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February 19, 2018

Minutes of Clayhidon Parish Council Meeting

 held in the Parish Hall at 7.30pm on Monday 19th February 2018



1.                  Present 

Mr R Kallaway (Chair), Mr M Bendle, Mr J Blackmore, Mr R Drew, Mrs S Hay, Mr G Langford, Mrs A Weekes, Mr F Rosamond (District Councillor), Councillor R Radford (County Councillor), Mrs D Evans (Parish Clerk), Richard Olive (Gigaclear), Andy Nicks (Devon Highways), Matt Barrow (Connecting Devon & Somerset), Mike Channing (MGM Contractors), Graham Long (Upottery Parish Councillor) and members of the public.


The chairman proposed that item 7 was moved up the agenda.

7.                  Gigaclear/Highways

Richard Olive (Gigaclear), Andy Nicks (Devon Highways), Matt Barrow (Connecting Devon & Somerset), and Mike Channing (MGM Contractors) attended the meeting to give an update on how the installation of superfast broadband was progressing.  There have been some teething problems but these have been resolved.  The public commented how approachable the contractors have been and how they appreciated the efforts the contractors have made to resolve any issues.  Andy Nicks confirmed that surveys will be done 6 months after the installation is complete and again after 2 years and Gigaclear will be asked to carry out remedial works if necessary.  It was suggested that the parish waits until the installation is complete before reporting any issues/potholes and usual highway issues.  Graham Long, Upottery Parish Councillor, confirmed that Gigaclear had completed the installation in Upottery and the village was enjoying speeds of 100mbps.

Questions were asked about the use of concrete manhole covers.  It was recommended that any problems should be reported to Highways in the usual way.  Matt Barrow confirmed that Connecting Devon & Somerset will be launching a new set of vouchers in the next few weeks. 


2.                  Declarations of Interest

Agenda item 5.2 – Mr Bendle has a personal interest as he is related to the applicants.  Mr Blackmore has a personal interest as he knows the applicants and has previously used the services of one of the applicants.      

Agenda item 5.3 – Mr Kallaway has a pecuniary interest as he is the applicant.  He will leave the room and not participate in this item.  


3.                  Minutes from previous meetings

PROPOSAL:  The council minutes of the meeting of 11th December 2017 are approved.     

PROPOSED:  Mr Blackmore 


DECISION: passed (all in favour)


4.                  Public Participation

The following were reported/raised:-

4.1      The poor state of the road surface from the Parish to Hidewood was reported.  It was suggested that this is not taken up with Highways until after Gigaclear have finished installation of the superfast broadband.  Clerk to report.     






5.                   Planning

Applications considered for:-

5.1             17/01979/FULL.  Land at NGR 317450 110777 Tickle Penny, Clayhidon.  Retention of mixed use building comprising farm workshop, storage, water reservoir, smokery, cold store and food processing area, farm office, welfare facilities, kennels and stables.

PROPOSAL:  The parish council does not support the application and makes the following comments:-   The applicant must prove a need for such a building.  Is the site suitable?  The area is called Hole Moor for good historic reasons - low quality land fit for not much else than seasonal grazing on poor grass, woodland and scrub.  It is not fit for high intensity agricultural use, nor large enough to sustain outdoor rearing and maintenance of stock.  The proposed introduction of significant amounts of concrete and man-made building materials will have a detrimental impact on the environment.  Consequential light pollution in this uninhabited area would destroy an otherwise dark area in the AONB.  The only access for vehicular traffic is along a rough track which until now has only been used on an occasional basis by tractors while haymaking, fencing, etc.  It is not suitable for continual use by ordinary 4-wheel drive vehicles nor for the vans that would be required for delivery of the proposed high quality produce.  The proposed design is tall, warehouse-like in style, and not agricultural shed or barn- like.  Some form of power supply would be required for the food processing suggested and none exists at present.  Thus a line of poles, a PV panel array or wind turbine would be required.

