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January 2006, minutes of Clayhidon Parish Council

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 9th January 2006 at the Church Room, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.           Matters arising from the minutes

3.           Payment of Accounts

4.           Precept 2006 / 2007

5.           Correspondence

6.           General business



     Mr ME Bendle, Chairman; Mr MJ Hudson; Miss J Ward; Mr G Langford; Mr RJ Pike; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mr RM Kallaway; Mr FJ Rosamond, Dist. Councillor; Mr R Radford County Councillor; parishioners; Mrs B Percy; Mr N Carter; Mrs C Williams and Mr MC Osmond, clerk.


On opening the Meeting the Chairman gave a welcome to all present.



     Minutes of Meeting 15th November were taken as read, (copies having been previously circulated) confirmed and signed after, approval to Mr Grange, Greentree's, should have read agricultural building in place of boat storage.


Matters arising

     The Licence for domestic access across land at Wiltown corner now received.  Chairman read to members and the comments attached.  Discussion on points raised as not thought users would make any type of payment.  Chairman offered to contact his own solicitor for advice to proceed, this was proposed by Mr Hudson seconded by Mr Langford and agreed, as payment could arise.  Mr Langford thought that when bales moved by Mr Govier and before any other things placed on land, due to length of road frontage, a fence should be placed along this boundary.  After her general discussion & possible costs of a fence, agreed to leave open.  Noted the bales not moving very fast by Mr P Govier and letter to be sent with time limit agreed.


Mr Napper

     No correspondence had been received on decision of his appeal.


Mr and Mrs Drew, Callers

     The Chairman stated that this had gone to committee; Mr Langford had spoken on behalf of Parish Council and after long debate, permission granted.  Thanks given to Mr Langford for attending and speaking.


Bottle Bank

     Mr Rosamond stated of delay in installation of black box scheme which was to be extended to whole district, going to Committee for decision 19th January.




     No correspondence received from planning department on caravans as dwellings.


Churchyard Grant

     Arising from the return made a cheque for £140.00 received, noted the same as previous year, possible further cut in grant next year.


Gollick Park Planning

     The Vice-chairman stated that this had been withdrawn by Mr and Mrs Bendle and the reason was explained arising from delays at planning department and this would be submitted again for permission.


Definitive Map

     Mr Langford stated there was to be an open meeting in Church Room on 22nd February at 7.30pm, posters to be placed around to invite those interested.  D.C.C. staff present.


Refuse Bags

     Mr Pike stated this was still a problem with bags being torn open.  After a general discussion on options agreed clerk contact dog warden service for visit to Oakleigh  to catch or warn the owner.


Mr P. Edwards

     Agreed not to take forward and make invitation to attend.


District Councillor

     Mr Rosamond gave a short report on business.  Need to save £500,000 in budget and maintain services where possible.  Not keen to increase Council Tax rate.  Possible 5% increase had been quoted, but this had not been confirmed at present, savings needed in salaries/pensions despite rises.  Audit Commission made visit but their report had not been published, possible more to be done.  Thanks were given to him for his report.



     It was proposed by Miss J. Ward, seconded by Mr R. Pike the following payments be made and this was agreed by all.


Clayhidon Parochial Church Council

Churchyard Grant

£  540.00

Mr D. Prettejohn


£    90.00


The Chairman then raised the "Starfish Appeal" arising from the theft of funds after the event at Old Rectory.  A fund account had been set up for donations at the Halifax under the Parish Council, none would come into Parish Council's Accounts.  The matter was raised for consideration for possible grant.  Views expressed to Councillors from parishioners was that it was a great loss of income but not make a grant, the best thing for appeal was setting up the account for donations and thanks given to Chairman for this.


Precept 06/07

     The clerk gave details of end of the year balance and possible expenses for next year.  After general discussion was proposed by Mr Pike seconded by Mr Redwood and carried, a Precept of £4200 be made.



     A letter from Revd R. White on behalf of "Cameo Club" at Hemyock was read, present Church Room now too small for them and wished to use Millhayes old garages of St Ivel factory if permission from planning department could be obtained for change of use.  Hemyock Parish Council was supporting their plans.  They now wished to provide more services and there would be employment increase in staff.  Mr Hudson proposed and Mr Langford seconded this be supported.  This was agreed by all and a letter confirming support the planning be sent.



     Noted the A.O.N.B. now has a new Chairman and Mr Langford raised matter as it is the only body to decide, as an overview policy management group, to have a policy on type and duration of festivals in the area.  This was explained in more detail.  Mr Hudson would raise at next meeting to have this put on the agenda for full debate, there would then be a policy in place for reference.  Cllr Rosamond was also asked if possible for District Council to have a policy in place on duration of festivals for district.

     Mid Devon -- Core Strategy and Statement of Community Involvement, response forms.  Newsletter of Environment Agency and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  D.C.C. Waste Minerals planning -- statement of Community Involvement.  FW Pike copy of Windfarm Environmental Impact Assessment.  Citizens Advice Bureau -- details of training programme on Welfare Benefits was noted.  Mid Devon -- copy of Standards Committee Annual Report.  D.A.P.C. details of training courses for year at present planned.



     Application by Mr A. Edmund, Honiton, conversion of redundant poultry unit and demolition of others for erection of single dwelling.  Mr Hudson and Miss Ward left the Rome as having interest in application arising from water supplies from site.  Noted that time extension for reply had been given.  A letter to express the views of concern from Mr Hudson and Miss Ward was read.  As Mrs B. Percy of Fields Farm was present the Chairman opened meeting, she stated that first she was in favour in film and tidy up site, but as Bolham residents had well supplies some which came some distance anything which upset this possibility was a cause for concern, this had caused her to change her mind and not support as proposed that present.  Chairman noted while this was an important issue, planning details for response.  After general discussion agreed, not residential site, only intensive poultry use for limited time, the buildings not worthy of preservation, conversion or development.  Not between two bungalows as letter, and poor detail to envisage full impact of application and there are concerns that drainage works could affect water supplies.  This was proposed by Mr Kallaway seconded by Mr Redwood and carried.


County Councillor

     Thanks given to Mr Radford for attending who gave a short report on County Council, now busy with budget preparations for next two months as were 11% short on income = £15 million.  The Support Grant from governments changed in the form of payments as some were ring fenced thereby not able to top up other departments.  Noted cost for free transport for over 60’s would cost £6 million there was extra cash for roads but only for use in congested areas not rural areas.  Portion of Council Tax for County Council could increase to maintain services in County but government may cap if exceed their limit.  The closure of Orchard Lea home at Cullompton was proposed as in need of money spent on it to meet new standards.  Concerns raised at this as Clayhidon parishioners had used this facility.  Noted two homes to close in mid Devon this would affect the capacity of care home places available as not all could be cared for in the home, some in need of 24 hour attention.  Comments on this proposal were invited and the Parish Council agreed to make response, Vice-chairman to draft reply, as no alternative in place and running, before the closures taking place.

Footpath No 8

     Mr Langford reported that the diversion on No 8 for records now taking place.


General Business

     Mr Pike noted that now recent hedge trimming done in the area, the hedges in parish looking good, this was agreed by other members.

     It was noted that at the "Parish Quiz" the Parish Council won.


June event

     The Chairman had no further details on possible June event at Graddage.

     Agreed next meeting 6th March at Church Rome after which as there was no other business, the meeting was closed and members thanked for attending.