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Litter picking

Thank you, litter pickers
- anyone else like to help?
MARCH 2017.
Thank you so much to all the volunteers who have picked up a huge amount of crisp packets, sweet papers, cans, bottles, coffee cups and broken car bits in the last few days,  writes Alison Weekes.
We still have time to collect a few more bags before we ask the council to come and take it away from the back of the village hall, so more collections will be gratefully received.
At the moment the prize for the most bags collected, seven,  must go to Geoff and Jenny Stevens who have litter-picked French Nut Tree Lane, past Shackles Cross, down Lillycombe Lane and back past Deadbeer as well as to the top of Bolham Hill.
Not only that but poor Jenny caught her foot in a bramble and split her lip and bruised her chin in the process. They were amazed at the number of empty booze bottles they found.
I found a chopped up door complete with handle and hinges on the road near Heazle. Many thanks to Val and George Slabbert, Judy Hutt, Caroline King, Anne Langford, Sue Hay, Nicola Bendle, Maureen Bendle, Richard Brown, Sue Annett, Alex Hill and Yvonne Roth as well, among others. I'm sure most of the residents of our lovely parish are truly grateful for this spring clean.