PROPOSED:    Mr Langford 

SECONDED:   Mr Blackmore

DECISION: passed.  (all in favour). 

5.2             18/00044/HOUSE.  Gladhayes, Clayhidon.  Erection of detached garage.

PROPOSAL:  the parish council supports the application.

PROPOSED:    Mr Blackmore 

SECONDED:   Mrs Weekes

DECISION: passed.  (all in favour). 

Mr Kallaway left the meeting

5.3             18/00130/FULL.  Harts Farm, Clayhidon.  Erection of a general purpose agricultural building.

PROPOSAL:  the parish council supports the application.

PROPOSED:    Mr Drew 

SECONDED:   Mr Blackmore

DECISION: passed.  (all in favour). 

Mr Kallaway returned to the meeting

Permission granted noted for:-

5.4       17/01570/FULL.  Wiltown Farm, Clayhidon.  Change of use of land and conversion of former agricultural building to form 1 dwelling.

5.5       17/01869/HOUSE.  Crockers Farm, Hemyock.  Erection of first floor extension and re-roofing of building.

5.6       17/01870/LBC.  Crockers Farm, Hemyock.  Listed Building Consent for the erection of first floor extension, re-roofing of building and internal alterations.

5.7       17/01861/FULL.  The Gallop, Clayhidon.  Erection of a general purpose agricultural building.

Application refused noted for:-

5.8       17/01453/FULL.  Kingsmead Centre, Clayhidon.  Erection of a dwelling (100sqm) including camp site reception facilities (58sqm).

The applicants thanked the parish council and District Councillor Rosamond for their support.  They are working on a new design to re-submit.  


6.                   Matters Arising

6.1              Meeting with Highways – the clerk has heard back from Neil Parish’s office.  They will be arranging a meeting soon with Devon & Somerset Highways, Blackdown Hills parishes and some local companies to discuss HGVs using inappropriate lanes.  Clerk was asked to email Paul Downes (Highways) and Councillor Radford about the lack of signage at the top of Rosemary Lane and advise that Rosemary Lane Cross signpost directs vehicles right towards Gladhayes instead of left on to Callers Lane.  Clerk was asked that the gradient sign be re-erected at top of Rosemary Lane, opposite Grays Lane.  Post meeting it was discovered that it had been re-installed! 

6.2              Litter Pick – please join the team on Sunday 25th March at 2pm at Parish Hall.  Sticks and sacks will be provided.







8.                   District Council Report

Councillor Frank Rosamond reported:-

Tiverton Market Environmental Strategy has been approved to reduce waste, increase recycling and reduce the carbon footprint of the market with a series of initiatives.  Local Plan review is going out for consultation shortly.  MDDC has been successful in its bid for funds from the Housing Infrastructure Fund (£18.2M) for investment in Junction 28 and A361. 


9.      County Council Report

Councillor Ray Radford reported:-

Clerk will circulate copy of full report.  Councillor Radford reminded the meeting of his Locality Budget which for the next financial year has an extra £10,000 (this is from unspent airport monies which have been re-distributed to each member).    


10.             Finance

10.1      Income, Expenditure & bank reconciliation







Vat reclaim



From charity towards Wiltown Turbary costs



DCC/AONB grant monies claimed for Wiltown Turbary






GPM Countryside Services




D Evans

Clerk’s wages and expenses (Oct-Dec)



R Kallaway

Hedging plants for car park extension



Viridor Waste Management

P Hall grant towards roof



D G Weekes

Website hosting



Blackdown Hills Parish Network








*already paid, to be ratified



Community a/c


Business Manager






PROPOSAL:  that the income is agreed and the above cheques/payments are paid/agreed.  PROPOSED:    Mr Langford 

SECONDED:   Mr Bendle

DECISION: passed.  (all in favour). 


11.             Clerk Report

11.1    PCSO Tracey Peters sent the following report:-  There were no crimes and just three incidents reported.  These included dealing with a missing person and a report of 40 sheep on the road.  

