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Clayhidon Litter Pick

Litter picking time please
ALISON WEEEKES WRITES: It's spring, and our thoughts turn to all that annoying rubbish thoughtless cretins have been throwing in Clayhidon's lovely hedgerows...
This mattress was chucked out by some imbeciles this week. It's not actually in the parish, just outside near the ford.
Last year lots of good souls cleared dozens of sacks from our lanes in March and Mid Devon took them away from the collection point behind the village hall.
I am hoping the same kind people will do the same again this year either on Saturday, March 11 or during the week before. I am also hoping some other Clayhidon residents will join in to make sure our lanes have their annual spruce up. The Bolham Valley is in particular need of volunteers.
Litter pickers should wear gloves and hi vis jackets and don't pick up anything that you are not sure about. Grabber sticks come in handy. You should also, of course, take great care on our narrow lanes, on corners etc and face the oncoming traffic.
Please email me or phone to volunteer and tell me which stretch of road or lane you plan to tackle.
Alison Weekes, Tel.  681093 or