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August 2014, working group

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Working Group Meeting was held, Wednesday 20th August 2014 in the Church Room at 7.30pm.



Definitive Map Review - response

Garlands Bower field

Wiltown Plot entrance



     Mr R Kallaway, Chairman; Mrs S Hay; Mr AFJ Redwood; and Mr M Osmond, clerk



     Apologies were given for Mr A Hill; Mr R Drew; Mr ME Bendle & Mr R Pike.


Bridleways /Footpaths

            Members had a copy of parish map and consultation schedule to consider the proposed upgrade of some footpaths to bridleways and other changes. Following a general discussion on each path and the condition of the present surface, the impact if changed and the cost of change and to maintain the change when budgets are being made smaller, consideration of best use of limited funds.


FP 14 (part)

            From Kingsmead caravan site to road at Garlandhayes. Attention drawn to track to be used as at site was a badger set not known if still in use. Not all residents in favour of change. Usable but cost to upgrade to bridleway.


Nick Reed’s Lane

            This joins two roads no dwellings involved. Not a good surface, work required to upgrade and maintain. Suitable for change.


FP 31

            Ridgewood Lane to Lemons Hill, Hemyock, upgrade. The longest path proposed for upgrade. Present footpath suitable as footpath but for change would need much work to upgrade. Lane eroded to very bad state and narrow any flowers and fauna habitat would be lost. As this is used a lot by walkers as part of new “Valleyhead Way” there would be problems for both using due to the number of horses in parish / area who would use this. Residents not in favour as in part, passed by dwelling or through property. The proposed surface very damp ground and difficult to maintain as would be easily eroded again. Members agreed not suitable for change.


Track as FP to Baker’s Farm

            Creation of footpath by using track from road above Huntsmoor Farm, Clayhidon to join path from Bakers Farm, Somerset at County boundary. This would be practicable.


FP 38 Gotleigh Moor

            Hard track to Valentines Farm, but poor track at Gotleigh Moor poor surface to keep up for any use.




Routy Lane

            Creation of bridleway along length of Routy Lane near Newcott Cross. This would upgrade as usually passable along length and be practicable in the area.


Half Moon Inn area road

            Following concerns raised by parishioners in the area, agreed a letter be sent to Highways Dept for 20 mph signs to be placed by “parish” road signs already in place, to give prior warnings of hazard.


Garlands Bower

            A wet patch had developed in the church field rented by Parish Council, agreed this be inspected. A blocked soak away from the Old Rectory’s septic tank thought to be possible cause. Possible new length of pipe to take this short length to ditch of road. Item next meeting.


Wiltown Plot entrance ditch

            It was noted Mrs G Board had dug ditch on council land to divert surface water away from entrance track. Agreed site visit be done. Arising from visit, found major ditch dug along the length of the track to field and further soil moved on land to divert across plot. A track to another field had been blocked by the earth moved. Water came from across road when drains / ditches for this blocked and water diverted. Agreed this had been done without any contact or agreement of Parish Council and amounts moved was more than needed. Item for agenda of full Parish Council at next meeting. The meeting then concluded as business finished.