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Clayhidon Annual Parish Meeting 2012


The Annual Parish Meeting was held on Monday 26th March 2012 at the Parish Hall at 7.30pm. 

1. Confirmation of minutes of Meeting 2011. 
2. Matters arising from minutes. 
3. Reports from Parish Council/Charities/Local Organisations. 
4. Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations. 
5. General Business. 

Present: Mr RM Kalloway (Chairman), Mr AFJ Redwood, Mr RJ Pike, Mrs S Hay, Mr AGS Hill, Mr ME Bendle, Mr RW Drew, 

Parishioners: Mrs B Hill, Mr B Clowney, Mrs PK Reynolds, Mrs A Langford, Mr MJ Hudson, Rosemary Lane Chapel Pastor Mr P Glasgow, District Councillor Mr FJ Rosamund, County Councillor Mr RF Radford, and Mr M Osmond (Clerk). 

MINUTES: On opening the meeting the Chairman gave a welcome to all present. The minutes of meeting March 2011 were taken ‘as read’ (copies having been made for those present), confirmed and signed. 

Mr A Hill then proposed the minutes of present meeting be put on Parish Website. This was agreed by all present, stated not confirmed as provisional. 

MATTERS ARISING: Noted 5 tonnes of salt received and stored around the Parish, but had not been drawn on this winter. Thanks to Mr Radford for support on this. 
The salting of Ford Street was again raised and discussed as this hill has been hazardous to road users, in particular was water seeping from the woodland not going into drains due to amount of leaves on the ground. 
A previous reply from S.C.C. highways had stated of a review and Ford Street to be included in winter to be salted. Clerk to write to S.C.C. with parishioners concerns. 

PARISH COUNCIL SUMMARY: Noted Clayhidon had held a parish council election as 11 people had been nominated, but it had cost the parish £1056.44 as their part payment. 
Welcome given to Mr A Hill and Mr R Drew and their support and thanks to Mr MJ Hudson and Miss J Ward for their past service noting a presentation made to them at Parish Quiz Night. 
Details had been received from Mr and Mrs Weekes of visits to the website and thanks given to them for setting this up. Agreed a letter of thanks be sent.
Outline given of “Community Land Trust” which Clayhidon had joined with Hemyock as a vehicle to obtain affordable housing at a small cost. Noted the homes for this were built to a high standard. ~In regard to house built in Clayhidon the latest background details were given, arising from meeting at Tiverton, when it was proposed to lift the section 106 on it for £22,500 payment from the developer. The chairman and Mr Bendle had spoken against this and, supported by Mr Rosamund and Mr Radford, it had been refused. The Parish Council had agreed to the selling of the fourth house which gave the developer some return, which should have been after the affordable home taken, but as price too high to be affordable this had not been possible. There was now a further period to seek a tenant on the affordable home. 

QUEEN'S JUBILEE: Mr Bendle gave details on how it was to be celebrated and thanks to the working group involved in these preparations. A ‘Beacon’ was the main event of the evening and this had been registered as part of the “Beacons” around the country. 
This would be in a field of Mr P Blackmore on Ridgewood Hill. Starting at 7.30 with music followed by Hog Roast, lighting the ‘Beacon’ then conclude with a firework display. In the first instance the Parish Council would underwrite the costs so as to be free to all parishioners, but donations were invited and a possible fund raising could save on cost. 
There was to be a cash bar in the evening being organised by Mr & Mrs Hill. For catering needs it was planned for people to respond if attending. 
A sample of a bone china mug was viewed by those present as this could be purchased in bulk and had ‘Clayhidon Parish Council’ printed on it in commemoration. This present thought this was a suitable commemorative purchase. The end was as members of Rosemary Lane Chapel were sharing worship with St Andrews in a combined service for the parish. 