11.2    The clerk has circulated information reference the planning training sessions available from MDDC.   Please let clerk know if you wish to attend. 

11.3     The clerk has been successful in her bid for funds from the Transparency Code Fund to purchase a new scanner.  She has updated the asset register.

11.4    Defibrillator training was held at Half Moon last month.  Many thanks to Lynda Higgins for hosting.

11.5     The 1st Wellington Scouts has signed a new licence for Grays Quarry which expires October 2018.

11.6       Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Monday 30th April at 7.30pm, Parish Hall.  James Maben, Culm Community Crayfish project, will attend and provide an update.  Clerk will ask clubs and organisation to send report for information pack. 

11.7         The clerk has applied to the Highways Community Enhancement Fund for a grant towards equipment for the parish lengthsman.
















12.             Schedule of Meetings for 2018

It was agreed that the parish council will meet at the Church Rooms from May – September whilst work is undertaken at the hall and then return to Parish Hall from October. 


13.             Highways

 13.1    Clerk to remind parishioners of number to report pothole etc. 

13.2    A number of hedges encroaching on to roads were reported.  Clerk to write to landowners. 




14.             Footpaths

14.1     It was reported that posts have been installed at the entrance to Routy Lane, making it impossible for vehicles to access to remove large trees etc.  Clerk to report to DCC.




15.             Blackdown Hills Parish Network

Nothing to report.


16.             Wiltown Turbary

The works have been completed and the grant monies have been claimed and paid.


17.             Clayhidon Charity & Mary Parsons Gift Trust

Nothing to report.


18.             Correspondence

18.1     Email requesting support for Culmstock’s TAP fund application for £1,000 towards refurbishment of Village Hall bar.

PROPOSAL:  the parish council supports Culmstock’s TAP fund application for £1,000 towards the village hall bar refurbishment.

PROPOSED:    Mr Langford 

SECONDED:   Mr Blackmore

DECISION: passed.  (all in favour). 

18.2    Email asking to consider the appointment of Robert Pike as the Smeatharpe Village Hall representative. 

PROPOSAL:  the parish council nominates Robert Pike as the Smeatharpe Village Hall representative.

PROPOSED:    Mr Langford 

SECONDED:   Mr Blackmore

DECISION: passed.  (all in favour). 

18.3     Email offering domain name for $97.  

PROPOSAL:  the parish council does not wish to purchase the domain name.

PROPOSED:    Mr Blackmore 

SECONDED:   Mr Langford

DECISION: passed.  (all in favour). 

18.4     Email from cycling club requesting use of church field on 22/23 June 2018.

PROPOSAL:  the parish council gives permission to the cycling club to camp overnight on 22/23 June in the church field.

PROPOSED:    Mr Blackmore 

SECONDED:   Mr Langford

DECISION: passed.  (all in favour). 

18.5     Blackdown Hills Parish Network annual subscription £80

PROPOSAL:  the parish council subscribes to the parish network for 2018/2019.

PROPOSED:    Mrs Weekes 


DECISION: passed.  (6 for, 1 against). 

18.6     Healthwatch Voices – winter edition noted.

18.7     Letter of thanks from St Andrews Church ref grant noted.

18.8     Thank you letter from Tiverton & District Community Transport ref grant noted.

18.9     Email noted from parishioners expressing how impressed they were with the contractors working for Gigaclear and that they were informative, helpful and had done a superb job in tidying and replacing the banks.

10.10   Email from a parishioner reporting that butchered raw meat had been dumped over a bridge between Hidewood Farm & Billets.  It has been reported to the Environment Agency and Trading Standards.  Clerk asked to report to the Animal & Plant Health Agency.









































19.         Items raised by Chairman

Nothing to report.


20.             Items raised by Councillors

Nothing to report.


21.             Date of next meeting Planning Meeting Monday  12th March (if needed) or full council meeting Monday 9th April 2018 at 7.30pm 



Meeting closed at 9.45pm