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January 2005

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 10th January 2005 at the Parish Hall, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.           Matters arising from the minutes

3.           Payment of Accounts

4.           Precept 2005/2006

5.           Correspondence

6.           General business



     Mr ME Bendle, Chairman; Mr MJ Hudson; Mr RJ Pike; Mr G Langford; Miss J Ward; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mr RM Kallaway; Dist. Councillor, Mr F Rosamond; County Councillor, Mr EJ Berry; parishioners, Mr RJ Drew, Mr & Mrs A Hill, Mrs S Lee and Mr MC Osmond, clerk.


On opening the Meeting the Chairman welcomed those present.



     The Minutes of Meeting 8th November 2004 were taken as read (copies having been previously circulated), confirmed and signed.


Matters Arising Mr S Cracker, Enforcement - Planning

     A site meeting was held on 6 January with Mr Steve Cracker Enforcement Department, Mr G. Langford and clerk.  Mr Langford reported on sites visited, caravan Wiltown, Mr Napper site and caravan/building Smeathy Lane.  Each site photos taken and works outside of agreement noted, these would be followed up.  Noted enforcement is planning higher profile with five cases for action per Meeting.


Hall Grant

     Thanks given to clerk by hall treasurer Mrs R Jones for grant received.


Ring & Ride

     Letter received noting thanks for grant made by Parish Council.


Higher Hill

     Noted permission to Mr and Mrs Lee on dwelling details as seen at previous Meeting.


Hidon Fields

     The Chairman noted no correspondence from planning department and reported on details at present time, a glimmer of hope in the future.


Highways Budget

     Replies from E Chorlton, D.C.C. were read and noted, contents as expected.



Arts Grants

     Arising from budget review with cuts proposed a letter had been sent to Mid Devon expressing concern any cut in grant to "Villages in Action" which had put on a production at Parish Hall.  Mr Rosamond also gave details from Dist Council review of budgets, a reduction of £30,000 in grants.  Letter received from Paul Edwards read and noted.  Thanks given to Mrs Bee. Hill.


Bus shelter plaque

     Item for next meeting, clerk to check if any details of inscription plaque in minutes for any replacement.


Payments – Clayhidon Church

     Payment grant from Mid Devon for churchyard upkeep received, noted this was reduced from expected amount.  Amount of grant based on previous year with a further £10 reduction.  Grant proposed by Miss Ward and seconded by Mr Langford £400 and include Mid Devon £140 a total of £540.  Agreed by all. The following payments were proposed by Mr Hudson seconded by Mr Kallaway and agreed

Mr Langford

C. Risdon Footpath/Stiles

£     250.00

Uffculm School

Status Appeal

£     250.00



     The clerk gave details of years expenses and income noting the balance at end of the year.  These were compared with previous year balances.  This was followed by general discussion.  Noted clerk did not claim a mileage travel payment.  Members agreed clerk should note miles for payment.  Opening balance £9380.00 and Precept £4000 for 2004.  Expenses expected £3911.00 closing balance £5469.00.  Proposed by Miss Ward seconded Mr Kallaway £4400, Mr Pike seconded by Mr Langford proposed £4200; on a vote gathered by majority £4200 the Precept.



     The Chairman gave details of contact with Mrs M. Stallard for letters to support H.E.L.P. to obtain a grant.  Knowing of past support for this, a letter had been sent in support.  Highways department notice of road closure, Bridge House to Gladhayes for B.T. repairs, noted road repairs being done also from Gladhayes to Lilycombe.  Mid Devon housing strategy till 2006.  Blackdown Hills Rural Partnership, the Vice-Chairman gave short report on recent meeting business, also noted the working party would be visiting the Turbary as in past.  Notice by Somerset Highways of service repairs and cats eyes in road, arising out of accidents and black spots for road users on road from Wrangway to Eagle Tavern.  Noted Forches Corner in need of further signs to warn of dangers, details to Somerset Highways Department.


