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Housing Needs Report

More affordable homes needed

Another 26 affordable homes will be needed in Clayhidon and Hemyock within the next five years by people who cannot afford to buy or rent on the open market.
A further 18 “open market” homes will be needed for people who can afford it, according to a study by Devon Communities Together.
The study was based largely on a survey in which 287 local households took part. It concluded that the parishes would need nine one-bedroom properties, 12 two bedrooms and five three bedrooms.
Most people said they would be in favour of a small development of affordable housing for local people.
High property prices and a lack of homes to rent are at the heart of the problem. All 21 properties currently listed on the Rightmove website are out of reach of first time buyers on average local incomes. Only one property was advertised for private rent.
The situation for first time buyers is especially difficult in Clayhidon, where only 14 properties are in the bottom A and B council tax bands. Most of the 185 homes in the parish are in bands E and F for larger, more expensive properties.

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