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Annual Parish Meeting 2013

Clayhidon Annual Parish Meeting 2013

The Annual Parish Meeting was held on Monday 11 March 2013 at the Parish Hall, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


  •    Confirmation of minutes of Meeting 2012
  •     Matters arising from minutes. 
  •     Reports from Parish Council/Charities/Local Organisations.
  •    General Business.
  •    Present: Mr RM Kalloway (Chairman), Mr AFJ Redwood, Mr RJ Pike, Mrs S Hay, Mr AGS Hill. County Councillor Mr RF Radford, District Councillor Mr F Rosamond. Parishioners: Mrs B Hill, Mr B Clowney, Mr G Weekes, Mr P Glasgow (Blackdown Mission), and Mr M Osmond (Clerk).

APOLOGIES: Apologies for being unable to attend were given for Mr ME Bendle, Mr RW Drew, Mr & Mrs M Reynolds, Mr MJ Hudson, Mrs A Langford. 

MATTERS ARISING/MINUTES: On opening the meeting the Chairman gave a welcome to those present and thanks to Mrs S Hay for typing the minutes of 2012 which were taken ‘as read’ (copies having been previously circulated), confirmed and signed.

The use of email was discussed in regard to correspondence between highways dept and Parish Council also Parish Councillors on state of roads for copies and responses on matters raised.
 It was noted that some salt was used in the past winter. Reserve in Parish was a benefit for local use. Applications had been made to the TAP fund jointly with Hemyock Parish Council for parish use. Thanks given to Mr G Weekes for the website work done.

PARISH COUNCIL REPORT: Mr Kalloway gave an outline of the past year. Reports of meetings in the ‘Pump’ and on the website.
  •  The Jubilee event in Parish was a great success, thanks to all those who helped to make it the success it was. Also noted was those who had lent items for use. It was a perfect site with thanks to the Blackmore family for this and to Redwood and Sons for the bonfire wood. The Parish Council had agreed to underwrite the event for any losses but from the donations, costs had been met with a small surplus in the end. 
  • Affordable Home still ongoing with no agreement in sight. A bill for a valuation had been received by Mid Devon District Council, but no valuation had been received so a new one to be done. One person was interested from the Parish but till valuation done and agreed no figure on costs available. Clayhidon had joined Hemyock in Upper Culm Community Land Trust whose aims were to provide affordable homes. A site had been approved by District Council on the Culmstock road, the freehold of site held by the Trust and Clayhidon parishioners were eligible to apply for a home. The building of homes to be completed by 2015. 
  • Thanks to District Councillor for his support in the application process and on other parish matters. Thanks also to County Councillor for his work on behalf of the Parish. The Parish Council was in the process of letting Gray’s Quarry to Wellington Scouts arising from an application made for the site for scout outdoor activities.

FOOTPATHS Mrs S Hay stated the annual survey done with only some minor works needed to be done. Reports from footpath users a great help.

Work for a board path at Bellets to Lilycombe was noted and in hand. For Hidon Wood a path was being cleared around the edge and funds had been applied for to pay for this. Mr G Weekes stated of his use of the footpaths and found them in good condition.

SMEATHARPE HALL Mr R Pike gave a short report, now installed a new kitchen with stainless steel tops a grant from ‘Viridor’ used for this. In need of funds to upgrade the heating. Lost a major source of income from local user of Hall. Fund raising in hand and a request to Parish Council to be made at next meeting. Thanks given for details.

MARY WALDREN CHARITY: A statement was received and read noting no applications made for grants in past year, although being advertised in the ‘Pump’. Balance in the Trust’s account now £1,248.38

MARY PARSONS CHARITY A statement had been prepared by the clerk and read to the meeting, noting that no half share income received from Churchstanton as the charity had various problems. These it was hoped would be resolved shortly. Also no shooting rent for 2012.

Opening Balance    1726.60           Padlock Key                    10.00

War Stock            189.47          Grants BSG 2011/2012  1000.00                  

Income     0.00                          War Stock                     189.47

Field Half share     0.00               Closing Balance              796.84

Total         £1996.31                  Total                           £1996.31


PARISH COUNCIL ACCOUNTS:  Clerk had prepared a draft statement to the year end and copies given to those present. Noted a bank statement was needed to confirm balance. The accounts for year 2011/2012 had been audited and passed with no matters raised by the District Auditor.

