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Tandem Club at Fenix

Boris and friends provide a rare equestrian treat
Customers enjoying the Half Moon Inn's beer garden on 31 July experienced a rare sporting treat, when a procession of horse drawn tandems passed by.
The Tandem Club was holding its annual 
meet in Clayhidon. 
Tandem driving involves being pulled by two horses or ponies, one in front of the other. 
It's one of the UK's most unusual sports in that hardly anyone does it and it requires a lot of skill.
Apparently a pony called Boris proved especially challenging.
The Tandem Club, which was hosted by local carriage makers Fenix,  aims to maintain and promote the difficult art of tandem driving in a “coachmanlike style”. 
Membership is open to members of the British Driving Society who have demonstrated their ability to drive a tandem competently and safely in public on at least three occasions.
Competitors trotted in a circuit from Fenix's base at Higher Hill Farm around the parish to Church Stanton and back.
*Pictures by Shane Frith