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Pictures from Clayhidon's past

Rosemary Lane, 1890 and 2010
This is Sunnyside, in Rosemary Lane, in c1890 and now, writes David Gladwell.  Sunnyside was built for Walter Brealey, son of the Chapel's founder, in 1870. He lived there  until 1897. Walter ran the Chapel school and wrote an early book on the Chapel, Always Abounding.
My guess is that the earlier photo shows Walter Brealey and family - including Douglas (on the step), who ran the Chapel until 1969. 
Douglas was born in 1889.

Accident or superstition? 
This mummified cat, assumed to be extremely old, was found in a wall cavity at Deadbeer Farm, Clayhidon during  renovations in 1978.
There are many similar macabre finds in old buildings throughout England. In some examples the cats have clearly been placed there deliberately, probably to ward-off witches.
In this case the cat may have been accidentally walled-up during building work. Parts of Deadbeer date back to the 13th century.