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August 29, 2017

Clayhidon Parish Council Meeting

 held in the Parish Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 29th August 2017



1.                  Present 

Mr R Kallaway (Chair), Mr M Bendle, Mr J Blackmore, Mrs S Hay, Mr G Langford, Mr F Rosamond (District Councillor), Councillor R Radford (County Councillor), Mrs D Evans (Parish Clerk) and 1 member of the public.

Apologies:  Mr R Drew (received and accepted)

Absent: Mrs A Weekes


2.                  Declarations of Interest

Agenda item 5.1 - Mr Bendle, Mr Langford, Mr Blackmore and Mr Kallaway declared that they had a personal interest as they all knew the applicant.

Agenda item 5.6 – Mr Blackmore declared a pecuniary interest as he is the applicant.


3.                  Minutes from previous meetings

PROPOSAL:  The council minutes of the meeting of 12th June are approved.     

PROPOSED:  Mr Langford 

SECONDED:  Mr Bendle

DECISION: passed (all in favour)


PROPOSAL:  The council minutes of the meeting of 17th July are approved.     

PROPOSED:  Mr Blackmore 


DECISION: passed (all in favour)










4.                  Public Participation

Nothing to report     


5.                   Planning

Applications considered for:-

5.1       17/01280/HOUSE.  1 Oakleigh, Battle Street, Clayhidon.  Erection of replacement single storey side extension.

PROPOSAL:  The council supports the application and makes no further comment.     

PROPOSED:  Mr Blackmore 

SECONDED:  Mr Langford

DECISION: passed (all in favour)

Planning permission granted noted for:-

5.2       17/00666/HOUSE.  Far Longham, Clayhidon.  Erection of extension to farmhouse and landscaping works.

5.3      17/00935/HOUSE.  Far Longham, Clayhidon.  Conversion of barn to ancillary accommodation.

5.4      17/00796/PNAG.  Poachers Rest, Clayhidon.  Prior notification for the erection of an agricultural storage building.

Application withdrawn for:-

5.5       17/00820/HOUSE.  Rosegarland Barn, Clayhidon.  Erection of two storey rear extension.

5.6        17/01123/FULL.  Palmers Farm, Ridgewood Cross, Clayhidon.  Change the use of a field from permanent agricultural use to use as a temporary venue for wedding receptions for 5 months of the year and erection of marquee from May until September for a maximum of 15 events a year.


6.                   Matters Arising

6.1             ‘Unsuitable for HGVs’ signs – carry forward to next meeting.

6.2       Defibrillators – The clerk circulated the design and costs provided by Gareth Weekes for the creation, printing and delivery of a leaflet to parishioners advising them of the locations of the defibrillators.   

PROPOSAL:  Clerk asks Mr Weekes to organise the production and distribution of the leaflet advertising the defibrillators in the parish, at a cost of £48.00.       

PROPOSED:  Mr Blackmore 


DECISION: passed (all in favour).


7.                  District Council Report

Councillor Frank Rosamond reported:-

MDDC has a £73,000 overspend but this is an improvement on the previous year.  The Local Plan is being reviewed by the Planning Inspectorate and is expected back towards the end of September.  The government has announced a £2bn structure fund to generate more housing.  MDDC hopes to bid for funds to improve J28 Cullompton and the second phase of improvements to A361.  MDDC receives 865,000 emails per annum.  The pop-up gym in Market Walk, Tiverton has been a success. MDDC is involved with The Mills project, which aims to bring back historic mills, weirs and leats into use to generate hydro-electric power along South West waterways.        


8.                 County Council Report

Councillor Ray Radford reported:-

As chair of the council, Councillor Radford only sits on the standards board and procedures committee.  He has many civic responsibilities to carry out during his term.  Budgets are under pressure and the county continues to receive less funding per person compared to other urban areas.  Councillor Radford has enquired about the procedure for removing previously reported pot holes from the Highways computer system.


