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Minutes of annual meeting, May 13 2019

Elections 2019

Election of Parish Councillors for Clayhidon
I, being the Returning officer at the above election, report that following the close of nominations, there are an equal number or fewer candidates than there are seats up for election. Therefore there will not be a poll on Thursday 2 May 2019 for this  area and the following people have been elected uncontested.
Name of candidate
  Home address
 Description (if any)
  BENDLE, Maurice Edward   Parklands, Clayhidon, EX15 3TQ  
 BLACKMORE, Jamie Paul  Culmcott, Clayhidon EX15 3PS  
 BROWN, Richard William   Carlingwark, Clayhidon, EX15 3PH  
 DREW, Richard William  Callers Farm, Clayhidon, EX15 3PH  Farmer
 KING, Nick.   Dunns Green Farm, Hemyock, EX15 3PT  
 WEEKES, Alison                              Deadbeer, Clayhidon, EX15 3PN

Thursday 4 April 2019. 
Jill May, Returning Officer, Phoenix House, Phoenix Lane, Tiverton, EX16 6PP.

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Notice of General Election and list of candidates
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Clayhidon Parish Council
Minutes of annual meeting on  8 May 2017

Minutes of council meeting on Monday 10 April 2017
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Annual Parish Meeting
20 March 2017

Chairman recalls highlights of a busy year

A Royal Street party, our MP opening the church fete and the promise of faster broadband were three of the highlights of 2016 recalled by Clayhidon Parish Council chairman Richard Kallaway at the annual parish meeting on 20 March.

Others were

·         the (uncontested) election of a second councillor under the age of 35

·         the appointment of a road warden to mend potholes and clear ditches

·         the fitting of defibrillators at the Rosemary Lane Chapel and Half Moon Inn

·         the gift of land for extra parking spaces at the parish hall

·         first aid training for 12 parishioners

Richard’s report opened a new-style parish meeting in which pre-submitted written reports from local organisations were handed out instead of representatives reading their reports aloud. The result was a much shorter meeting, which allowed time for a talk by James Maben about the River Culm’s endangered crayfish.

You can read all the reports – from the church, chapel. Local History Group, parish hall, website and others - by clicking on the links below.

>Parish Council chairman's report
>Rosemary Lane Chapel

>Clayhidon Parish Website

Minutes of 13 February meeting

Minutes of 12 December meeting
Parish housing needs
>Click here for 2016 report on housing needs in Hemyock and Clayhidon.
>Click here to read the comments of people who took part in a housing needs survey.

Minutes of 14 November meeting
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Fourth generation Blackmore joins council
Dairy farmer Jamie Blackmore has joined Clayhidon Parish Council. He was the only candidate to put his name forward before the deadline of 4 November.
Jamie, of Culmcott, Clayhidon, revives a long family tradition by becoming the fourth generation of Blackmore in 50 years to serve on the council. His great grandfather John and his grandfather Tom were both chairmen and his uncle Richard was also a member for a few years. 
He fills the vacancy created by Alex Hill’s resignation. Nick Sanderson, Mid Devon’s returning officer, said he had been validly nominated and in the absence of any challenger declared him have been elected without a contest. 
Jamie’s election brings the number of Clayhidon’s parish councillors who are farmers to five out of seven

Vacancy for parish councillor after Alex Hill resigns
Alex Hill has resigned after five years as a Clayhidon Parish Councillor. This leaves a vacancy which the council could fill by co-opting a replacement. But if 10 electors demanded it there would have to be an election.
>Read more      >Official notice of vacancy

Minutes of 12 September meeting
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Minutes of 8 August meeting
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Minutes of 18 July meeting
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Minutes of 13 June meeting
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Parish accounts online
For the first time ever the annual accounts of Clayhidon Parish Council are published online and you can find them and various associated documents on this link.

Planning applications
Three planning applications are on the agenda for the next meeting of Clayhidon Parish Council at the parish hall on May 9.

