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Devon County Council Election 2017

Candidates for the Willand and Uffculme Division

4 May 2017

CLIST Simon John
Liberal Democrat

Windward Edge, Hemyock, Cullompton, Devon, EX15 3QS

Simon Clist is a farmer and has lived and worked all his life in this area. Educated at Hemyock Primary, Tiverton Grammar School and Cannington College, he was first elected as a Parish Councillor in the1980s and is currently Vice-Chairman of Hemyock Parish Council.

Simon, his wife and six children, live in Hemyock. His children have all attended local primary schools and the fantastic Uffculme School, indeed two are still there.

Simon is on the Devon Countryside Access Forum, a member of the Devon Wildlife Trust and the Country Landowners Association. He has also served as a school governor and been a trustee of a local charity. His other interests, besides his family, are agriculture, wildlife, the environment and most outdoor sports and he has a passion for Community and other issues. 
Here is that someone to speak for you at County Hall.

Simon is very concerned at the way Devon County Council’s pupils are hugely underfunded. Each of Devon’s pupils receives £290 less each year than the national average. On top of this, Devon County Council plan to cut £33 per pupil more this year instead of using reserves. The Government also plan further cuts for most of Willand and Uffculme Division’s schools.
Devon County Council’s own figures for the cuts are:
        - Uffculme School, £32,373
        - Willand School, £12,177
        - Uffculme Primary, £6,897
        - Hemyock Primary, £5,874
        - Culmstock Primary, £3,762
        - Sampford Peverell, £2,937
        - Burlescombe, £1,417.

Simon Clist said: Our children deserve better than this. These cuts will affect teachers, assistants text books, equipment and activities. They will affect our children.”


DENNIS, Margaret

2 Damson Close, The Orchards, Willand.

 A listening Independent Councillor, without Party politics nor contracts with any business, can give residents a much needed voice. This flexibility enables our LOCAL opinion to be properly represented and heard in the overall decision process.

I seek your support to work with, and for, our rural communities during the next crucial four years. Eddie and I have lived LOCALLY in Willand since 1980, bringing up our two now adult children.


* Increased COUNCIL charges with loss of services. * HOSPITAL bed closures and depletion of our MEDICAL facilities.

* Underfunding of local EDUCATION. * Poor MAINTENANCE of road, cycle, footpath and rights of way networks.

* UNELECTED partnerships deciding the future of DEVON. *Lack of an effective POLICE Force.

* Securing ENVIRONMENTAL laws. * Less expensive PROCUREMENT. * Ensuring we successfully LEAVE the EU.

Together we CAN create change for our LOCAL needs. Thank you.

 HUTTON, Fiona
The Labour Party

26 Richmond Close, Sampford Peverel.

I was born in Sidmouth, and went to school in Crediton, and although my work now takes me across the world, I have always been based in Devon. I run a consultancy from Sampford Peverell, helping social enterprises develop strength, financial stability and professionalism in all sorts of communities. I have watched the sector bend and stretch itself as outsourcing and austerity have battered it, and seen effective, good value funding contracts operating in the most difficult of conditions, too.

I believe diving to the lowest common denominator in a reckless search for 'cheap' is not a way forward, building local partnerships is. Our hard-won local resources and services can be invested in and the Devon Labour Manifesto is clear about the value it puts on bringing back contracts from global corporations and big business, the ones who take our money out and bring zero-hour contracts in.

It's going to take a great deal of negotiation and convincing argument in the Council Chamber to drive a more positive programme of investment but after decades of union activism, contract negotiation and committee membership behind me, I feel fit for the job. There are foundations, networks and resources in expertise, funding and everything we need to create the civic administration we want, we have to go out and get them though, and that is not what has been happening with our current Tory-led council. I urge you to read the Devon Labour Manifesto, and be open to a surprise. It's a different, entirely possible alternative way forward. And then vote Labour on May 4th.

Green Party

Beacon View, Red Ball, Burlescombe.

I have grown up in my district of Willand and Uffculme and I am very proud to be a member of the community. I attended both Burlescombe School and Uffculme School and I have strong ties to the area, my family having lived and worked here for centuries.

I believe that I can offer an alternative as a candidate. I am young and enthusiastic and I celebrate and enjoy the wonderful features of our community. However, I am certain that we must make positive changes where needed. I am currently training to be a teacher and I believe that my strong belief in a focus on educational and pastoral needs is something that sets me apart. People living in the community need to be informed and educated as to how their council is spending money and they must also be listened to in order for them to feel that they are receiving value for money.

We live in the most beautiful countryside and I believe that the environment must be considered in order for us to continue to enjoy living in such a wonderful place. We must consider schools and ensure they have the funding they need in order to give our children the best education possible. We must ensure that healthcare providers are properly funded to ensure that people in our community can be appropriately treated for if they are ill. We must ensure that our transport systems are safe for us to use. Most importantly, we must ensure that people living in Willand and Uffculme are aware of the Council's actions and that we can justify how their money is being spent.

I want to improve our local infrastructure. For example, ensure that our roads are safe and well-maintained. I also want to ensure that our local schools, healthcare providers and transport systems are appropriately sustained and managed. We need to be confident that local people can have confidence that their council will act within their interests. It is extremely important that we also care for our local environment if we want to continue to live in such a beautiful place.

At present I am training to be a Secondary School Teacher. Teaching allows me to interact with different people every day and I am confident in communicating with people and working with a large group of colleagues. I am also a member of Exeter University's Student Staff Liaison Committee. This allows me to convey the opinions and experiences of students to staff in order to campaign for positive change. Throughout my four years at university I have had many opportunities to communicate and collaborate with others, take on leadership roles and take responsibility for people and projects within the community.

If you have any questions please do contact me by sending a message. I look forward to going out and listening to local people speak about their interests and ideas for the community in the coming weeks.

The Conservative Party

 1 Townsend Gardens, Halberton


I am standing for County because we still have unfinished business to do. In an independent review County have been judged as a `resilient, stable and reliable presence through a difficult time for local services`.

My first and foremost priority is to support my local community, before politics, this flexibility enables our LOCAL opinions to be properly represented

We have restructured and streamlined the County Council, to operate with a reduced funding from Government by £267million. We have done this by reducing Departments, with less staff.

There has NOT been a cut in the overall education budget, we have had to transfer money to support the most vulnerable children. Yes, we still need to lobby Government for fairer funding for schools, our schools are £290/child per year less than the national average, this is unfair

We will run the Council in a business like manor, we are getting an extra £7.1million for rural roads and £19million for Adult Services. The Police and NHS managetheir own funding.

With likely developments around Junction 27 , I will ensure that sufficient improved infrastructure is put in place, through the planning process by any Developer to safe guard our Community, we have to be more cautious with our countryside.