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August 2016

Clayhidon Parish Council Meeting

held in the Parish Hall at 7.30pm on Monday 8th August 2016 



1. Present

Mr R Kallaway (Chair), Mr M Bendle, Mr R Drew, Mrs S Hay, Mr G Langford, Mrs A Weekes, Mr F Rosamond (District Councillor), Mr Ray Radford (County Councillor), Mrs D Evans (Parish Clerk)and member of the public.

Apologies Mr A Hill (away)


2. Declarations of Interest

None declared.


3. Minutes from previous meetings

PROPOSAL:  The Council minutes of the meetings of 13th June & 18th July 2016 are approved.  

PROPOSED:  Mr G Langford  

SECONDED:  Mrs A Weekes

DECISION: passed (all in favour)


4. Public Participation

A parishioner wished to draw to the council’s attention an exhibition of the late Joan Harris’s patchwork at St Andrews Church 27th, 28th & 29th August 2pm-5pm.  There will also be a local history exhibition covering the period of the Queen’s reign.  


5. Matters Arising

5.1 Unsuitable for HGVs’ signs – Devon Highways has confirmed it will not erect any new signs. 

5.2 Parish Hall/Extra Parking - The parish hall committee will draw up plans and pass to clerk to submit a planning application. 

5.3 Defibrillators - The Hemyock clerk was successful in her bid for defibrillators from the British Heart Foundation (BHF).  However, the BHF charge £400 per defibrillator and the council would need to purchase an outdoor cabinet with electrics for each defibrillator (approximate cost £500).  The alternative option from the SW Ambulance Trust is a 4-year lease, £1,800 for the first defibrillator and £1,000 per defibrillator thereafter.  These would be fully maintained/insured and yearly training given.  The Hemyock clerk was instructed to decline the offer from the BHF and go ahead with the 4-year lease agreement with the ambulance trust for 6 defibrillators across the three parishes of Clayhidon, Culmstock & Hemyock.  The Half Moon and Rosemary Lane Chapel have kindly given permission for the cabinets and defibrillators to be installed on an external wall at the pub and chapel.  Clerk to liaise with both parties reference exact location.

PROPOSAL:  The clerk to obtain quotations for private signs in various sizes informing users that road is unsuitable for HGVs


PROPOSED:  Mr G Langford 


SECONDED:  Mr M Bendle

DECISION: passed (all in favour)




















6. District Council Report

Councillor Frank Rosamond reported:-

Mid Devon has been recognised for its use of renewable energy with solar panels on over 10% of its council-owned properties.  MDDC has invested £40k in the investigation of a new railway station at Cullompton.  The Council has submitted a bid to the Government for support in delivering a new garden village development on land to the east of Cullompton.  The new waste and recycling centre has opened between Uffculme & Willand.  Councillor Rosamond will look at communication to parishes as a special project.  Neil Parish MP will attend a meeting on 19th August, please submit any questions you may have to Councillor Rosamond.  The parish council will wait for the result reference costs of Ten Oaks Planning Application and then write to MDDC suggesting it considers employing an agricultural planning consultant for expert advice on some planning applications.  


7. County Council Report

Councillor Ray Radford reported :-

DCC are looking at ways to improve services provided.  A public consultation on proposals to improve the A30 near Honiton will be launched at the Honiton Show.  DCC is developing route options for the scheme and will be holding a two month consultation starting 3rd August until 30thSeptember.  There are changes to permitted development rights for masts, the height is increasing from 15 to 25 metres.  The Highways contract is up for renewal.  The successful contractor will be announced in September/October.  Recycling is up to 56.6% and waste is down.  Children’s Services is projected to be over budget by £1M (education transport costs).  We await further news on how this might be reduced.   Councillor Radford reminded the meeting of his locality budget.  The council will submit an application to him to help fund some of the works for extending the parish hall parking.  Members of the parish council reported to Councillor Radford that good job had been made of the verge trimming this year.   











8. Planning

The following planning applications were considered:-

8.1     15/00075/NBRE – Wiltown Mobile Home, Clayhidon.   Appeal against enforcement notice.  No comments made.

8.2      16/00841/FUL – Mill View, Clayhidon.  (Revised drawings).  Erection of an agricultural building following demolition of 2 exiting agricultural buildings.  No comments made.  

Approval noted for:-

8.3      16/00886/FULL – New Gorwell Farm, Hemyock.  Erection of roof to form covered yard.


9. Finance







Community a/c


Business Manager







Bank Reconciliation

Mr G Langford asked the clerk to give more financial detail at the next meeting, comparing actual income and expenditure to budgeted figures. 











10. Clerk Report

1.1     Housing Needs Survey – Hemyock Parish Council has asked if Clayhidon Parish Council wishes to be included in a new survey to be issued in September, as has been the case in previous years.   


PROPOSAL:  The council asks to be included in the Housing Needs Survey.  


PROPOSED:  Mr G Langford


SECONDED:  Mr M Bendle

DECISION: passed (all in favour)

10.2     First Aid Training – the clerk has received information from a training company about providing first aid training for the parish.  Clerk to obtain more information on other courses they could provide and include in next Pump article, asking if there is any interest within the parish.  Clerk to ask for it to be included on the village website also.



11. Highways

11.1     Mrs S Hay suggested the ditches around the parish will need attention soon.  It was agreed that it was unlikely that Highways would be completing this work and a possible way forward would be to send a ‘volunteer’ on the Highways Chapter 8 training course.  This would then enable the person to coordinate the works.  Mrs S Hay will approach Chris Houghton to see if he would be interested in attending the training course.  Mr M Bendle will approach Ben Dearsley, as it is believed that he already holds the Chapter 8 training qualification, to see if he is interested in quoting for some work.  Clerk will advertise in Pump for interested persons to contact her.

11.2     It was reported that DCC Highways had dealt with the Japanese Knotweed on one side of the road at Lilycombe but not the other.  Clerk to report.












12. Footpaths

12.1     Mrs S Hay reported that she had met with contractors at Wiltown Turbary reference proposed installation of a boardwalk.  Mrs A Weekes suggested Linda Bennett from the AONB may be able to offer some financial support for such a project.  Clerk to explore.  A site visit was agreed for Friday 12th August at 6pm.  Meet at Greta Garlandhayes Farm.





13. Clayhidon Charity & Mary Parsons Gift Trust

The trustees will meet on Friday 12th August at Great Garlandhayes Farm.



14. Correspondence

14.1     Healthwatch Devon - summer issue noted.

14.2     Letter from DCC noted informing of no objections or representations received reference modification order byway 53 Nick Reed’s Lane and bridleway 54 Routy Lane.


15. Items raised by Chairman

Nothing to report



16. Items raised by Councillors

16.1    Mrs A Weekes reminded all of Gigaclear, a company planning to install fibre optic broadband in the area i enough people subscribe to it – please see for more information.

16.2    Mr G Langford reported that the fence at Wiltown had been damaged and he will clear this and the gates.


17. Date of next meeting  Planning Meeting on Monday 12th September at 1.30pm if required or Full council meeting Monday 10th October at 7.30pm.



Meeting closed 9.30pm