FOOTPATHS: Mrs S Hay reported that the County Footpath Officer had walked the parish paths and listed places and items in need of attention. Gate problem on footpath passing Jennings Farm noted and changes to be made. Planned to walk all paths at different times of year to see if any usage problems arose. Any wet areas to be listed. Any volunteers to help walk paths on a regular basis would be very welcome. 

COUNTY COUNCILLOR: Chairman welcomed Mr Radford who gave a short report to the meeting and invited any questions. A further £260,000 being put into drainage over the County. The ‘Parish Lengthsman’ would now visit parishes more often than at present, which would be a good thing. A further grant from the Government would help improve roads, this was related to keeping the Council Tax down. To aid the office engineer’s in planning repairs the more information passed to them from the Parish Councils, better service received. Noted officers willing to come to any meetings if possible. A proposal to group parishes to plan the financial budget for expenditure related to the population was explained. A meeting planned at County Hall in near future with parish representatives attending, was noted and the feeling of those present was that a better grouping in this area was of the area of the Blackdown Hills. Thanks given for the report. 

DISTRICT COUNCILLOR: Chairman welcomed Mr Rosamund who was pleased to attend and gave outline of latest meeting on Community Plan for Blackdown Hills. He thanked the Parish Council for their comments at the planning meeting for the affordable home. Planning view was any new home built should be in the Church/Pub area, but no site available for this. 
As the house value was high so this made the payment figures high to anyone wishing to live in it.
Details on the budget given and it was noted the Council Tax had been frozen for 2012. There were to be increased charges for car parking. 
Weekly waste collections in Cullompton for brown bins tested, but cost of this service rose beyond easy savings. 
A point was raised that a problem arose when a number of dwellings had one pickup point for household waste in black bags as these at times became broken from stray dogs etc. This was noted by Mr Radford. 
Solar panels now fitted to 1000 council homes. 
Latest details on the Localism Bill was given, but still more to be published. Thanks given to him for the report. 

MARY WALDREN CHARITY: Mr Kalloway, a trustee, read a statement to the meeting of the years grants made to two first time applicants. It totalled £230.00 made. Further publicity had been made for people to be aware of the educational grants available for books etc. noting receipts for them required. 

Opening balance 782.51         Grants 230.00 
Dividends C.O.I.F  346.19   . Closing Balance 898.70    
Total £1128.70  Total £1128.70   

CLAYHIDON CHARITY: The Clerk read a statement on behalf of the Trustees noting that all income had been received, but as Parish Council had moved forward their meetings no grant had been made but would be done in April. 

Opening Balance 1277.64   Gate Padlock 15.98    
War Stock 189.47  Grants NIL   
Income 329.94   War Stock 189.47   
Field Half share 135.00   Closing Balance 1726.60   
Total £1932.05     Total £1932.05   
Thanks given to clerk for details. 

PARISH COUNCIL ACCOUNTS: Clerk had prepared a statement to the year end and copies given to those present. Noted a bank statement was required to confirm balances. The accounts for year 2010/2011 had been audited and passed with no matters raised by the District Auditor. 

Opening Balance –gen A/C



D.A.L Council


Opening Balance Footpath A/C



Devon fields (sub)





Insurance Premium


D.C.C Refunds



Audit Fees


D.C.C Refunds



Website Access


VAT Reclaimed



Glebe Field Rent


Mid Devon Council Churchyard Grant



Minutes printing


Church Field income



Church Room Hire


H.S.B.C. interest





D.C.C. Footpath Grant








Salary Clerk





Petty Cash Clerk





Telephone Clerk





Chairman’s expenses










Jubilee Hog Roast





Parish Council Elections





Angelfire Pyrotechnics





Footpath expenses





Closing balance Footpaths





Closing Balance General A/C

















GRANTS TO ORGANISATIONS: Clayhidon Hall £1950.00, Tiverton ‘Ring and Ride’ £50.00, Hemyock PCC “Pump” £60.00. Clayhidon PCC “Churchyard” £540.00, Blackdown Support Group £425.00, Cameo Club £100.00. 

