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January 2005 site meeting

Clayhidon Parish Council


Minutes of Site Meeting held at Rosemary Lane, Blackdown Mission Chapel, 13th January 2005.

Purpose:-  To view the sites for response on application by Blackdown Hills Mission for planning permission to extend the car park and install a larger capacity bunded oil tank on land to the rear of Oak and Faith cottages, Rosemary Lane.



     Mr L. G. Redwood, Mr A. F. J. Redwood and Mr L. P. Burston of Blackdown Hills Mission.

Mr M. C.  Osmond, adjoining property owner (Oak and Faith Cottages).

Mr M. E. Bendle Chairman, Mr M. J. Hudson, Miss J. Ward, Mr G. Langford, Mr R. J. Pike and Mr R. M. Kallaway Clayhidon Parish Councillors.


     Opening the meeting Mr Bendle invited Mr G. Redwood to explain the planned car park extension and to identify its proposed location which was demonstrated by the means of a measuring tape.  Mr A. Redwood then indicated the location of the new oil tank as shown on the plans.  Mr Osmond then expressed his concerns regarding:-  

     1.) The impact of the parked cars on the view from his property.

     2.) The prospect of water from the car park on to his land.

     3.) The intrusion of the oil tank into the view from the house.


Messrs Redwood, Burston and Osmond were then asked to leave the meeting so that Councillors could discuss the application and agree their response to Mid Devon Council.  Following discussions it was agreed as follows, that the application be supported subject to the resolution of matters of concern raised by Mr Osmond.

a.) That the fence line of the car park should be suitably screened by planting.

b.) That a stone drain should be constructed along the eastern side of the car park discharging to the south west corner of the Mission property

c.) That the siting of the oil tank should be reconsidered so that is impact on the view from Faith Cottage be reduced and again it should be suitably screened.  These conclusions would be passed on to the Mission's representatives prior to the dispatch of the Parish Council's response.

These Minutes of meeting were taken by Mr M. J. Hudson Vice Chairman.  13/1/05