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February 11, 2019

Clayhidon Parish Council Meeting

Held at Parish Hall, Clayhidon at 7.30pm on Monday 11th February 2019



  1. Present  

Mr R Kallaway (Chair), Mr M Bendle, Mr J Blackmore, Mr R Drew,  Mrs S Hay, Mr G Langford, Mrs A Weekes, Mr F Rosamond (District Councillor), Mr R Radford (County Councillor), Mrs D Evans (Parish Clerk) and 2 members of the public.

  1. Declarations of Interest None declared.  

  1. Minutes from previous meetings

PROPOSAL:  The council minutes of the meetings of 10th December are approved.     

PROPOSED:  Mr Langford  

SECONDED:  Mr Drew DECISION: passed (all in favour)

PROPOSAL:  The council minutes of the meetings of 14th January 2019 are approved.     

PROPOSED:  Mr Blackmore  

SECONDED:  Mrs Weekes

DECISION: passed (all in favour)

  1. Public Participation

Nothing to report.

  1. Planning

Applications considered for:-     19/00186/HOUSE.  Rosegarland Barn, Clayhidon.  Erection of a two-storey extension (revised scheme).    PROPOSAL:  The council is content with the application.     

PROPOSED:  Mr Langford  


DECISION: passed (all in favour) Permission granted noted for:-    

5.2    18/01790/HOUSE.  Erection of first-floor extension and re-roofing of buildings (Revised Scheme).  Crockers Farm, Hemyock.

5.3        18/01791/LBC.  Listed Building Consent for erection of first-floor extension and re-roofing of buildings (Revised Scheme).  Crockers Farm, Hemyock. Refusal noted for:-

5.4    18/00171/FULL.  Carlingwark, Clayhidon.  Change of use of agricultural land for the erection of a dwelling with associated garden area and access, formation of ponds and creation of access tracks.  

Mrs Weekes commented that she was disappointed that Councillor Ray Radford had not voted in support of the application at the district council planning committee meeting.  Mr Kallaway did not agree with the reasons given by Councillor Radford for failing to support the planning application.  Councillor Radford explained that he did not feel it was necessary to justify his decision-making at planning committee meetings.  He suggested that if the parish council is unhappy with his conduct then they should report him to the monitoring officer.  Mr Langford suggested that the parish council was allowing personalities to influence its own decision-making in planning matters.  

  1. Matters Arising Road signs - the clerk has obtained prices for road signs.  They are approx. £40 per sign.

PROPOSAL:  clerk to purchase 5 ‘unsuitable for HGV’ road signs.  

PROPOSED:    Mr Blackmore

SECONDED:   Mr Langford

DECISION: passed.  (all in favour).    

  1. District Council Report

Councillor Frank Rosamond reported:-

The state of the district debate about Brexit went well.  MDDC has been shortlisted for the LGC Award for Councils Driving Economic Growth.  The award is for councils that are proactively driving growth; influencing and shaping the market, intervening as necessary and working collaboratively across boundaries and structures to enable and encourage growth.   The Local Government Boundary Commission (LGBC) is going to be reviewing Mid Devon during 2019.  The review itself will be conducted in two stages, the first of which will consider the number of councillors that will most effectively reflect the future governance needs of Mid Devon District, i.e. how many members are required. The second phase takes the agreed number and looks at how the district should be ‘warded’ in terms of its new boundaries.  The Cabinet has voted to recommend a preferred route for the Cullompton town centre relief road.  Following a six week consultation period with the public a preferred route for the planned relief road in Cullompton will now be put forward to Devon County Council, which is the local highway authority. 


Parish councillors provided Councillor Rosamond with information on the Connecting Devon & Somerset project, including damage to roads by Gigaclear, problems with wayleaves, and the need for the reintroduction of the voucher scheme for those that are not able to be connected via Gigaclear.  


Councillors expressed surprise that a recycling lorry attempted to access the parish during the recent snowfall.  Unfortunately, it had to be towed back to the main road.       

  1. County Council Report

        Councillor Ray Radford reported:-

Budget - The draft budget set out for 2019/20 will be £493.85m, last year it was £507.85m.  


