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January 2004

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 12th January 2004 at the Church Room, Clayhidon at 7.30 pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-

1.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.           Matters arising from the minutes

3.           Payment of accounts  -  Hall Grant

4.           Precept 2004/2005

5.           Correspondence

6.           General business



Mr ME Bendle- Chairman, Mr MJ Hudson, Mr RJ Pike, Mr G Langford, Mr RM Kallaway, Miss J Ward, Mr AFJ Redwood, Mr F Rosamond- District Councillor, Mr & Mrs G Dewick, Mr David Pugsley- Leader of Mid Devon District Council.


An apology was given from Mr J. Berry- County Councillor.

On opening the meeting the Chairman welcomed those present and thanked Miss Ward for the coffee served.


Minutes of Meeting 10th November and 3rd December were taken as read, confirmed and signed (Copies having been previously circulated).

Matters arising

Audit Paper -- Mr Langford had sent details to Mrs H. Browning MP but she was not able to change it; and noted the details.

Parish Website

Mr Langford stated the Website was up and running and gave details and style of content and contacts.


Mr Langford spoke of open meeting 13th January from 6 pm to 8 pm when maps and other details on parish footpaths could be seen.  It was planned to clear Kilbridge Lane at Bolham.  Details of path at Ridgewood Farm confirmed.  The site for display of parish footpaths was discussed as it was thought the Parish Hall was best for viewing.  Mr Redwood agreed to provide details of suitable holder for map.  Thanks given to Mr Langford for details.

Smithy Lane/ Wiltown Homes

A reply from Mr J. Guscott was noted, no enforcement officer at present -- delay in full detailed reply.  Agreed raise at next meeting.

Mary Waldron Charity

Mr Kallaway stated one application for grants received, in regard to Chairman of Trustees, matter still in hand, no further details.

Glebe Gate

The Clerk reported the thanks of Mr T. Ashton for cheque received in regard to the repairs he did to the broken Glebe field gate.

Appeal Mr and Mrs R. Blackmore

The Chairman gave a short report on the planning appeal at Tiverton for Mr and Mrs R. Blackmore, noted informal in style, all parties able to comment and thought it was very thorough professional hearing, the case brought by Mr B. James he thought was weak in places, and concluded with the site visit to buildings.


Proposed by Mr Pike and seconded by Mr Redwood and agreed (Mr Hudson noted his declared interest) grant to Clayhidon Parish Church £300.00: Proposed by Miss Ward and seconded by Mr Pike and agreed grant of £25.00 to Hemyock Parochial Church Council for "Pump" magazine expenses.

The Chairman read an appeal letter from Mrs Ann Smith of Blackdown Support Group for money, as other grants made had been reduced and they wished to continue the many services they provide.  Proposed by Mr Kallaway seconded by Mr Hudson and agreed by all a grant of £250.00

Precept 2004/05

The clerk read details of expenses to date and possible balance, noted also known expenses for 2005.  These were noted and discussed.  Mr Hudson proposed a precept of £4000 as of 2003, this was seconded by Miss Ward and agreed by members no other proposals put forward.

Uffculme School "Status Change"

Mr Pike had received from Mrs B. Hill a letter of appeal for funds to improve the status of Uffculme School in the certain subjects and needed to raise £50,000, as Mr Rosamond was present, more background was given to members.  After general discussion proposed by Mr Kallaway seconded by Mr Pike and agreed by members of grant of £250.00 be made.  Clerk to write of grant, being made later in the year.

Mr D Pugsley, Council Tax Survey.

The Chairman welcomed him to speak on the survey being done and members went through the question as to the effects of any cuts made and money saved.  He urged the Parish Council to make an official reply as District Council had made two important decisions.  1) Wages not to rise more than inflation.  2) Council Tax not to rise more than 2.3%.  Areas covered in questionnaire -- leisure charges -- car parking -- Tiverton Crediton cemeteries -- local improvement schemes -- grants -- tourism brochures.  Other comments/suggestions were invited in conclusion.  Noted new offices were open and departments were moving in.  Official opening in April of £5.9 million building members welcomed to visit.  Mr Pugsley invited members to walk part of District boundary with him on the second Sunday each month with him next 8th February starting at Whitehall.  In conclusion the Chairman and thanked him for his visit and to be able to put views on the Council tax decisions.

Correspondence/General business, Buddhafield

Noted notice of application received for festival again in 2004 and this was discussed by members, further details from Mr G. Dewick. Review of application to be made in February by District Council.  No Tribe of Doris application made at present.  Members agreed to comment as previous from file to Buddhafield, noting the cost to District Council for staff involved, visits made and the overtime rates paid when District Council wished to keep costs down and in budget.

5 Houses, Hidonfields

Noted no decision made on application but correspondence had been made between District Council and the applicant of which Mr Rosamond gave details on the issues that had been made, and suggestion it should be withdrawn to then answer the issues raised, possible meeting with Parish Council to take forward.

Refuse Collection.

Mr Rosamond had no firm details if an alternate collection was planned but members expressed point only service received, and wished it to continue.

Bulky Refuse

Noted some items of bulky refuse from kitchen of the Half Moon Inn by roadside for some time need to be removed, clerk contact Mr V. Pring


A general discussion was made on roads in need of attention, gutters, ditches and potholes, the Chairman noted these from members to bring to attention of Mr W. Pike highways.  The clerk to write to Mr Mitchard in regard to flooding Millview.


Noted they had been a number thefts of property recently, no details or warning in the area had been given to Neighbourhood Watch Advisors.

Footpath 29 Diversion

Notice of Order received and copy for diversion of public footpath at Culm View, Ridgewood Hill.  "Local Forum" venue 21st January at Crediton noted with further five in district planned.  Notice of District Council new address at Phoenix House, Phoenix Lane, Tiverton EX16 6PP, Phone number to remain for all as 01884 255255.  Copy of "Village Green" and Blackdown Hills 2004 to 2009 management plan draft 2003 received.  DCC monthly newsletter is and copy of Local Government Funding settlement 2004/5 DCC grant increased 4.2 % (£15 million) average County rise in country 5.3% of which government has "ring-fenced" £14.2 million for school, therefore shortfall in other services £824,000, being now £400,000 less on roads and present current year spend.  The DCC to regain shortfall need rise of 12.5%.  Copy of "Local Council Review".  Copy of Devon "Cycling Trails".

Planning Notices

Approval of Full Planning to Mr N. J. Frewin, Damson Cottage, Smeatharpe- erection of double garage, log store and domestic workshop.

Meeting Dates

Agreed date of next meeting 15th March and Annual Parish Meeting on 29th March after which the Chairman closed the meeting and thanked those present for attending.