Opening Balance –gen A/C



D.A.L Council


Opening Balance Footpath A/C



Insurance Premium





Audit Commission


Jubilee Mug Sale



Internal Audit


VAT on mug sale



Devon Playing fields


VAT Reclaimed



Glebe Field Rent


Mid Devon Council Churchyard Grant



D.Hortop. Minutes


Church Field income/Grass rent



Hall Grant


Field income/wedding donation



Blackdown Support Group


Reclaimed VAT



Ring and Ride


H.S.B.C. interest



Cameo Club


Surplus Jubilee event



Pump Grant





Church Hedge Grant





Churchyard Grant















Hall Hire





Wine World










Commi-corp Mugs





Expenses 2011/12





Expenses 2012/2013





War memorial





Chairman’s expenses





Balance Footpath a/c





Balance general a/c








Details of the Queen’s Jubilee event celebration held in field at Palmers Farm were income from bar £1248.32, Donations £1941.53, reclaimed VAT £32.77 and expenses of £3079.51. surplus of £143.11. Thanks given to the Clerk for the details.


PARISH WEBSITE: Mr G Weekes reported on the Parish website use as would be 2yrs old on 29th March. There was a 65% increase of visitors in second year. The popular pages were 1st the picture gallery, 2nd Parish Council main page, 3rd Local History, 4thSmeatharpe campaign, 5th What’s on. 

He suggested a page of councillors names and addresses would make it easier for communication to and from parishioners without any cost.

An online form “send a message to your Parish Council” would enable an email to the council to raise an item. A similar form could be used by parishioners to comment on planning applications. These could be automatically forwarded to the chairman without website knowing the contents.

 If District Council were to provide email planning alerts, these could be forwarded to councillors, interested parishioners plus the website. This would supplement the present paper service in use. Clerk to provide Mr Weekes with planning number and details for website to obtain was agreed. Further to be discussed at next Parish Council meeting. Thanks to Mr and Mrs Weekes for their work.


DISTRICT COUNCILLOR MR F. ROSAMOND:  MDDC has weathered another difficult year after cuts of 28% over past 2 years ie £1.52m. Now having to look at further cuts of £154k in 2013/2014 and £621k in 2014/2015 = total over 4yrs of 40%. This in past absorbed by management reorganisation, staff reduction and increase in source of income from car parking and leisure charges.

 Frontline services not had any cuts. Council Tax frozen for this year. The future, however, remains under review but with good financial management we have been able to cushion the reserves of over £2m. 

We are working on the corporate Plan with its four priorities, 1. Prosperous economy. 2. Housing needs, 3. Supporting communities, 4. Environment care. 

However there is no room to relax with new challenges from Welfare Reform, Universal Credit, Business Rates Reform and impact of localism with pressure from parishes and local communities. 

Thanks to Chairman, councillors for their work. The chairman then thanked him for his detailed report.


COUNTY COUNCILLOR MR R RADFORD:  Mr Radford thought that this would be an opportunity for details of the side of being a County Councillor not known to all. Part of the controlling group with 42 members of the total 62 members from across the County with a population of 750,000.

His main committees which he sits on are Planning, Investment & Pensions, Corporate Services & Environment & Culture. Other minor committees listed. Also on Board of Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service.

My Ward is Willand & Uffculme Division a total of 11 of which I try and attend all of these. The main issues are roads and potholes. It is reported that last winter’s damage in the region of £12million. Making a claim to the Government to help with the cost of this so far we have filled in 28,000 potholes.

Funding for reinstatement of canal has been gained to be completed by 2014 in time for the 200th anniversary celebrations. The estimated cost of £3m not included in the previous figure of £12m.

Council Tax is frozen for 3rd year despite cuts of £120m from government from our total revenue budget of £830m. Staff reductions of 2800 saved £30m mostly senior management and have reduced our debt level by £80m. 

Noted this is election year for County Councillors and he would be standing again. He ended his report with thanks to the Council for their support. After questions from members he was thanked for his report and parish road repairs done.


BLACKDOWN MISSION: Mr P Glasgow, minister, gave the report to the meeting, another eventful year. The work with young people continues with a Parent & Toddler group, Venturers & Teen Scene on Fridays with classes on a Sunday morning. A recent addition to our work is “The Light” held on a first Sunday evening of each month at Hidewood Farm. 

We have many fresh faces from across the Hills at our Sunday Services, both morning and evening. “Christians Together” started by Pastor Stephen Reed is helpful in bringing together some of the Churches in joint venture promoting the Christian message and we are part of this. 

The ladies group meet on alternate Thursdays at Rosemary Lane was this year host to the “Women’s World Day of Prayer”.

We celebrate our 150th year anniversary this year with a series of services at Easter and during April & The Blackdown Support Group Luncheon Club meet on the second Wednesday of each month with up to 35 meals prepared. With an eye on the on-going ministry of the Church, we have purchased a home for future leaders.