Thanks given to clerk for details presented. 

CLAYHIDON PARISH HALL Mr M Hudson, chairman, gave a full report on behalf of the committee noting the programme of refurbishment had continued with redecoration of the kitchen and ladies toilet by a team of volunteers. Repairs done to various parts of the roof as needed. A temporary repair had been necessary to the car park wall. 
The committee welcomed two new members, Thelma Blackmore and Jeremy Cogswell. Richard Kalloway had resigned from the committee to avoid a conflict of interests but maintains an interest as an observer. Our finances has been greatly assisted by the demand for tickets for events during past year. Details of events given and noted. In putting on these events of this kind we have been extremely grateful for the work of “Villages in Action” in gathering a portfolio of artists upon which our programme was drawn and have been dismayed by the withdrawal of financial support by Mid Devon District council now threatening its future. On March 31st the Thunderbridge Bluegrass Boys from Wellington treated us to a virtuoso performance and close-harmony singing in their style, raising £750.00. Without the energy and dedication of Bee Hill these events would not happen and her efforts are much appreciated. So too are those of the other committee members who have prepared food, staffed the bar, provided coffee, provided raffle prizes and contributed in any way to its success. Once again Peter Walker has challenged the brain-power and memories of the teams in his entertaining Parish Quiz evenings of 28th October & 9th March and we thank him warmly. The Hall continues to provide a venue for parish events such as the Big Breakfast, Harvest Supper, Carols by Candlelight and meeting of Country Music Club, the Art Group, Clayhidon Friends and last but not least Clayhidon Parish Council. It also offers facilities for Badminton enthusiasts. 
We currently have satisfactory surplus of funds, but face on going maintenance costs and have an outstanding query with EDF over the functioning of the meter recording of electricity for heating. In keeping our heads above water we are indebted to the Parish Council for the substantial financial support enabling the committee to provide this location for those occasions which do so much to foster the spirit of community in this widely scattered parish. 

He was then thanked by the chairman. 

CLAYHIDON FRIENDS: Mrs A Langford gave a report on behalf of Clayhidon Friends, who had an enjoyable year with well attended meetings mainly taking place in the Parish Hall. Speakers and activities included a talk on Architecture in great houses, photography and Iceland. Evenings of craft and flower arranging. A visit to Nicola Gray’s pottery one afternoon was inspiring and members enjoyed meeting for tea at a local restaurant. We were able to make donations to the Devon Air Ambulance Trust, Tearfund, and Associated Countrywomen of the World and thanks to some speakers who contributed their fees and to those who came to our Carols by Candlelight. Membership increased in 2011 and as always, we are pleased to welcome new members and visitors. 

The Chairman thanked Mrs Langford for report. 

CLAYHIDON LOCAL HISTORY: Mrs P Reynolds, chairman, gave a full report of the past year which had been enjoyed by the members. January was when the annual dinner at the Half Moon was held. 
In February the AGM with officers elected followed by items brought by members including books, slippers, coins and photographs. 
In March Mary Brotheridge came to talk about her father who was the first to be shot in combat while securing the bridge over the Caen Canal on 6th June 1944. She had little knowledge of her father when a child but in later years had done some research to find details of personality and heroism, especially in the War. 
For April Helen Williams talked about her two months in Rwanda, giving details of country history, culture and bringing us up to date of the present situation. May was the first outside visit to Chilliswood House, Trull. This was an enjoyable visit with a fascinating talk given by the owner Anne. Being served with refreshments to conclude the evening. 
In June we visited Lower Ebear Farm, Westleigh where we saw not just the lovely garden but their collection of historical artefacts that Anne and Rowland Travis had collected in their barn. 
July meeting in the Church Room heard David Hawkins give a very fascinating talk of his research into Wills and proceedings in High Court of Chancery. He must be commended for his commitment to historical research. 
We had no display in August but some members went to the Somerset Heritage Centre for a most informative visit and amazed by their wealth of artefacts and precautions to protect them from fire, damp etc. 
September saw Serrana Cogswell talk about her visit to India and slides to illustrate the wonderful sites, with a demonstration of national dress for women. 
In October Mr Claud Capel and Steve Parson talked about the “Three Airfields” from the war which are important to the South West Airfields Trust these being close to Clayhidon so were particularly interesting to members. A book on Dunkeswell was bought for our archive. 
In November we had Roy Coombs give a talk on the Otterhead Estate which developed in the 1890s to have 1700 acres of land in the parishes of Churchstanton and Otterford, now in borough of Taunton Deane. It was in this time that the two lakes were enlarged and more added. Most of Estate farms sold in 1919. Taunton Corporation acquired the property as a water catchment. House later demolished and new trust seeks to preserve gardens and area as a community educational resource. For December we had a party and quiz. 

