 Tickle Penny, Clayhidon. Retention of mixed use building comprising farm workshop, storage, water reservoir, smokery, cold store and food processing area, farm office, welfare facilities, kennels and stables. Read more.

18/00044/HOUSE. Gladhayes, Clayhidon. Erection of detached garage. Read more.

18/00130/FULL. Harts Farm, Clayhidon.  Erection of a general purpose agricultural building. Read more.

17/01861/FULL. Land at NGR 315530 116722, The Gallop, Clayhidon. Erection of a general purpose agricultural building. Read more.

 17/01869/HOUSE. Crockers Farm, Hemyock. Erection of first floor extension and re-roofing of building. Read more,

 17/01870/LBC. Crockers Farm, Hemyock. Listed Building Consent for the erection of first floor extension, re-roofing of building and internal alterations. Read more.

17/01570/FULL.  Willtown Farm, Clayhidon.  Change of use of land and conversion of former agricultural building to form 1 dwelling. Read more

17/01642/HOUSE.  Rosegarland Barn, Clayhidon.  Erection of two storey rear extension (Revised scheme). Read more

 17/01453/FULL.  Kingsmead Centre, Clayhidon.  Erection of a dwelling (100sqm) including camp site reception facilities (58sqm). >Read more.

17/00935/HOUSE. Far Longham, Clayhidon. Conversion of barn to ancillary accommodation. >Read more.

17/01123/FULL. Change of use of agricultural land for use as a wedding venue from May to September inclusive; formation of a car parking area and erection of a marquee. Land at NGR 315940 113172 (Palmers Farm) Ridgewood Cross, Clayhidon.  >Read more. 

17/00820/HOUSE.  Rosegarland Barn, Clayhidon.  Erection of two storey rear extension. >Read more.

17/00578/CLU.  Glebe Farm, Clayhidon.  Certificate of lawfulness for the existing dwelling built not in accordance with the approved plans of Planning Permissions EN.6150/1/1 for a period in excess of 4 years. >Read more.

17/00666/HOUSE.  Far Longham, Clayhidon.  Erection of extension to farmhouse and landscaping works. >Read more.


 17/00465/HOUSE.  Highfields, Clayhidon.  Erection of replacement sunroom and porch  >Read more.

                        17/00449/HOUSE.  Bollhayes Park Farm, Clayhidon.  Erection of garden room and associated landscaping.  >Read more. 

                        16/01867/HOUSE. Shalom, Clayhidon. Erection of two storey extension and first floor dormer window extension to dwelling and conversion and extension to garage to form games room and first floor storeroom.

                        16/01848/FULL. Village Hall Battle Street Clayhidon. Erection of extension and change of use of agricultural land to form additional parking area. >Read more.

16/01233/HOUSE. Graddage Farm, Clayhidon. Erection of extension to garage. >Read more.

                        16/01334/HOUSE.  Higher Heazle, Clayhidon.  Alterations and erection of extension.  >Read more.

16/01471/FULL.  Bolham House Farm, Hemyock.  Erection of 3 biomass boilers and associated infrastructure to provide heat to existing poultry operation. (Julian Brooke of Hemyock Products Ltd)  >Read more.             

16/01233/HOUSE. Graddage Farm, Clayhidon. Erection of extension to garage. >Read more.

      16/01334/HOUSE. Higher Heazle, Clayhidon. Alterations and erection of extension. >Read more.

16/00841/FULL – Mill View, Clayhidon.  (Revised drawings).  Erection of an agricultural building following demolition of 2 exiting agricultural buildings.>Read more

 16/00841/FULL – Mill View, Clayhidon.  Erection of an agricultural building following demolition of 2 existing agricultural buildings. >Read more

 16/00404/CLU - Certificate of lawfulness for the existing use of a dwelling in non-compliance with an agricultural occupancy condition.   Heazle Farm, Clayhidon. >Read more

 16/00559/FULL - Change of use of part of agricultural land to menage, replacement of buildings with barn and erection of an additional barn.  Opposite Heazle Farm, Clayhidon. >Read more

16/00587/HOUSE - Erection of two storey extension to west elevation and first floor extension to rear.  Lower Garlandhayes, Clayhidon. >Read more

16/00302/FULL Erection of a rural workers dwelling | Land and Buildings at NGR 315838 114830 (Cornerways) Rosemary Lane Devon (Ms F Parker & Mr J Day) >Read more

15/01622/FULL | Erection of an agricultural worker's dwelling and an agricultural livestock building | Land at NGR 316711 110152 (Ten Oaks Farm) Clayhidon Devon >Read more

16/00021/FULL | Erection of cabinet to house observation borehole measuring groundwater levels, and surrounding fence | Land at NGR 317906 109716(Smeatharpe) Clayhidon >Read more

15/01952/FULL | Erection of single storey extension and dormer window extension to dwelling, conversion and extension of garage to annex | Shalom Clayhidon Cullompton Devon EX15 3PH   >Read more

15/01891/FULL | Variation of condition 1 of Planning Permission 10/00160/FULL to allow occupation of the caravan by Mrs G Board |Wiltown Mobile Home Clayhidon Cullompton Devon EX15 3TR >Read more

Single and two=storey extensions
Mr Carl Purbrick, of Lytchett Farm, Clayhidon.  Erection of two storey extension and single storey extension (Revised Scheme). >Read more.
Dwelling to replace mobile home
Mr G. Brooke, of Mobile Home(The Shack), Jewells Farm, Hemyock. Erection of a dwelling following removal of mobile home. >More details.

