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December 2003, minutes of special meeting of Clayhidon Parish Council

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Special Meeting of the above council was held to discuss planning applications received on Wednesday 3rd December in the Church rooms, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.



Mr ME Bendle, Chairman; Mr MJ Hedson; Mr AFJ Redwood; Miss J Ward; Mr G Langford; Mr RJ Pike; Mr RM Kallaway; Mr Gaudion; Mrs Cooper; Mr Larpent; Mr J Betts; Mr K Wakeling; Mr & Mrs Bryant; Sir N Essenhigh; Mr P Cockman; Dr & Mrs Scott; District Councillor Mr FJ Rosamond & Mr MC Osmond, clerk.


  Mr N Carter, Mr Cooper, Miss R Nicholson & Mrs J Betts


Applications Received

A)         Outline for five terraced homes on part Hidonfields Farm.

B)         New entrance and double garage at Rock House, Rosemary Lane.

C)         Erection of single stable and tack room at Barnwood, Grays Lane.

D)         Erection of tempory mast to measure wind speeds, for possible future application for multiple mast site atMiddleton Barton by Mr FW Pike.

E)          Notice of appeal date and site for Mr & Mrs R Blackmore, Bradbeers.


5 Homes at Hidonfield Farm

   On opening the meeting the Chairman welcomed those present to the meeting, and then gave details of the meeting format, general discussion for all views on the application at Hidonfields, noted this was a Parish Council meeting not a general public meeting, after discussion period members would consider views given to make a response to planning department.

Drawings were placed on the table for inspection and a letter was read from Mr B. James planning to guide consideration of application also letters from Mr M. Carter, Brookdale and from Sir N. Essenhigh, Cordwent were read to start off discussion.  Details included in application had stated of their being included some "the Low-end Housing".  This term was found very loose in meaning with no details on how it would be or remain low-cost/affordable housing.  Mr Carter drew attention to the surface water problems on his property which came from across the road, the proposed site of behind the Half Moon Inn against the churchyard, running along the existing entrance road to stable and barn conversion.  It was thought that these surface water problems should be taken into consideration at time of decision by planning department, but it was noted Mr Carter had laid some larger drainage pipes to prevent flooding.  Letters received not against low housing, but was this genuine affordable or term used.  There was no terraced housing in Clayhidon as proposed only semi-detached.  If it was granted it was thought a charge under section 106 would be made on the developer towards education.  Many points were raised by those present including result asked on recent survey if affordable housing was needed in the parish.  Mr Hudson had tried to get details, of full report to be published shortly but at present the indication was of those from parish.  The Chairman then made a summary on the views given, and after thanking those present for their contributions urged them to write to planning department with their comments.  The parish council then viewed the application in line with a letter from planning department, including being terraced, the density, character of parish properties, proposed skyline, socially economic needed, conclusion not all low-end Housing, urban looking development, need for sustained affordable housing and being in cottage style better.  Agreed District Councillor should call in application.  Mr Langford would make a reply for Parish Council agreed.

Roch House entrance & garage

   Members viewed the proposed plans for fresh entrance with splay on lower part of lane with double garage.  Some buildings to be demolished for this.  A point on the height of new garage was raised but on balance this was thought better for Rock House and other road users.  No objections raised.


Stable at Barnwood Grays Lane

   Members viewed the proposed application plans noting now detached away from other dwelling with new entrance no objections raised to stable but, and was made to prevent erosion, new pipes across entrance and ramp should be filled in with concrete and not crushed stone.


Wind speed mast at Middleton Barton

   Drawings were viewed by members for a testing and recording mast to be erected at Middleton Barton.  Noted this to collect data only and no objection raised, but in reply Council wished to state no objection now did not mean in favour of wind masts and reserved the right to object in the future and awaited any further application for more to masts on the site where noise and intrusion in an A.O.N.B. were known.



   Arising from previous meeting two payments were made, proposed by Mr Hudson seconded by Mr Kallaway and agreed.


Mileage payment

Miss J Ward


Plaque & erection at hall -Queen’s Jubilee

Redwood &Sons







Bradbeers Appeal

   As there was no other business the Chairman thanked members for attending and closed the meeting after notice from planning was read for appeal hearing on six of January 2004 the town hall, Tiverton from Mr and Mrs R. Blackmore.