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August 2007, special meeting of Clayhidon Parish Council

  Clayhidon Parish Council


A Special Meeting was held, Monday 20th August 2007 in the Church Room at 7.30pm.




Planning Applications received / Roads


     Mr G Langford, Chairman; Mr MJ Hudson; Miss J Ward; Mr RM Kallaway; and Mr M Osmond, clerk



     These were received from Mr ME Bendle & Mr AJF Redwood, who were unable to attend.


Higher Hill

     Application by Mr and Mrs Broadbent for the erection of buildings for stables/storage and change of use other buildings.  Variation of condition 13 agricultural occupancy.  Chairman gave more background details noting some buildings to be demolished.  Details discussed by members with no major objections in conclusion.  Agreed to support application.


Graddage Farm, Dr Coggswell

     Notice received of noise assessment to be done.  No comments made as this was just a part of the application for small wind turbine.  No objections raised.


Mrs M. Williams, Bolham Farm

     Application for relocation of existing silage pit and required work of covering.  After a general discussion agreed to support application.


Mr and Mrs Bimson, Grays Farmhouse

     Application for re-roofing of house and installation of extra dormer windows.  Noted the dormer windows on north side of house.  No objections raised by members after discussion.


Hidon Fields

     The chairman stated of site visit made by him with Vice Chairman and the clerk following viewing of previous permission drawings which marked the boundary for development and site of parish pound in the southeast corner.  This had been drawn to the attention of builder.  This he would confirm with agents and solicitor.  Details of proposed work and surface for pound noted.  A new rainwater drain was to be constructed along and under the road at cost of £65,000.


Stable Block, Hidon Fields

     Chairman noted of possible limited commercial use of part of stable block at Hidon Fields by Mrs B. Wilmer.  It was agreed to await more details, but thought by members that any limited commercial use not enforceable.



     Chairman gave details of correspondence received.  Noting letter from DCC stating various grades of parish roads. Members discussed the grades given as different than expected.  The Chairman had made an early reply to this information.  A further letter from Margaret Rogers DCC was noted.


Mr Napper

     Chairman had attended and spoken for Parish Council at site meeting.  Decision had been made by committee but details of this were awaited for proposed building.  Noted a hedgerow and bank removed by Mr Napper without permission and it was agreed details to be forwarded to planning department.  The chairman then thanked those present for the attending and closed the meeting.