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Community bus

Bus for the Blackdowns is for hire 

Calling all clubs, groups, schools and organisations in the Blackdowns! 
Our new 13/14 seater bus was at last delivered on Monday 26 March after being delayed by snow. 
One of our aims is to help those who need cheap transport due to age, isolation or any sort of disability, but we need your support to do this. The new bus is for the use of the whole of the Blackdowns area.
The bus is available for hire by any group or individual for any activity, such as transporting a football team, school trip, garden club outing, theatre trip, transporting wedding guests etc. etc.
We are working on our pricing policy, which initially will be £75 a day (£50 a half day) plus fuel. 
In order to cover our costs we need to hire out the bus at least 40 times a year at that amount. 
Please spread the word and book your trips now! 
Phone our mobile number 07762 813967 or email
- Blackdowns Community Bus Committee.