Students missing chance for cash help

Clayhidon students are missing out on getting financial help for their studies.The Mary Waldron Trust has not received any applications for funds this year, Clayhidon Parish Council chairman Richard Kallaway told councillors at their meeting on 11 April.
This fund assists students in higher and further education (including Richard Huish College) with purchases of books and equipment, including computer requisites. 
Applicants  should normally live in Hemyock or Clayhidon and must have received full time education at one or more of: Hemyock Primary School, Uffculme School and PETROC (East Devon College).  More details can be obtained from the Secretary, Mike Reynolds, Hidon Mill, Clayhidon, EX15 3PL.  Phone 680481 email
Other items raised at the meeting included:

SALT SPREADERS:  Graham Langford has salt spreaders for Hemyock, Culmstock and Clayhidon parishes which need collecting/distributing. 
The Clayhidon spreaders will be distributed to Ray Drew,  Graham Langford, and Richard Kallaway, who have volunteered to salt some of the roads in extreme conditions.  Maurice Bendle will approach John Bendle to ask if he would agree to take the remaining salt spreader. 
Maurice Bendle confirmed that Russell Bendle had agreed in principle to the extension of the parking area opposite Parish Hall.  A discussion ensued around planning permission, ownership and access.  It was agreed that Richard Kallaway would arrange to meet on site with Gareth Weekes (chair of Parish Hall Committee) and Russell Bendle to agree the best way forward. 

PLANNING IN THE AONB: Lisa Turner, Planning Officer Blackdown Hills AONB, informed the meeting of her role in the planning process.   The AONB has an advisory role in the planning process and is not a consultee on all planning applications.  Lisa explained that living in an AONB does not mean there will be no development.  The AONB’s primary purpose is to conserve and enhance the landscape.
>Minutes in full

 Parish supports Rosemary Lane plan
A planning application to build a rural worker’s dwelling at Cornerways at the top of Rosemary Lane was supported by Clayhidon Parish Council after a full discussion at its meeting on 14 March.
Comments made included:
    - There was no design & access statement and agricultural appraisal on the MDDC website
    - There is no mains sewer, it will be a septic tank
    - This is an existing viable business in the parish
   - There is no impact on the skyline with the development
    - It may be difficult to support the application as the applicants live approximately 100 metres away
    - There are security issues and a need to be on site.
Eventually the council voted to fully support the application as it was a well-established growing agricultural business in the parish and there was a need for housing on site. >Minutes.  >Planning application

Councillors say no to living in mobile home

Clayhidon Parish Councillors gave three reasons for opposing a planning application to allow Mrs G. Board to live in a mobile home at Willtown. 
They said that five years ago a planning inspector had allowed her late husband to remain because his agricultural work required him to live locally, but this permission had been personal and the inspector expressly forbade the caravan becoming a permanent feature. 
Councillors were also worried about setting a precedent, after being told there were four sites which could take full advantage of any decision to allow Mrs Board’s application. 
Thirdly, the parish council, in concert with the AONB team, are trying to bring publicly owned spaces back into full use.  The Wiltown Green area, albeit a small plot, is one of these areas. 
>The minutes in full.

Let Grays Lane fall into disrepair, council is urged

Grays Lane has become a dangerous rat run and should be allowed to deteriorate to discourage drivers from using it, Clayhidon Parish Councillors were told at their meeting on 14 December.
A parishioner told them it was often used as a shortcut by delivery drivers, driving at considerable speed. He asked whether the road could be left to slowly degenerate so that the delivery drivers would no longer use it and only local parishioners, driving slowly and cautiously, would continue to use it.
While the parish council sympathised it advised that he could not erect his own speed bumps and said he should report any accident/incidents to 101 so that a record was made.
Other issues discussed at the meeting were:
COUNCIL TAX:  The precept – the parish council’s share of the Council Tax - is to be increased by £500 to £8,000 for the year 2016/2017, making the Band D figure £35.45 per annum.
This would allow the parish if necessary to finance services previously supplied or supported by the county and district councils, such as the Blackdown Support Group, which is to lose its £200 grant from Mid Devon District Council.
GRANTS: councillors voted to make the following grants -
  • £2,000 to the Parish Hall
  • £70 to Tiverton Ring & Ride
  • £65 to St Mary’s Parochial Church Council, Hemyock towards the cost of producing the Pump magazine
  • £120 to the Cameo Club, Hemyock
  • £540 to St Andrew’s  Church towards the maintenance of the churchyard.

CLAYHIDON WEBSITE: The council will soon need to comply with a new code and publish more information on the website.  The clerk will be applying for funds from a government funded pot to assist with this additional work.  Graham Langford asked that it be made clear that is not a parish council website, it is independent and kindly includes parish council information on it. 

