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November 2008, Clayhidon Parish Council

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 10th November 2008 in the Parish Hall, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.           Matters arising from the minutes

3.           Payment of Accounts – Hall Grant – Precept 2009

4.           Correspondence

5.           General business


Notice of Agenda may changes if Cllr. Mrs M Squires, Chairman of Mid Devon District Council, attends as is arranged.



            Mr G Langford, Chairman; Mr MJ Hudson; Mr RJ Pike; Mr AFJ Redwood; Miss J Ward; Mr ME Bendle; Cllr. Mrs M Squires Chairman of Mid Devon District Council; Mr Squires; Mr R Radford, County Councillor; Mr R Jeffery; and Mr MC Osmond, clerk



            An apology was given for Mr FJ Rosamond, Dist. Councillor as unable to attend.

            On opening the meeting, the Chairman welcomed Cllr Mrs M Squires & husband and members to the meeting.



            Minutes of Meeting 1 September 2008 were taken as read; (copies having been previously circulated) confirmed and signed.


Matters Arising

            There was no change in regard to the mobile caravan of Mr Board at Wiltown.  The matter was still with the legal department.  It was noted that e-mails had been sent to Mr G. Crocker.


Tribe of Doris

            Mr M. Hudson gave a short report on the follow-up to event and meeting, noting no event in 2009 was planned as a larger site was being sought.


Boundary Commission

            Chairman reported of meeting with seven local area Chairmen within the AONB. He noted that they were agreed that Uffculme was not a similar parish and would not match the proposed Blackdowns Community Board structure.  Submission had been made for AONB parishes to become a pilot rural board.  A reply is awaited.  East Devon District Council had applied for a Judicial Review on DCC proposals and decision awaited from this.  All Parish Council Chairmen had agreed for more contact with parishes and with Mid/East Devon District Councils and with Somerset County Council.


Smeatharpe Aerodrome

            No decision made at present on the motor sport element of use on the aerodrome (not the stadium) by planning department.


Mays Farm Event

            Mr Hudson gave short report.  The organiser of Bank Holiday Music Weekend had been visited by Mr Winter and details of this given to objectors.  Possible further correspondence to Mid Devon as problems seen with the legislation in force and changes were needed.  The poor legislation was agreed by Mid Devon District Council as the problem.  Changing it was a different matter.  Members agreed it was the length of the music into the late early hours of following morning that was the major concern.


Payment of Accounts/Precept

            It was proposed by Mr Pike seconded by Mr Hudson and agreed the payment of expenses to Miss J. Ward for £15.05 be made.  A general discussion was held on Parish Hall funds to agree on Grant to be made.  Noted no lottery fund received but application was made.  Application in place made to Green Fund for £9,000 to meet cost of window replacement.  Outline given by Mr Hudson on how parts of Grant made by Community Council.


Precept 2009

            Mr Bendle proposed it should be increased by 5%.  Members held over decision to discuss the Precept for 2009 as Mid Devon would shortly be requesting an estimate for this.  Clerk had prepared a statement and copies given to members of expenses and guide to year-end balance.  Following discussion on expenses for 2009, Mr Bendle proposed £4800 and Miss Ward seconded this.  This was agreed by all.  After confirmation of Precept Mr Bendle proposed £1850.00 as Hall Grant, this was seconded by Miss Ward and agreed with two members not voting declaring an interest.  Mr Hudson proposed £55 and Mr Pike seconded after discussion as Grant to Hemyock Parochial Church Council for "Pump" publication expenses.  A letter from Tiverton Transport Association was read for funds towards "Ring and Ride” bus service. Mr Pike proposed £30.00 and Mr Redwood seconded and this was agreed.


County Councillor

            Mr R. Radford gave outline details of Grant he was making to Hall Committee from the fund as County Councillor he has, with also details of "Healthy Living in Blackdowns", formerly Cameo Club, application for over £200,000 to DCC.  Mr Radford to give £10,000 from fund, but DCC had stated part should come from Primary Health Trust.


