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February 13, 2017

Clayhidon Parish Council Meeting

 held in the Parish Hall at 7.30pm on Monday 13th February 2017



1.                  Present 

Mr R Kallaway (Chair) from agenda item 18, Mr M Bendle, Mr J Blackmore, Mr R Drew, Mrs S Hay (Vice-Chair), Mr G Langford, Mrs A Weekes, Mr F Rosamond (District Councillor), Councillor R Radford (County Councillor), Mrs D Evans (Parish Clerk) and one member of the public.


2.                  Declarations of Interest

Mrs S Hay chaired the meeting

Agenda item 6.5 – Mr M Bendle declared that he had a personal interest as his brother is donating land to the parish for additional parish hall car parking.


3.                  Minutes from previous meetings

PROPOSAL:  The council minutes of the meeting of 12th December are approved. 

PROPOSED:  Mr J Blackmore 

SECONDED:  Mr G Langford

DECISION: passed (all in favour)


4.                  Public Participation

4.1       A member of the public commented that the roads around the parish were in a poor state,                      with the road from the parish hall to Hidewood Farm particularly bad.  County Councillor Ray Radford confirmed that he would be visiting the parish with Highways Neighbourhood Officer, Willy Pike, to inspect the roads.  Clerk to provide Councillor Radford with a list of problems and Councillor Radford to inform clerk when the visit will take place so that a parish councillor may accompany them.





5.                   Planning

Permission granted noted for:-

5.1       16/01657/FULL. Erection of a two storey extension.  Ashcott, Battle Street, Clayhidon.

5.2       16/01867/HOUSE.  Erection of two storey extension and first floor dormer window extension to dwelling and conversion and extension to garage to form games room and first floor storeroom.  Shalom, Clayhidon.

5.3       16/01848/FULL.  Erection of extension and change of use of agricultural land to form additional parking area.  Village Hall, Battle Street, Clayhidon.

Appeal allowed for:-

5.4         17/00134/FULL. Appeal against enforcement notice 15/00075/NBRE for change of use of land to include stationing of caravan for residential occupation to cease when appellant no longer occupies the premises.  Wiltown Mobile Home, Clayhidon.  Following this appeal decision the clerk to send letter to Mrs Board confirming the parish council gives her permission to access her property over the parish council owned land at Wiltown Green.














6.                   Matters Arising

6.1             ‘Unsuitable for HGVs’ signs – A discussion ensued about the best place to locate the signs.  Mr R Drew will erect the signs around the parish and these will be reviewed.  

6.2             Hedge by churchyard – Mr M Bendle explained that work was necessary to cut the hedge, dig out the wire within the hedge and re-bank it.  The total works will cost approximately £1,250 and the pcc was hoping the parish council might contribute towards the works. 

PROPOSAL:  The pcc should come back to the parish council once the work has been completed with the intention that the parish council will look positively towards a contribution towards the overall cost.  

PROPOSED:  Mr G Langford 

SECONDED:  Mr J Blackmore

DECISION: passed (all in favour)

6.3             Defibrillators – following a family bereavement, the electrician will fit the defibrillators shortly.    

6.4             First Aid Training – The training will take place on Saturday 25th March.  The clerk already has more than the maximum of 12 people interested in attending.

6.5             Parish Hall Car Park Extension - Planning permission has been granted.  Clerk to liaise with Mr & Mrs Bendle reference legal agreement.  The clerk mentioned Phil May’s, Chairman of the Country & Western Club, kind offer of help with the car park extension.  Clerk to liaise with Mr R Kallaway.




















7.                  District Council Report

Councillor Frank Rosamond reported:-

Following a letter from a parishioner Councillor Rosamond wrote to Neil Parish MP about HGVs using inappropriate lanes in the parish.  There has been £3m investment into digital road map system  This matter is also being followed up by the Blackdown Hills Parish Network.  Councillor Rosamond has circulated an update on the latest position with regards to broadband in the area.  Work continues on the devolution concept.  MDDC has a budget shortfall of approximately £89k which may be made up from the new homes bonus.  There is a proposal that MDDC recruits two litter pickers on a year’s contract.    Mr G Langford congratulated Councillor Rosamond on his efforts to improve communication.


8.                 County Council Report

Councillor Ray Radford reported:-

We are near to fixing the Council Tax. About two months ago we were facing a £7.1m overspend with People`s Services and a £500k overspend on Place Services. We have taken drastic measures to reduce both of these deficits by an embargo on staff replacements and other measures, other than essential employees.  This is working and we will now be able to balance these budgets by the end of the year.