Highways and Traffic Management face continued pressures.  The new maintenance contract has generated significant savings during its first two years and further efficiencies of £58k are anticipated during 2019/20, with an additional £630k of revenue savings being achieved from a greater focus on preventative roads maintenance.  The Government has awarded Devon with £18.75m for Local Highways Maintenance for repair of roads, bridges and local highways infrastructure generally; the details of how this will be spent will be announced next month.


The Council is striving to achieve fairer funding for children`s service and has an additional £10.2m increase to the Dedicated Schools Grant.  The increase is mainly due to increased pupil numbers and in real terms will only be an additional £10 per pupil and is still a shortfall of £294 per pupil compared to the national average.


The current year has seen many of the budget headings being over spent, the biggest being Children`s Services, which got as far as £11m.  Taking one with another as at month 10, this has greatly reduced and the budgets will be balanced at the end of the year.  Budgets traditionally get a bit out of kilter mid-term but we have always managed to balance the budget by the end of the year, and with measures we have taken, we will do the same again.

  1. Finance

9.1    Income, expenditure & bank reconciliation



Rent, church field


DCC Highways grant


DCC Highways grant   


VAT reclaim


DCC website grant



C Houghton

Lengthsman’s work, January


Bridport Radio

Website deposit


Community a/c


Business Manager




PROPOSAL:  The income is agreed and the above cheques/payments are paid/agreed.  PROPOSED:    Mr Langford

SECONDED:   Mr Bendle

DECISION: passed.  (all in favour).    

    10. Clerk Report

10.1    Projector – the clerk has been successful in obtaining a grant from DCC towards a projector.

10.2    Following a meeting with MDDC’s 106 officer, it may be possible to install some benches on public open space land in the parish.  Councillors to consider potential locations.  

10.3    A joint Communities Together Fund application with Hemyock has been successful and funds of £500 have been awarded to Clayhidon towards name signs/information boards for Hidon Woods, Grays Quarry and Wiltown Green. Mrs Hay will obtain details of the Ford Street board and the clerk will get prices from the designer of the crayfish signs at Hemyock.   




  1. Highways

11.1    It was suggested that the clerk email Councillor Ray Radford and ask that he invites Meg Booth, Chief Officer for Devon Highways, to visit the parish so that she may see first-hand the state of many of the roads.  

11.2    It was reported that during the recent period of snowfall an area of Battle Street remained untreated.  It was incorrectly assumed that the whole parish had been allocated to individual volunteers, whereas in fact it was agreed that the volunteers would do what they could, when they could, etc.  


  1. Footpaths

The footpath surveys are about to be completed.  Clerk to provide Mrs Hay with the financial information needed to complete the survey work.


  1. Blackdown Hills Parish Network

Nothing to report.

  1. Clayhidon Charity & Mary Parsons Gift Trust

The Clayhidon Charity will meet later in the month.  The Mary Parsons Gift Trust trustees are waiting for land to be registered with Land Registry.

  1.    Correspondence

    1. Grays Quarry – the 1st Wellington Scouts has asked for a licence to use the woods for 2 years.  

PROPOSAL:  The pc grants the scouts a licence for 2 years.

PROPOSED:    Mr Bendle

SECONDED:   Mr Blackmore   

DECISION: passed.  (all in favour).     

    1. Affordable Homes in village – a parishioner has put forward land for a possible site for affordable housing in the village.  Other sites have also been suggested.  Clerk to invite Jenny Clifford, head of planning at Mid Devon District Council, to visit the parish to advise on potential sites.  


  1.     Items raised by Chairman Fly-tipping has been reported to Mid Devon District Council on the road adjacent to Smeatharpe Stadium.  Clerk to write to stadium requesting that they ensure the area immediately outside of the stadium is kept clear of rubbish.  


  1. Items raised by Councillors Mrs Weekes received an email from a parishioner about the state of the road from Bollhayes to Lillycombe and from Lillycombe to Biscombe Cross.  It was reported that daily use by a milk tanker may be contributing to the degradation.  It is thought that the tanker used to take the road past French Nut Tree to Shackles Cross and then along the top road and down to Stapley.  Mr Blackmore will approach Muller transport department to discuss the route used.


  1. Date of next meeting

  2. Planning meeting, Monday 11th March at 7.30pm, Parish Hall (if required) or Monday 8th April at 7.30pm Parish Hall.

Meeting closed at 9.22pm