Dwelling and garage in place of mobile home
Ten Oaks Farm, Clayhidon. Erection of dwelling and garage to replace existing caravan. >More details.

Replace thatched roof with slate
Mr Malcolm Goodridge, of Knowle Farm, Clayhidon EX15 3Q. Listed Building Consent for the replacement of thatched roof to slate roof. >More details.

New cattle shed
RH Drew and Son, of 
Callers Farm ,Clayhidon. 
Erection of an agricultural building to house dairy cattle at grid reference Land at NGR 315975 114554. >More details.

Dormer window
Mr Alan Marlor, of Ashcleeve Clayhidon EX15 3TR. Installation of dormer window to rear.>More details.

Roof over silage clamp
Mr R Drew, of Callers Farm ,Clayhidon ,EX15 3PH. Erection of roofing over existing silage clamp >More details.

New thatched roof
Mr M. Bache, of Burrow Farm, Clayhidon EX15 3QA,. Erection of extension and replacement porches. Listed building consent for replacement of roofing with wheat thatch, Replacement of cementitious renders with lime renders and mortars. Other internal alterations. Closing date for response 29 April 2015. >More details.

Single storey extension
Mr and Mrs J Kidner, of Moor View, Clayhidon, EX15 3QE. Erection of single store extension and stainless steel flue to serve wood burner (revised scheme) Comment by 3 March 2015, Planning assistant Miss Hannah Cameron. >More details

Pitched roof over garage
Mr and Mrs G Slabbert, of Barpark, Clayhidon, EX15 3TL. Installation of pitched roof over existing garage to form storage area above. >More details.

Change of use of outbuilding
Mr M Goodridge, Knowle Farm, Clayhidon, EX15 3QA. Change of use of outbuilding to additional accommodation. Response by 10 December 2014. Case officer Miss Hannah Cameron. >More details.

Barn conversion
Mr and Mr R. Buckingham, Smiths Cottage Farm, Clayhidon (neighbour to Mr N.Carter, Brookdale). Conversion of barn to ancillary accommodation and holiday let (revised scheme). Response to Planning by 5 November 2014. >More details.

Extension to barn conversion
Mr and Mrs M Legg, Old Ridgewood Farm, Clayhidon., EX15 3PP. Erection of extension to barn conversion as holiday let, to provide lobby, bathroom and bedroom. Responses to Planning by 30 October 2014.>More details.

Listed building consent
Mr R. Kallaway, Crosses Farm, Clayhidon. Listed building consent for erection of extensions and replacement front porch. >More details.

Livestock Building
Mr P. Redwood, Hidewood Farm, Clayhidon. Erection of agricultural livestock building,  >More details.

Barn conversion
Mr N. Carter, Brookdale, Clayhidon. Conversion of redundant agricultural barn  (Blowiscombe Barn, Garlandhayes Lane, Cordwents Drive) into dwelling with garage. >More details.

Barn conversion
Mr and Mrs J.Bendle, Gladhayes Farm, Clayhidon. Conversion of barn to dwelling. >More details.

Outdoor school
Mr and Mrs T.Hart, Hidonfields Farmhouse, Clayhidon. Construction of outdoor school and change of use of land from agricultural to a mixed use of agricultural and equine, >More details.

New porch
Dr G.Scott, Glebe Barn, Clayhidon. Erection of a porch. Development  would affect a public right of way. >More details.

Extension and new garage
Mr & Mrs Jacobs, Waterloo Farm, Clayhidon. Erection of single storey extension and replacement garage. >More details.

Holiday let
Mr N Gerasimidis has applied for  change of use of rear extension of The Old Rectory, Clayhidon, EX15 3TJ to a holiday let. >More details.

Single storey extension
Mr E.Mallinson has applied for permission to build a single storey extension to Lower Grays, Grays Hill, Clayhidon, EX15 3SZ. >More details.

Cubicle extension and covered yard
R Drew and RH Drew and son have applied for permission to erect a cubicle extension and covered yard at Callers Farm, Clayhidon, EX15 3PH. >More details.

Outbuildings affecting public right of way
Mr and Mrs A Redwood, in a development affecting a public right of way, have applied for listed building consent and also the erection of replacement outbuildings at Searles, Clayhidon, EX15 3PW, following the removal of existing building to form ancillary accommodation. >More details.

Shower block
Mr T Purvis, of the Kingsmead Centre,Clayhidon, EX15 3TR, has submitted a revised scheme for the erection of an amenity/shower block. >More details.