>Read the Minutes in full 

Progress on parish hall plans 
Gareth Weekes, Chairman of the Parish Hall Committee, reported to the council at its October meeting on the progress of to upgrade the Parish Hall. Plans have been drawn up by a local, retired draughtsman and include new lavatories, a green room and a village archive/storage. Following circulation amongst the parish hall committee, the plans are back with the draughtsman for amendment. The committee intends to submit plans to MDDC for outline planning approval and to seek funding opportunities. If anyone is aware of any grant funding which may be available, please let Gareth know.
The clerk confirmed she had received an email from a parishioner raising concerns over some cars parking inconsiderately at certain events, making the road alongside the hall impassable. Clerk to refer to parish hall committee for consideration.
>October parish council minutes in full.

Councillors support extension plan

Clayhidon Parish Councillors met on 14 September and voted to support a planning application for a single storey and a two storey extensions at Lytchett Farm by Mr and Mrs  Carl Purbrick. >Minutes in full.  >Planning application details. 

Council opposes plan to build house and garage

Clayhidon Parish Council voted to oppose a planning application to build a home and garage to replace a caravan at Ten Oaks Farm.
At its planning meeting on 24 August the council doubted whether the business was viable and sustainable. “It notes there is no functional or financial justification information provided and nor is there any justification given for the 200% increase in the size of the agricultural building."
The council asked the Mid Devon District Councillor Frank Rosamond to call in the application for decision by planning committee.


Councillors are shown video of rubbish dumping

The repeated dumping of rubbish opposite the entrance to the Kingsmead Centre, Clayhidon was raised at the latest meeting of the parish council. 
Councillors were shown a video of people dumping rubbish at the site and were told it was damaging the business. 
Police, Devon County council and enforcement officers from Mid Devon District Council are involved. The council asked district councillor Frank Rosamond and county councillor Ray Radford to lend support and apply pressure to resolve the matter. >Minutes in full.

Councillors say thanks to three stalwarts
Past and present councillors of Clayhidon gathered to honour the service and commitment of two of their members and an incredible 42 years from the parish clerk, Michael Osmond.Alan Redwood and Robert Pike have both recently retired after 24 years service to the parish and Mr Osmond also retired after overseeing the May local elections.
A presentation evening was held in the church rooms on Thursday, 2 July with refreshments provided by the Clayhidon Friends.
Current chairman of Clayhidon Parish Council, Richard Kallaway, said Mr Osmond had given "an incredible length of service." He had served with six chairmen starting with Alan Blackmore, then his son Tom, Maurice Bendle, Graham Langford, MIchael Hudson and himself.
Donna is first new clerk in 42 years
The first new parish clerk to be appointed in Clayhidon in 42 years has been announced. She is Donna Evans, who is already clerk to Hemyock Parish Council. Donna succeeds Michael Osmond, who has retired after a stint that began in 1973. She has been the stand-in clerk for the past two meetings.

New faces join the council

Here's the new line-up of Clayhidon Parish Councillors after the election on 7 May 2015. >Read more.

Election brings new members

Two new members were elected to Clayhidon Parish Council on 7 May.
They are Sheep Farmer Graham Langford, of Great Garlandhayes, (pictured left) and rRetired journalist Alison Weekes, of Deadbeer (right), who helps run the Clayhidon website.

>Mid Devon District Council election results.
>Annual meeting May 2015 - draft minutes

Poor response to broadband survey
Clayhidon Parish Council has reported a poor response from parishioners to the request for information on speeds of broadband in the village. Other topics from the 20 April meeting included potholes, the Bollhayes signpost, the lack of screening   Hidewood Farm at Callers Farm and the Callers Bunker. >Read more,

Tributes as two  council veterans retire
Tributes were paid at the Parish Meeting on 13 April to two veterans of Clayhidon Parish Council. Michael Osmond is retiring as Clayhidon Parish Clerk after 42 years in the job and Alan Redwood is “hanging up his wellies” after a 24-year stint as a councillor.

The chairman, Richard Kallaway, said Michael’s knowledge was “immense” and his length of service must be a record for Devon.  He thanked Alan for all the advice he had given on planning applications 

>Read more from the Parish meeting

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