We are publishing a book “The Hills Rejoice” written by Ron White covering the last 50 years of the mission’s history to be available from Good Friday 2013. 

We give thanks to God for all His blessings of the past year. Thanks given to him for interesting report.

CLAYHIDON PARISH HALL: Mr M Hudson, chairman, had prepared a report for the meeting as not able to attend and the chairman read this to those present. Welcome to Lucy Ball to the committee to replace Jeremy Cogswell, now moved to Taunton. 

Now completed the redecoration programme and thanks to Brian and Margaret Wheaton who assisted the volunteers from the committee for painting of the gents toilet and rear passageway

. The stacking tables were in need of attention and thanks to Alan Redwood for their replacement with smart new tops. Various repairs have been carried out as needed to keep in good condition. Very grateful to Russell Bendle for the major improvements to the drainage system running from the Hall across his field. 

A number of events held from the support of “Villages in Action” despite the withdrawal of a grant to them from MDDC. Events held being listed with details and we look forward to the latest performance on the 15th March. 

Thanks to Bee Hill for her dedication to obtain these performances, selling tickets and for offering hospitality to the visiting artistes, we also thank all those who help in other ways to make these events a success. We thank to Parish Council for their generous grant received from them over the years. Without the well attended shows and the profit generated and other Hall users we would not be able to accommodate the various Parish events which contribute so much to the wellbeing of the community.


CLAYHIDON FRIENDS: A report was read to the meeting from Mrs A Langford unable to be present, noting members had enjoyed a wide variety of talks and outings in the past year. 

Tom Coleman’s talk on St Kilda was fascinating and Spencer Kingdom entertained us with his experiences as a tarmacadam layer. Our eyes were opened to brewing business with a evening on The Otter Brewery from David McCaig. Nicola Bendle’s Advent table decoration with Carol Carr’s jam-making in the microwave kept our feet on the ground. The Taunton Museum trip gave us a brief insight into local history, and it is well worth a visit again. 

A gentle evening around Langford Lakes with refreshments to follow was a pleasant summer outing. Carols by Candlelight rounded off the year. Funds raised for charity were sent to Devon Air Ambulance and Associated Country Women of the World. A healthy membership has been maintained, new members always welcome.

CLAYHIDON LOCAL HISTORY GROUP: A report had been prepared by the chairman Mrs P Reynolds, which was read as unable to attend noting the year's meetingS. 

  • January - annual dinner at The Half Moon.
  • February - the AGM followed by articles brought of interest by members. 
  • March - Mr David Hawkins gave talk on “Criminal Relatives” of his. April -  Lisa Halliday of Knighthayes, a slide show and talk on the Heathcote/Amory home. 
  • May - Mr Brian Clist with wife Mavis read excerpts of his book on Hemyock and spoke on memories of past events. 
  • June - visit to Applehayes home of Philip  Simmonds to see and hear of his potting work done there. 
  • July - two videos from Michael Osmond, Buckingham Palace Garden Party he had attended with Ray Drew and another on the history of palace buildings. 
  • August -  in addition to exhibition “Clayhidon in Photographs” which also had some from the June 4th Parish celebrations of Queen’s Diamond Jubilee a special visit was made to Fenix Carriages to see latest carriage restored.
  • September -  had speaker from Wellington Museum talking on the celebrations in Wellington of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. October-  Mrs Mary Beal with souvenirs to illustrate the fiftieth anniversary of the end of German Occupation of Jersey where she lived for a while. 
  • November -  a video on Royalty over the Queen’s 60 year reign from Michael Osmond. December party and quiz brought the year varied and interesting to a close.

GENERAL BUSINESS The Chairman drew attention that there were some apple trees available for planting in the Parish and members discussed suitable sites, possible car park hedge of St Andrews. PCC to be contacted. 

DEFINITIVE MAP: Noted a review was to be done of the Footpaths and Bridleways of the Parish. This was to put on agenda next meeting for how to best publish in the Parish for Parishioner’s response.

Noted there were no other reports to be received from organisations in the Parish.

PLANNING APPLICATION: AN application for erection of agriculture general purpose and livestock building (cattle barn) Cornerways, Rosemary Lane by F. Parker. Point raised being the position as visible to see that screening to soften outline into the area and no details how clean and dirty water would be kept separate and handled or disposed taking into consideration gradient of ground run towards dwellings top of Rosemary Lane. No objection made to the application.

As there was no other business the Chairman thanked those present for attending and closed the meeting.