Development affecting public right of way
Mr N. Moberley, of Bolham Mill,Clayhidon,  EX15 3QB, has applied for change of use of land to form diversion off access road. >More details.

Garden store
Ms H Gendall has applied for permission to erect an extension to create garden store, double garage and log store at Shepherds Halt, Clayhidon , EX15 3TU. >More details.

Tractor store
Mr T & Mrs T Hart
have applied for permission to build a timber framed tractor/implement shed with stores following demolition of existing sheds at Hidonfields Farm,  Clayhidon. >More details.

Certificate of Lawfulness
Mr David Kohlman has applied for a Certificate of Lawfulness for the existing use of holiday accommodation as a dwelling, erection of extension to barn, construction of swimming pool, use of land as garden, and vehicular access in connection with dwelling and pool at The Bothy,  Barne Farm,  Clayhidon Cullompton EX15 3TU. >More details. 

Change of use at Heazle

Mr M. Barclay has applied for permission for change of use of land from agricultural to residential, erection of a dwelling for use as holiday let, office and garages, and erection of a barn for equestrian use at  Higher Heazle, Clayhidon, EX15 3TH (Revised scheme). >More details.

Agricultural building
F. Parker has applied for permission to erect an agricultural general purpose and livestock building at NGR 315838 114830 (Cornerways), Rosemary Lane.. >More details.

Removal of planning condition
Mr & Mrs D Lancaster have applied for removal of condition (c) of planning permission EN11054 relating to agricultural occupancy at Tredown Farm, Clayhidon, EX15 3TW. >More details.

Dormer windows and balcony
Mr M Broadbent has applied for permission for installation of 2 dormer windows and provision of balcony for loft conversion Higher Hill Farm, Clayhidon, EX15 3TW. >More details.

Home improvements
Mr B Shipton was granted permission to install two dormer windows and flue, change of workshop roof material from corrugated iron to slate, and erection of replacement garage at Stidwells Clayhidon Cullompton Devon EX15 3TR. >More details.

Solar array
E-tricity Ltd has applied for permission to retain a ground mounted solar photovoltaic array and associated equipment on land at NGR 315110 112642 Bolham House Farm. >More details.

Stable block
Mrs Tracy Hart has applied for permission to erect a stable block and change of use of land to a mixed use of agricultural and equestrian on land at NGR 316121 115781 (Hidonsfield House), Clayhidon. >More details.

Mr A and Mrs B Hill have applied for permission to erect a conservatory at Bollhayes Park Farm Clayhidon.     > More details.

Farmworker's caravan
Mr R Greenhill has applied for the retention of a caravan for occupation by agricultural worker for temporary period of 3 years; and retention of agricultural track and formation of new track and hardstanding on land at NGR 316711 110152 (Ten Oaks) Burrow's Farm, Clayhidon. 
>More details.

Livestock building

Mr & Mrs Vella have  been granted  full planning permission to erect an agricultural livestock building at Rosehayes Farm, Clayhidon. >More details.

New garage
Mr R McCollum has  been granted permission to erect a garage at Ash Cottage, Common Road, Smeatharpe, EX14 9RF.

Higher safety bank at Banger Stadium
Purple 10 Limited, of PO Box 119, Truro,  has withdrawn its application for permission to import inert waste material to complete safety, security, visual and operational improvements to the existing earth bank north of the race track  at Smeatharpe Banger Stadium. >More details

Outbuilding with solar panels

Mr P Morgan has applied for permission to build an outbuilding with solar PV panels to provide garages and stables following demolition of existing two poultry houses at Oaklands, Wiltown Lane, Clayhidon. >More details 

New cattle barn

Miss Anita Williams has  been granted  permission to build a cattle barn at Bolham Farm at grid reference 315252 112477  >More details

Extension to silage bunker

Mr R Drew of Callers Farm, Clayhidon, has been granted permission to construct an extension to silage bunker at grid reference E:315866 N:114520.  >More details 

From stable block to holiday accommodation

Mr M Coate, of The Riding Stables, Clayhidon, has been granted permission to convert and partially reconstruct an existing stable block to form holiday accommodation at Grid Reference 317357 115838 (Road from Barpark Corner to Garlandhayes).  (Revised scheme).  >More details


From farmland to garden
Mr J R Kidner, of Moorview, Clayhidon, has been granted permission for change of use of agricultural land to domestic garden and erection of general purpose building and carport. >More details
New plan for wind turbines
Mr and Mrs Graham Langford, of Great Garlandhayes, have been granted permission to install two Evance Iskra R9000 wind turbines mounted on 12m free standing masts on square concrete pads, 3 bladed rotors with 5.4m diameter. >More details
Replacement garage
Mr B. Shipton, of Stidwells, has been granted permission to erect an extension and  replacement garage and workshop. >More details
Church schoolroom extension
Mr Maurice Bendle (church warden)  has been granted listed building consent to extend St Andrew's Church schoolroom >More details 
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