Mrs M. Squires, Chairman Mid Devon

            The Chairman welcomed Mrs Squires and husband to meeting.  Mrs Squires was pleased to attend at last as previous time postponed for bad weather.  She had been to Clayhidon in daylight hours when a footpath had been walked.  She noted the Blackdown Support Group to a great job in the area through their volunteers and would be missed if ended.  She noted it was a good thing to have links with other Parish Councils and Districts like East Devon, also Somerset County Council, as it was on the boundary.  The new executive system had bedded in well, all members involved in the various businesses able to have an input.  The “State of District” debate went very well.  Council noting the problems that arose in other districts when change to Unitary Authority and this will be taken into consideration when Boundary Commission changes come into effect.  Mr Langford raised the point that Parish Councils were not given status any more than as an individual when making a response, for example in a planning consideration, despite being elected.  Mrs Squires stated she understood the point raised.  General discussion on planning applications which were similar to her own parish.  The chairman then thanked her for attending and discussion held.



District Report

            Chairman had received from Councillor F. Rosamond his "Parish Matters" as he was not able to be present and this was read and available to be read.  It noted that there had been some £1.1 million in an Icelandic Bank, but was optimistic that it will get its monies (eventually).  There were new procedures for investment.  Budget setup of £100,000 to meet costs of the retention strategy to cope with employment implications on Local Government Review.  Budget for next year started with aim of 5% reduction of net expenditure to meet government restraints.  Public consultation underway how these savings could be made.  The Tender for Housing Repair put on hold as Audit Commission making a review arising from criticism and there were some remedial actions.  In regard to Local Government Review, response made to Boundary Commission for the "status quo" after public consultation.  Awaited decision of East Devon demand for Judicial Review.



            DAPC Newsletter, Village Green and Draft Response to Boundary Committee.  Local Council Review, Communities and Local Government copy for proposals on Code of Conduct on authority members/employees.  Mid Devon notice of publication of Infrastructure Development for consultation on website and public venues.



            Approval of Permission had been granted to both Mrs J. Hope for erection of a replacement dwelling at Moor View, Bolham, and Kirkstone Properties Ltd for the revised scheme for erection of five dwellings.  The application for a field shelter at Hidonfields Farm drew members concern for the need for yet another field with shelter.  There was an application for a roof to cover the existing cattle yard by Mr R. Drew, Callers Farm.  This was to keep rainwater out of animal waste following Environment Department guidelines.  Parish Council had no observations.  The application for second-floor accommodation (Revised Scheme) Hidonfields Farm Mrs B. Wilma drew comments as for a previous application.  The application for buildings for stabling and associated storage Mr M. Broadbent, Higher Hill Farm drew no objections as comments made in previous application.  Notice of Planning Training Day possible members attending.  Notice from Mr J. Clarke Enforcement Department of site visit planned to School House, Battle Street in regard of use of adjoining field contrary to Planning Act.  Notice from Mrs S. Board admin., that proposed new planning applications only online dropped as opposed by most Parish Councils, present system to continue.  Letter from Miss MNJ Blackmore to Chairman thanking him, and how much she enjoyed the evening at the Mid Devon District Council-Chairman's evening.  Other correspondence received listed and noted.  Mr Radford urged Parish Council to get the ward member involved at an early stage on applications that might need his involvement arising from general discussion on permission for new dwelling at Moor View which will be very different from the present.


General Business

            Mr Bendle reported that the present fir hedge at church car park will be felled and replacement made in due time, also Beech tree in Garlands Bower dying and will be replaced.  Noted the map of footpaths of the parish is fading on the outside wall of Hall.  This to be checked and replacement to be made.  Mr Hudson stated that a working party arriving shortly for more work needed on the Turbary to continue already started.  Mr Pike stated of the difficulty to get details on how to make an application for house at Hidonfields in regard to affordable home.  No feedback from Mid Devon on procedure.  Chairman agreed to make contact on this.  Chairman reported Mr W. Pike Highways to review building of wall at entrance to Yewhayes.




            After a general discussion on the state of roads of Parish and also signs missing, the Chairman listed items to contact Mr W. Pike of Highways.  Miss Ward raised point of warning junction signs at top of the Ford Street Crossway in regard to their visibility and use, is to be taken up with Somerset Highways.  Noted more topsoil to be tipped on verges of Heazle road by DCC.  Members agreed details of road repairs needed to be sent also to Mr R. Radford and to Mr L. Willmington of DCC.


Next Meeting

            As there was no other business it was agreed the date of next meeting to be 12 January 2009 at Parish Hall.  The Chairman then thanked Mrs Squires for attending and others present and closed the Meeting.