Risk Policy Council Finance

     Clerk had made copies of Financial Risk Policy as agreed following review by Vice Chairman, Chairman and clerk on sections relevant; proposed by Mr Pike seconded by Mr Kallaway be adopted and revised as and when needed for any changes. All agreed.  Early notice from forward planning of policy to be published, Mr Langford stated he viewed on web site, many pages would await normal copy to be received.  Standards Board's copies of Code of Conduct for Lobby Groups and dual hatted members, guidance for monitoring officers and standards committees. D.C.C. Parish Length's man scheme, cards to return to monitor quality of work done.  Copy of Village Green.



     Notice of Refusal for siting mobile home at Woodgate Farm, (Mrs Joseph) noted now moved to field below Ashcleave without permission.  Application by Mr R. Woolacott, extension to agricultural building, members viewed and reply sent, no objections.  Outline for agricultural workers dwelling Mr RJ Drew, Callers Farm, adjoining Shalom.  Mr Drew gave details supporting application.  Noted Greenslade Taylor Hunt had prepared detailed appraisal, which was viewed.  After discussion proposed by Mr Kallaway seconded by Mr Pike and agreed, Council give positive support towards being granted as business flow need justifiable.  Blackdown Hills Mission application for "Provision of Statutory Disabled W.C. & parking space, extension of car park area with fencing and bunded oil tank".  Mr Redwood gave more details to drawings being viewed.  Mr Osmond as owner of faith and Oak Cottages adjoining properties had three concerns. A.) Drainage of surface water, car park gradient.  B.) Need for screening in fencing as being close to cottages.  C.) siting of bunded oil tank.  Following general discussion members agreed to hold the site visit on 13th January at 10am with reps of Blackdown Mission.


General Business

     Mr Pike, on behalf of Mrs B. Hill, raised the status of sports facilities at Uffculme School as only one without modern sports hall.  Mr J. Berry gave more details on grants available if applied for.  Agreed letter should be sent to County Council to support Uffculme in bid to get funding, noted would be also used by sports groups in the local area, as at present limited facilities were available for local groups.


Footpath Surveys

     Mr Langford gave details of path surveys by D. C. C., who were to walk all the paths and then report on condition.  If local persons walk them this would only duplicate surveys.  Awaited D. C. C. reports as the work needed on any may be done by D. C. C. contractors.  Details available shortly on findings.  This was agreed.  Also noted the Blackdown Hills bridleway scheme now in operation.  Mr Redwood stated the parish map of footpath etc would be erected at hall by March - April.


State of Roads

     General discussion on state of roads and work proposed Gladhayes to Lilycombe.  Members noted road markings washed away, changed a bit of a mess, not best value for money to have to repeat.  Noted some roads verge ploughing done, others not touched.  Noted patching started and manholes left raised as road hazards.  The spring in road of Frenchnut Tree Lane was in need of box to drain away, not pothole filling again.  Not known if Deadbeer culvert would be included in repairs.  Noted a lot of material spread on Grays Lane and rolled to make good surface.  Chairman collected items for attention of Mr W. Pike highways.  Members agreed letter, stating needs of spring box and culvert repairs done in present programme, to A. Mitchard.


Mr F. Rosamond, District Councillor

     A short report was given on business.  A special meeting debate held -- possible criticism by Audit Commission if failure in giving services, structure improvement proposed.  Noted major cut required in budget, possible 4.1% increase next year.  Details on how the Riverside site should be developed had been debated.  Thanks given for report.


Mr J. Berry County Councillor

     Attention drawn to Parish Council planning response, details of case at Bradninch where positive response a major consideration in decision.  Poly tunnel composting by Viridor.  Gypsy/traveller sites provision, background details and decisions, noted very poor public relations between parties.  Council officers plans not known by Councillors prior to events.  Council Tax, debates on budgets ongoing and rate not set at present, seeking to hold at inflation level.  Mr Langford raised question on "Police Authority" accountability to parishes.  Mr Berry would obtain reply on this for next meeting.  Thanks were given for his report.

It was agreed date of next meeting at the hall 14th of March with the Annual Parish Meeting at 7:30pm on 21st of March 2005, after which the Chairman thanked those present for attending and closed the meeting.