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January 2007, minutes of Clayhidon Parish Council

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 8th January 2007 at the Parish Hall, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.           Matters arising from the Minutes

3.           Payment of Accounts – Hall Grant

4.           Correspondence

5.           General business

6.           Charity Business



     Mr ME Bendle, Chairman; Mr MJ Hudson; Mr RJ Pike; Miss J Ward; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mr G Langford; Mr RM Kallaway; parishioners Mr R Jeffery; Mr S Roberts; Mr & Mrs W Smith and Mr MC Osmond, clerk.



     An apology was received from Mr FJ Rosamond, unable to attend.

     On opening the meeting the Chairman gave a welcome to all present and wished also those present a Happy New Year.  On noting Mr Rosamond was not able to be present as he had been in hospital, it was agreed by all "get well" wishes be sent to him by the clerk.



     Minutes of meeting 13th November 2006 were taken as read, confirmed and signed (copies having been previously circulated).


Matters Arising

     Mr Napper was to receive the letter from Mr J. Guscott, stating that full compliance was required with the conditions of the Enforcement and Stop Notice served on him.  A further visit by Mr Willing would then be made to the site to check on this, if work not done in case handed to legal department for prosecution by them.  Noted vehicle on site overnight and lights in mobile home.  Details to be given to Mr Willing enforcement officer.


Stadium Smeatharpe

     Letter received stating planning application withdrawn.  Noted at present many lights on each evening, chairman to contact Mr R. Woollacott.


Ford Street

     A reply from Somerset Highways was read in regards to Parish Council concern at accidents at the Crossway.  Further warning signs to be erected.



     No application made by Mr S. Pike at present was noted.




Willtown Corner

     A general discussion was held as bales now removed with some loose straw on site.  Mr M. Hudson proposed and Miss J. Ward seconded a fence should now be erected along the roadside boundary.  This was agreed.  A subcommittee of Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Mr Langford to get quotes from contractors for the erection of fence was agreed.  Clerk to write to Mr P. Govier to inform him of Parish Council's intention on fence erection.


Phone Cable

     Although a letter of concern over the long delay in getting repairs done to phone line to Mrs Fouracre sent to BT, it was noted no reply was received.


Mr R. Radford, County Councillor

     Chairman welcomed Mr Radford who reported on the budget for next year.  No extra money from government only the 4.0% grant.  Schools to get a 5.7% increase, this was ring fenced.  If County raised Council Tax over 5.0% it would be capped.  Exeter airport sold for £60 million.  Extra money in grant for roads, but this would go to more major road use and not rural.  Job evaluations to be carried out on all staff as many being found underpaid.  Expected cost £5.8 million and would take months to complete.  The recycle target of 30% household waste passed as at present at 45.7%.  The White Paper on "Council Reform" was being debated possible joining of District's and County to make a single authority.  Each County Councillor had £9,000 to spend in their Ward, with possible £500 for Clayhidon.  This was noted.  As Mr Rosamond was not able to be present, he was to give some details of Mid Devon District Council business.  Thanks were given for the report.


Payment Churchyard Grant

     Clerk stated he had today received from Mid Devon a grant of £140 towards churchyard maintenance, not expected as no questionnaire received on grant made by Parish Council.  Proposed by Mr R. Pike seconded by Miss J. Ward and agreed with Mr Hudson interest declared a grant of £540 as in past.



     Clerk gave details of income and expenses to date and to the year-end.  This was based on known details of past year, with expected year-end balance of £45,000.  A small decrease from start of year.  Noted that 2007 was to have Parish & and District Council elections.  After a general discussion on finances and noting Precept in 2006 was £4200, Mr M. Hudson proposed and Mr R. Pike seconded a Precept of £4500 and this was carried.  Noted Mr G. Langford had spoken for Precept to remain at £4200.  The chairman had replied that 2006 had, at last, been the last year to pay off loan received to meet expenses, as not having funds for Gray's Lane costs.



     Letter of thanks from Tiverton and District Transport Ass’n received and noted. Mid Devon - meetings proposed on new scheme on how properties allocated from its housing stock.  Letter from Mr Peter Brown, Emergency Planning Officer, willing to attend meeting and make a presentation.  Community Safety Partnership dates of meetings and venue for 2007. DAPC Winter newsletter.  Copy of Local Government White Paper and minutes of technical workshop held on this.  Details of training courses planned for 2007.  Copy of Village Green. DCC summary of Accounts for 2005/2006 spent on Education, Social Services and Environment. DCC Town, Parish and Community Emergency Planning Pack on how to make own plan.  Mid Devon, copy of "Standards Committee" annual report 2006.



Planning Mr D Kohlman

     Retention of change of use of land for formation of access.  As this had been done before application made and no objections raised no comments made.  Application Mr S. John's, Hunters Lodge Farm, for the erection of extensions, no objections to the application raised.  Noted received between meetings and reply made.


Parish Plan

     Mr Langford gave details of those contacted.  Some responses received and more awaited in the new year.  Those received willing to partake.



     The Chairman gave details of tour of roads made and response of Mr W. Pike.  This was followed by a general discussion on repairs needed and what was outstanding.  Details noted by Chairman and where road signs missing being listed for replacement.


General Business

      Noted part of beech tree, top of Bolham Hill had come down in recent high winds, possible more could come down on to Road.  Trees subject to a Preservation Water, placed there by Planning dept.  Members agreed advice should be sought by owner from Planning Dept. as concern over highway safety.  Vice Chairman agreed to contact owner to note concern.


Refuse Bags

     Attention was drawn to black refuse bags being torn open by dogs kept at Hidin Fields Farm.  Parish Councillor had seen dogs on day roaming a mile away.  Chairman stated he had rung owner on hearing this had been done.  After general discussion on concern for this happening again with these dogs, the clerk will write to Mrs B Willmer agreed for the dogs to be shut in on refuse day or held in secure area.


Event in June

     Chairman spoke of annual combined service held at Church or Chapel last Sunday in June.  As it was thought Revd. D Sherwood was away at this time other dates being chosen of 10th June or 8th of July.  Vice Chairman to confirm date suitable.


Refuse Collection

     Noted.  Mid Devon had produced for each house a card with collection dates for refuse and for recycle.  This was a good idea and working well.



     Mr Pike gave a short report from recent meeting.  Business plan being produced for presentation to Hemyock Parish Council.  More details available after this meeting.  Much work needed to be done now well in hand.


Mr G. Sellick

     As Mr Sellick had now retired as a Parish Lengths-man, it was agreed a letter of appreciation should be sent to him for his many years work on roads.  Mr Redwood would do this for Parish Council.

     As there was no other business it was agreed the next meeting on 12th March and the Annual Parish Meeting on 26th March at Parish Hall.  The Chairman then thanked those present for attending and closed the meeting.