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Fibre optic network for Clayhidon?

Ultra-fast broadband in Clayhidon in 2017? It's up to you
Clayhidon and other Blackdowns parishes will have their own underground cable network providing ultra-fast broadband in less than a year – provided 35 per cent of householders sign up.
Upottery could be up and running by October, followed by Churchinford in November and then Clayhidon and Ford Street.
Entirely bypassing BT’s ancient copper wire network, Gigaclear’s fibre-optic system offers broadband up to a thousand times faster than many local homes currently achieve plus a low cost telephone service. 
If a survey by Rightmove is to be believed this could boost house prices, which it says can be depressed by as much as 20 per cent in slow broadband areas. 
At a public meeting in Upottery on 16 July Joe Frost, sales and marketing director of Oxfordshire-based Gigaclear, dismissed doubters who thought the whole thing sounded too good to be true and explained that the company had been set up with backing from Prudential specifically to provide fibre optic broadband to rural areas. 
With the cables expected to last at least 50 years with little or no maintenance, the company and its investors see this as a long term bet. But before they start digging they need to ensure it will be financially viable. And that requires a commitment by one third of householders. 
Gigaclear networks already pass over 20,000 homes and businesses, rising to 60,000 by the end of this year, and customers have expressed great enthusiasm for the speed of the system.
A sales team is already at work canvassing Upottery people and they plan to move to Churchinford in early autumn before starting in Clayhidon. Once enough people commit a connection box will be buried outside every home in the area, regardless of whether the owner has signed up. The expectation is that within a few years at least 60 per cent of households will want to connect to the network.
The company admits there will be some disruption as narrow trenches are dug in lanes and verges but says it hope to minimise this by using fields wherever possible and where landowners have granted wayleaves.
See the postcode checker to see if your home is within the Gigaclear area. A few local enthusiasts have already signed up online, although no one pays anything unless and until the network is actually laid.