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Parish clean-up

What a load of rubbish - picked up in a couple of hours

This is some of the rubbish volunteers picked up on Sunday as part of a parish wide litter pick,  writes Parish Councillor Alison Weekes..
All new volunteers are surprised by the amount of rubbish found along Clayhidon’s verges. Most are bottles, cans and sweet papers from lazy yobs. And who on earth is chucking/dropping so many vodka bottles along Broad Street?
And quite a few people, such as Anne Langford, Geoff and Jenny Stevens and Nicola Bendle, automatically pick up rubbish on their regular walks. So many, many community thanks to them and others.
We had children helping on Sunday, so thanks for the Tonkin family, Cameron, Lucy with Finlay, Gabriel, Evelyn and Angus.
Thanks too to Rhonda Moberly, Rachel Drawert, Claire and Monty Simmonds, Judy Hutt and Tim Cory, Adrian and Sue Hay, and Gareth Weekes.
Forward thanks to Maureen Bendle and Alex Hill who will take part during the week.
We can’t promise to have covered every section of every lane in the parish, but we have tried our best. However, awful to find new rubbish already dumped by lunchtime the next day!
Also thanks to a gentleman who helped out one couple on the way. He will know who he is. And to our parish clerk Donna Evans, and anyone I’ve forgotten.

A few of the volunteers who turned up for the parish litter pick on 25 March

Calling the Clayhidon Community

Please can the parish have some new volunteers to pick up the litter in our many lovely lanes, writes parish councillor Alison Weekes.
I am planning a litter pick at 2 pm on Sunday, March 25, and am picking up the handgrabs, bags and  jackets on Monday.
This will be our third litterpick and for the last two years we have produced at least ten sackfuls of rubbish for the council to take away from the village hall car park.
What we need now are some new volunteers to join in and offer to do a short or long stretch of a road.
We have stalwarts like Ann Langford, Nicola Bendle and Geoff and Jenny Stevens who pick up all year round and others like me who bemoan the fact that I have forgotten a carrier bag again!
Rachel Drewart has volunteered, and I now need to hear from anyone else who is prepared to take part, and which road they are prepared to do.
I would like it done as a group effort but if that isn’t possible, or the weather is too nasty, we can be flexible and you can come to my house at Deadbeer to pick up a grabber at any time. But I would very much like the resultant rubbish taken to a spot at the back of the village hall for a one off collection by the council for the following Friday. I think thick gloves are essential too.
Clayhidon is an enormous parish and we really need some volunteers for the Bolham end.
Please ring me or email me if you would like to help.
And of course if you know one of those strange people who chuck things out of their car windows, perhaps you could let them know what the rest of us think about them. Our parish is not a litterbin for lazy people.
Please ring me on 681093 or email me at