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The Queen's 90th birthday celebrations

90 not out: Clayhidon marks the Queen's birthday
Her Majesty may not have heard of tiny Clayhidon, but here as everywhere many feel a strong sense of affection and respect for the nation's sovereign and favourite great granny.
On the weekend of 10 - 12 June the parish is planning to mark her 90th birthday by giving a Royal Tea Party in the parish hall and holding an exhibition St Andrew's Church of Clayhidon events over her lifetime.
The party is being held on Saturday 11 June in the Parish Hall, which will be decked with bunting and royal decorations and laid out like a street party with long lines of tables. Everyone is invited and all ages are welcome. Entry is free, thanks to a grant of £200 by the parish council. This won't be enough to cover all the costs and the organisers - the parish hall committee and the Friends of Andrew's - are hoping visitors will also make a donation.

Do you have a piece of Clayhidon history for a royal exhibition?
Is there a piece of Clayhidon history lurking in your loft? If so the Local History Group would like to borrow it for an exhibition in St Andrew's Church to mark The Queen's 90th birthday.
Organiser Pam Pam Reynolds is appealing for any photographs that people are willing to lend for the weekend
"Photos of Clayhidon during the last 90 years; events which have any relevance to the Queen; changes in work, such as closure of any mills, dairy, etc. the school and its history; the men who went to war; new ‘industry’ like potteries, cider production; changes in transport and  so much more." She has made out a list of topics to be included and will accept any further suggestions as people think of them.
"I’m sure there is a wealth of history lurking in people’s lofts and cupboards that they would be pleased to show and to see. I would be delighted to hear from anyone if they give me a ring," said Pam. Her number is 680481.