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Annual litter pick

Please join the great Clayhidon clean-up
It’s time for Clayhidon’s annual spring clean!
For the past three years a group of community minded people have collected sacks and sacks of rubbish from our lanes and hedges. Litter that has been thoughtlessly thrown out of car windows, fallen out of people's pockets, and unfortunately sometimes dropped from the recycling lorry.
So, before Spring starts in earnest, it would be good to have another clea- up. I have the impression that there may be less rubbish this year, but this may be wishful thinking.
There are some very kind folk who pick up the crisp packets, cans and chocolate wrappers all year round. But just until the end of March I would be very grateful if they would put what they collect at the back of the parish hall.
I plan to hold the litter pick on Sunday, March 24 and will have grabbers, sacks and hi-vis tabards for those who would like them, starting at 11 am from the parish hall. For those who can’t make that Sunday morning, we will collect the rubbish up until the following Friday, so please be very careful.
The Bolham Valley still doesn’t have many volunteers and the parish council has recently had complaints about rubbish near the Smeatharpe stadium. So even if you always clear up one particular area, would you please let me know if you can still do it, so we can try and cover most of our lanes. Phone me on 01823 681093 or email me at to let me know if you can help, and where you are able to litter pick.
If there are any large items, such as the car bumper near the ford on Hidewood Lane, please let me know and I will pick them up in a car. Thanks. Alison Weekes.