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February 2010, Clayhidon Parish Council

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 15th February 2010 at the Church Room, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Planning applications were discussed:-


1.           Erection of agricultural building, Hunters Lodge.

2.           Wind Turbine, Great Garlandhayes.

3.           Extension at The Old Forge, Rosemary Lane



Mr MJ Hudson, Acting Chairman; Miss J Ward; Mr RJ Pike; Mr ME Bendle; Mr RM Kallaway; Parishioners Dr J Cogswell & Mrs Cogswell, Mrs M Hutchings, G Clarke, H Bidwell, K & P Hopper, M & N Weller, D Wallace, Mrs S Johns, E Carpenter, Mrs P Reynolds, Mr R Jeffery, Mr & Mrs J Long, Mr B Jacobs, Mr R Heydon, Mr R Brown, Mrs B Wilmer, Mrs S Doggett, Mr & Mrs C Hoare, M & H Criddle, Mr D Higgins, Mrs N Woodgate, Mr B Clowney, Mr M Barclay, Mr N Carter, Mrs H Seddon, Mrs S Barclay plus three other parishioners attending, 35 in total and Mr MC Osmond, clerk in attendance.



            Apologies were given for Mr AFJ Redwood and Mr G  Langford.


            On opening the meeting Mr Hudson welcomed all those present and gave outline of planning applications to be discussed and response to be made within the time limit given.


Application for the erection of an agricultural building at Hunters Lodge Farm; noted this was to replace a recently weather damaged building; it would be smaller in size than present building and to be used as workshop. The Chairman was then informed that this application was now withdrawn by Mrs S Johns, attending.


Application for extension by Mr & Mrs Howe at The Old Forge, Rosemary Lane. Noted this was for a revised scheme. After viewing the plans and discussion, members raised no objections to the application.


Movement of Wind Turbine to new site of 30 metres eastward from present proposed site at Great Garlandhayes Farm by Mr G Langford. Chairman stated this arose from response by Natural England, as present site was in the flight path of bats. Members discussed this proposal as it put the mast nearer to dwelling of K & P Hopper. Mr Pike stated of device that could be fitted to mast to deflect away bats. Members concerned the mast could be moved to be closer to dwellings and any possible noise then closer, possible that noise attenuation to be considered to be within noise limits. Concern that welfare of any bats given priority over humans. The Chairman then opened the meeting to those present for comments before making the Parish Council response. Dr Cogswell acted as a spokesman for those living near and around site. His own mast details given to compare with the application. Concern over the total size of mast and blades, now proposed 30 metres eastward, this meant dwelling within 100 metres of site. Noise details given difficult to relate to known noise ie tractor as dwellings downwind of mast therefore carried to them. As there was a gearbox on mast could it produce noise at a low level? was asked. There were no general policy guidelines from local District Councils on what was acceptable or not. Details so far indicated they acted differently. He requested the Parish Council again reconsider the possible noise factor in any response and height as this was residents main concern. The request was made for the response made from the meeting held 11 January. This the Chairman read to the meeting. He stated that if parishioners had concerns they should write to Planning dept in the first instance then informe Parish Council of their views. Parish Council response was like an overview of application taking into consideration views expressed. Parishioners spoke of the mast being too large for use at Great Garlandhayes. The chairman responded that Parish Council had to make response as to the application details received. Questions on decibel  levels raised in regards to low and high sound level, Chairman replied that this was outside of the knowledge of Parish Council. A parishioner present with some sound engineering knowledge spoke of sound levels at some major music events. The Chairman concluded that what ever the noise levels, it was a technical matter for the Planning department. If the application was granted in its present form now closer to dwellings could this not give rise to more applications? was asked. Chairman replied that each application was considered on its own merits and any would be given close scrutiny before decision made. Points raised on number giving support to application at a previous meeting at parishioners present stated they had written objecting. Noted that AONB could have masts erected in them. Some parishioners stated they would have attended meeting on 11 January not aware further response needed to changes. Chairman stated posters had been placed around Parish with the "Turbine" on the agenda. C Hopper raised point that data being collected and published that turbines had caused interference to TV reception. The chairman noted the source of this data but was not able to make any comment. Request arising from posters at Bar Park of meetings for noticeboard more in Wiltown area as not a road used greatly by local residents. The Chairman then thanked parishioners present for their comments and closed the public part of the meeting. Councillors discussed the findings expressed to Council, of perceived noise levels, the height and blade length, the prevailing wind blowing Southwest across to dwellings. The chairman agreed to draft these concerns with views of Parish Council as expressed in past in letter to pass around for comment prior to making response to Planning dept. The meeting was then closed.