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February 2006, minutes of public meeting of Clayhidon Parish Council

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Public Meeting was held on 22nd February 2006 in the Church Room for a presentation on the “Definitive Map Review for Clayhidon”.



     Mr G Langford, Parish Footpath Co-ordinator; Mrs E Spurway & Mrs H Buckingham D.C.C. Footpath Officers; 12 other interested persons and Mr MC Osmond, clerk.


Mr Langford welcomed the officers who then gave details on background for review and the procedure.  This was now to check on paths/bridleways use and details of route for confirmation if changes needed; Any left off the map for inclusion after being checked and confirmed.  Record any upgrading or downgrading of existing right-of-ways.  Noted it needs of the Court Order to remove from Definitive Map, not being used no reason to remove.  The Definitive Map was a legal record of existence of public right-of-way.  It had two parts: a) Map reference b) Statement, description of way and status.  This was followed by questions from those present.  Who was responsible for the path etc., surface?  Noted this was highways.  Some maintenance could be local and highways for footpaths, hedges trimming/ditch clearing.  For diversions the landowners agreement was required ie. green sand.  The Neroche project was touched upon, more details to be published on this.  After the questions session, the presentation was ended with thanks to those attending.