9.                 Finance

Income & Expenditure




VAT reclaim



Hemyock Parish Council -  reimbursement (gift to long-serving secretary)




Devon County Council

Culm Community Crayfish Project




Community a/c


Business Manager






PROPOSAL:  that the income is agreed and the above cheques/payments are paid/agreed.  PROPOSED:    Mr Langford 

SECONDED:   Mr Blackmore

DECISION: passed.  (all in favour). 


10.             Clerk Report

10.1    Police Update – PCSO Tracey Peters reported:- There were 2 crimes & 2 incident logs reported to us during August.  Between 12th – 16th August, a tractor was stolen from a paddock within a farm. Offenders appear to have cut the lock on the gate in order to gain access.  On 28th August, a minor assault occurred at an event at Smeatharpe Stadium.  Police attended a road traffic collision on 2nd August, and we also received a report of a vehicle in a ditch on 29th August.

10.2    The chairman of Mid Devon County Council, Peter Heal, will attend the council meeting in December.

10.3    Section 106 monies – the clerk confirmed that any section 106 money is shared with Hemyock and projects must be for new or improvements to sports areas, children’s play areas and informal space.  This has to be for ‘laid out’ space (man-made for recreation purposes). 

 10.4    Extension to Parish Hall car park.  The total expenditure to date is £3,377.24.  Hedging plants to be purchased in the autumn.  There is a further invoice outstanding from C Houghton.  The parish council has received a grant of £1,000 from DCC Locality Budget towards this project.   


11.             Highways

 Nothing to report.


12.             Footpaths

Two new gates have been delivered and erected in the parish.     


13.             Blackdown Hills Parish Network

Nothing to report.   


14.             Wiltown Turbary

Thanks to Mrs Hay, with help from Mr Hay and Mr & Mrs Blackmore, who cleared the turbary of invasive plants in readiness for the laurel clearance in the autumn.  Mrs Hay will liaise with Guy Manning to arrange the clearance of the laurel.




15.             Clayhidon Charity & Mary Parsons Gift Trust

There is a meeting arranged for 12th September with Mary Parsons Trustees.  The Clayhidon Trust will meet after this date.  It is understood that the tenant of Biscombe Plots has sold their house and trustees will write to clarify the completion date to receive vacant possession.     



16.             Correspondence

16.1          Parish Hall – the committee is hoping to apply to Viridor for funding to renovate the roof.  It

needs to raise 10% of the costs (£2,800-£3,800) from third parties. 

PROPOSAL:  the council donates £2,000 towards this figure with the strong recommendation that the committee uses the opportunity (whilst completing the roof work) to take advantage of any available grants and fits renewable energy panels to the roof at the same time. 

 PROPOSED:  Mr Blackmore 

SECONDED:   Mr Bendle

DECISION: passed.  (all in favour). 

16.2         Apple Trail – request from Councillor Jennie Brown, East Devon Councillor for Tourism, for support with the Apple Trail project.  Clerk instructed to reply informing her council is unable to support at this time. 

16.3     Blackdown Community Bus - fundraising.  Clerk was asked to gather more information.

16.4          The Pound – request for permission to fence area.  Council instructed clerk to inform tenant that a fence/gate was not in keeping and it was preferred that the area remain open and kept tidy.
















17.         Items raised by Chairman

 Nothing to report.


18.             Items raised by Councillors

18.1    Gray’s Quarry – Mrs Hay reported that the land has been regularly used by the Scouts and     the land would benefit from being rested for a year.

PROPOSAL:  clerk writes to inform the Scout Group that when its agreement ends in May 2018 it will not be renewed whilst the land is rested for a year.

 PROPOSED:  Mr Langford 

SECONDED:   Mr Blackmore

DECISION: passed.  (all in favour). 

18.2    The large drop beyond the stone wall (opposite Wiltown Farm) has been filled.  The area now needs tidying and Mr Langford to ask C Houghton to spend a day tidying the area.











19.             Date of next meeting Planning Meeting Monday 11th September (if required) or full council meeting 9th October 2017 at 7.30pm.  



Meeting closed at 9.10pm