Mrs Reynolds was thanked for her details of their interesting year. 

SMEATHARPE HALL: Mr R Pike parish representative gave a short report noting that the exterior of the hall had been redecorated and was in good condition. The committee at the present had a healthy state of finance and the hall was in regular use by the community. 

Thanks given for the report. 

ROSEMARY LANE CHAPEL: Mr Peter Glasgow, Pastor, gave a report, noting he was pleased to be present, having done six months service at Rosemary Lane. We continue to have a Toddler Group on Friday mornings with Friday evenings for Venturers & Teen Scene alternate weeks. This coupled with Sunday School and Bible Class at the weekend serves the local community for all ages of the children. 
We have two services on Sunday, 11am and 6.30pm which are attended by 60 – 80 people from around the district. 
Once a fortnight the ladies prayer group meets on a Thursday afternoon at various homes in the hills. 
The Blackdown Support Group, Luncheon Club meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 12noon. The Tea Club on the last Tuesday of each month at 3pm. We have special events through the year such as fireworks night in November, Tear Fund Sunday and special services on Good Friday. 
We support missionaries in Rwanda, Albania, Philippines, Pakistan and Brazil. Some of our members are Street Pastors in Wellington where we also help to run services monthly for the Torch Trust for people with visual impairment. We look forward to continuing to serve the community in the Hills during the year ahead. 
The Chairman thanked him for his report and welcomed him as the new pastor at Rosemary Lane. 


PARISH WEBSITE: attention was drawn to the details prepared by Mr & Mrs Weekes of the use of the Clayhidon Parish Website  .
In the first year it had 4068 visits with 1645 unique visitors for an average of 4mins 10seconds and visited an average of 3.3 pages. Visits rose per month to 411 in October to March, this was helped by the access improvement on Google which makes it easier for people to find. 
The best month so far had been January with visits of 845 many first time ones. We think this was explained by the controversy over the Carpetbaggers car rally. This was debated through emails posted on the readers forum. After the Home page the most visited is the Parish Council (839 visits) followed by readers forum (786), the gallery (621) and local history (588). 
In regard to Parish Council archive of eight meetings and thanks to Sue Hay for her promptly delivered reports. Our intention is to build this section to provide a permanent record of the council’s affairs. Any more input we would strongly welcome. 
Parish news and pictures - we posted more than 100 news items – requests to organisations to provide these details as due to other commitments cannot attend all events. 
In conclusion contributions welcome and needed to add to tributes and obituaries page, this provides a long term memorial to persons and a resource for local historians of the future. 

JUBILEE MUG: The clerk had seen in a magazine an advert by producers of this, a special offer of a bone china mug which could have Parish Council name printed on it and passed it to Mr Bendle who contacted magazine and now received a sample of mug available. This was viewed by those present, who thought it would be suitable for Parish council to present to children in Parish. This could be sold to Parishioners if applied for before order submitted as supplied in set numbers of multiple packs. Parish Council to consider at next meeting. 

As there was no other business raised the Chairman thanked those present for attending and gave various reports, then closed the meeting.