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January 2003 Clayhidon Parish Council Minutes

Matters arising
Mr Purvis
Bradbeers planning
Jubilee Plaque
Post Office
Public meeting
Hall Grant
Information Act
Mrs H Seddon
Hill Farm
Mr J Berry
Clayhidon Parish Council
A Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 13th January 2003 in the Parish
Hall, Clayhidon at 7.30 pm.
The following Business was brought before the council:-
1. Confirmation of Minutes of previous meeting.
2. Matters arising from the Minutes.
3. Payment of Accounts.
4. Precept 2003/2004
5. Correspondence.
6. General Business.
Mr ME Bendle, Chairman, Mr MJ Hudson, Mr RJ Pike, Mr G Langford,
Miss J Ward, Mr AF Redwood, Mr R. M. Kalloway, Mr J. Berry - County
Councillor, Mr F. J. Rosamond - District Councillor, Mr N. Carter - parishioner,
Mr Osmond - Clerk.
The chairman welcomed members and visitors to meeting and noted the new
Minutes formats prepared by Mr D Hortop, all pleased with details and all agreed
minutes correct and book signed.
Mr Langford full Parish Councillor, notice received from Mid Devon Council.
No correspondence received on "use of land".
Notice not received but the chairman stated that it had been refused, he had
attended meeting, the decision was discussed as new application met refusal points
on previous application. Decision details enlarged by Mr Rosamond - "District
council" -- planning policy had not been correctly followed and had been
reprimanded for this, now not flexible. Mr Kalloway proposed letter to Mid
Devon as not happy with decision as application not treated as prior application,
building not worth preserving was subjective, seconded by Mr Pike, all agreed.
The district auditor had passed the accounts year end 2002, no matters raised.
Mr Hudson gave brief report, matter well in hand details agreed with Hall.
No correspondence received offering new site.
Miss Ros Davies had agreed to come to public meeting on 17th February at 7:30
PM at parish hall. Chairman agreed to contact Hemyock PC for their paths
representative. Mr Pike would prepared some posters.
Letter of thanks received from Hall Committee for grant made to them.
Clerk received Notice from Commissioner, Parish Council approved, four years
granted, then to apply again.
Arising from special meeting held to discuss this application and for Lower
Grays, notice had been received that stable block had been moved a little nearer
the house without any changes. No reply had been sent to this. No decision
received on this or Lower Grays extension. The Chairman raised to members, if
meeting night kept to same Monday of month then any free one could be used for
any planning applications received., no objections raised
Mr Carter asked questions on Hill Farm as his land adjoined site, Vice Chairman
spoke of meetings attended and views of Mid Devon Licence committee.
A subcommittee of Chairman, Mr Hudson and Mr Redwood had met and toured
with Mr A Mitchard and Mr R Wrigley (highways) to inspect the roads of parish,
details of faults found and when or what could be done presented to members, also
missing signs and the length of time to replace raised. After the list given read,
work to be done was asked to be prioritised by the Parish Council. Subcommittee
to meet again to do this agreed.
A short report on D. C. C. business was given and the main important business
was on the budgets, with difficult decisions to make.
Minutes of meeting held 2003/01/13
Precept 2003/2004
Mr F Rosamond
Dist. Councillor
General Business
The following payments were proposed by Mr Langford and seconded by Miss Ward and agreed
Mrs S Aldworth Audit £ 25.00
D.A.P.C. Posters £ 9.00
Mr M Bendle Gates etc. Hidon Wood £ 171.02
Details of payments made and balance expected at year end were made by clerk, income £10,300 this included £2,200 from Jubilee events income, opening balance £4351.00 and precept £3500. Expenses Jubilee £2,327.85 & General account around £2,800.00 expected at year end balance £5,400.00. Noted in 2003 Parish Council’s election year £550.00 to pay with planned expenses around £2,900.00. Precept calculation sheet on properties in Parish from Mid Devon noted by members on band "D" basis. After general discussion on funds, proposed by Mr Kalloway seconded by Mr Pike and agreed by all precept of £4000. Noted payments of £55 at source to Devon Ass’n P. Councils.
Letter from the Blackdown Support Group seeking a donation to help funds. This was discussed by members also their source and raising of funds and if they could raise income more from such as car transport. Agreed to contact Mr Brian Simpson after vote, for more details and put on hold for next meeting. Mid Devon details of District Service Officers, (dog warden, fly tipping, car parks, play areas, letter, public toilets). Police report and questionnaire, guide to heart of Devon 2003. Notice of Grants for Play Areas. Blackdown Hills Rural Partnership -- Woodland Forum 5th February Luppitt. Recycle guide to Waste collection services in the Mid Devon. Questionnaire on budget priorities for savings from Mid Devon, Vice Chairman to complete.
Permission Mrs Govier Wiltown, replacement windows on listed building.Permission Mr P. Lumb, Woodhayes, erection of two-storey extension.
The management of budgets in relation to targets was main business of District Council, because of deficit increase needed . Best Value review in hand. Members allowances had been increased. Agenda of the next Area Committee given. Notice of Local Plan Alteration was now published but there were no changes for Clayhidon. Thanked for details.
Miss Ward drew attention and members discuss the dumped cars at Smeatharpe, noted that owner of land was not owner of cars, details to Environment Department.
Next meeting 17th March, and Annual Parish meeting 31st March, both at Hall. Mr Pike agreed to prepare and display poster for public meeting on Footpaths and also Miss Ward would put details in next issue of "Pump".
Mr Langford, Great Garlandhayes Farm, conversion of building to dwelling. Mr Langford left the meeting as his application was discussed. After discussion on the plans of which it was thought more details could have been shown, it was proposed by Mr Kalloway seconded by Mr Redwood and agreed by all as no objections made, Parish Council will give their support for permission. As there was no other business the Chairman closed the meeting.
Minutes of meeting held 2003/01/13