Place Services - we have turned the £500k deficit around to an £800 surplus; this has been brought about by better than expected performance on the Waste to Energy Plants at Exeter, where we put in 60,000 tonnes of waste and Plymouth, where we put in 53,000 tonnes of waste.  This saves us £115 per tonne from Landfill Charges which includes landfill tax; this will go up by another £8 per tonne this year.


We have our new Road Maintenance Company in place, Skanska.  When they fully take over, their maintenance contract will save us £980k per year together with other savings from reduced lighting and other efficiencies.


We are faced with a reduction in Government funding of £23.3million cut in grants.  By the end of next year they will have cut our grant by £267million.


Therefore we have no option but to increase the Council Tax by 1.99% (plus an increase for additional care for the elderly services).  Despite all of this, we will be able to deliver a balanced budget.  We are a well-run Council and in safe hands and because of this the Government has awarded us with £7million funding towards roads, which we will ring fence for rural areas. We are one of only 10 Authorities in England that qualify for this, because we have a good Highway Asset Management Plan.

Councillors Rosamond & Radford left the meeting.


9.                 Finance

9.1      Income & Expenditure




VAT reclaim



Locality Grant towards car parking


1.      1



Election costs



D Evans

Wages and expenses (Oct-Dec)





Bank Reconciliation

Community a/c


Business Manager







PROPOSAL:  that the income is agreed and the above cheque is paid.   

PROPOSED:   Mrs A Weekes

SECONDED:  Mr G Langford

 DECISION: passed.  (all in favour) 


10.             Clerk Report

10.1     Clayhidon Sign – a parishioner has asked why the sign adjacent to the pub has not been replaced.  The clerk explained that Highways did not have a budget to replace it and the parish council felt it was not a good use of its own funds to meet the costs of replacement.   

10.2    Highways Enhance Fund – the clerk made everyone aware of a new fund.  Clerk to submit application for road warden equipment.  Clerk to liaise with Chris Houghton.    

10.3    TAP Fund – the deadline for applications is 28th February.  Clerk to submit a bid for funds towards additional car park at parish hall.







11.             Annual Parish Meeting

To be held on Monday 20th March at 7.30pm.  In a change to previous years, instead of groups making a presentation at the Annual Parish Meeting, the clerk will ask clubs and groups to submit a report which will be made into a pack to take away from the meeting.  James Maben, Natural Futures Project, will be invited to make a presentation.  John Dawe, Chairman of MDDC, will be invited to make a presentation on life in rural MDDC.  Tea and cake will be provided.  Clerk to ask Clayhidon Friends to provide.  


12.             Highways

 The clerk has received a request for parish lengthsman works to be completed near Graddage Farm.  This to be added to the list but is low priority.  The parish lengthsman has completed 50 hours of work since inception.  Clerk to clarify if Chris Houghton, lengthsman, is willing to take on private work paid for by individual parishioners and, if so, publicise this.


13.             Footpaths

Mrs S Hay updated the group on progress at Wiltown Turbary.  It is hoped that the BH Natural Futures project will get some funding for this to become one of its community nature projects.  Volunteers will be needed to help clear away some of the laurel.  Mr G Langford to keep the parishioners who adjoin the turbary informed of the proposed works.   






14.             Blackdown Hills Parish Network

Nothing to report.


15.             Clayhidon Charity & Mary Parsons Gift Trust

The clerk is waiting for the Churchstanton trustee to contact her.  It is hoped that a meeting will be arranged during February. 




16.             Correspondence

16.1    Thank you letter from Tiverton & District Community Transport association noted. 

16.2    Thank you letter from St Andrews Church noted.

16.3    MDDC Local Plan Review noted.


17.             Items raised by Chairman

Nothing to report.


18.             Items raised by Councillors

18.1     Mrs A Weekes will organise a litter pick.  Clerk to provide her with necessary pack from MDDC.

18.2     It was noted that the Merrier Harriers pub is outside of Clayhidon parish and it is unclear what will happen to it.

18.3     Jewells Farm – several enquiries have been made to councillors about the relevant planning permission for developments at Jewells Farm.  Clerk confirmed that the full details are on the Mid Devon website



19.             Date of next meeting planning meeting Monday 13th March, if required.  Annual Parish Meeting on Monday 20th March 7.30pm and full council meeting Monday 10th April 7.30pm.



Meeting closed at 9.30pm