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March 14 2016

Clayhidon Parish Council


A meeting of Clayhidon Parish Council to be held at the Parish Hall, Clayhidon on Monday 14th March at 1.30pm. The meeting is open to the press and the public. 



1.     Welcome by Chairman, apologies for absence and introductions

2.     Declarations of Interest/Dispensations

To receive any declarations of interest relating to business to be conducted at this meeting and

To consider any dispensation requests and confirm any relevant dispensations.

3.     Planning

To consider the following applications:-

 3.1           16/00302/FULL - Erection of a rural workers dwelling.  Land and Buildings at NGR 315838 114830 (Cornerways) Rosemary

4.     Finance

4.1           To agree Income & Expenditure Schedule

4.2           Queen’s 90th Birthday – Street Party – to agree £200 financial support towards this event. 

5.     Items raised by Chairman

6.     Items raised by Councillors                             

7.     Date of the Next Council Meeting – Monday 11th April 2016 at 7.30pm, Clayhidon Parish Hall.





Mr & Mrs Bendle (grass Garlands Bower)




Savills UK Ltd

Rent Garlands Bower



Community a/c


Business Manager







Anyone wishing to film part or all of the proceedings may do so unless the press and public are excluded for that part of the meeting or there is good reason not to do so, as directed by the Chairman. Any filming must be done as unobtrusively as possible from a single fixed position without the use of any additional lighting; focusing only on those actively participating in the meeting.   As a matter of courtesy, anyone wishing to film proceedings is asked to advise the Chairman in attendance so that all those present may be made aware that is happening.  Members of the public may also use other forms of social media to report on proceedings at this meeting.