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January 2008, Clayhidon Parish Council

`Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 14th January 2008 at the Church Room, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following business was brought before the council:-


1.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.           Matters arising from the minutes

3.           Payment of Accounts

4.           Precept 2008/2009

5.           Correspondence

6.           General business

7.           Charity Business



     Mr G Langford, Chairman; Mr ME Bendle; Mr MJ Hudson; Mr AFJ Redwood; Miss J Ward; Mr RM Kallaway; Mr FJ Rosamond, Dist. Councillor; Mr R Radford, County Councillor; Parishioners Mr R Jeffery; Mr S Roberts; Mr G Dewick and Mr M Osmond, clerk



     An apology was given for Mr RJ Pike who was unable to attend.


     On opening the meeting, Mr Langford welcomed all those present.



     Minutes of Meeting 12th November 2007 were taken as read, confirmed and then signed (copies having been previously circulated).


Matters Arising

     Mays Farm music event -- Mr Hudson read a reply from Mrs A. Browning MP following a further letter to her.  She agreed to make further contacts and another reply was awaited.


Backdown Hills Plan

     The chairman had made a reply on the Parish Council's behalf and the points he made were explained in detail.  This was agreed by all.


Parish Pound

     As agreed a final letter now drafted and the contents and terms were noted to rent to the Landlord of Half Moon Inn the "Pound" at £50 per year. It would commence as soon as the building at Hidonfields was completed.


Twinning Association

     A further invitation to Chairman received from Culm Valley Twinning Association.  Noted he was unable to attend.  After General discussion, contact would be made with Mr Pike to check if he would attend.  If not, as proposed at previous meeting, Mr W. Smith would be the Parish Council representative.  Members were willing to give support to obtain official status but did not wish to be directly involved.




Garlands Bower

     The Chairman reported the roadside of hedge cut, but the inside was not easy to be done due to posts and wire.


Lengthsman Visit

     General discussion on recent visit to Parish by him arising from the need to clear drains.  It was thought that the work was more than he could do.  The ditch in one place needed a digger to clear it out.  This was brought to the attention of Mr R. Radford, due to the amount of rain at present with ditches/drains flooding onto roads.


Payment of Accounts

     It was proposed by Miss J. Ward seconded by Mr R. Kallaway that the following two payments be made.  This was agreed by all.


Mid Devon District Council

Parish Council election costs

£     78.71

Mr D Prettejohn

Footpath clearing expenses

£   385.00


It was noted Mr Prettejohn would not able to continue to clear footpaths for Parish Council and after discussion it was agreed for Mr A Redwood to contact Mr G. Selleck to inquire if interested.


Churchyard Grant

     Clerk reported that the Parish Council had not received any grant from Mid Devon Council.  Noted they were making cuts in grants to save money.  It was agreed to discuss this at the next meeting when details of costs from St Andrews could be considered before making a grant for churchyard upkeep.


Precept 2008/2009

     Clerk reported the Precept form not received at present as in past years from the Devon for Council to agree for completion and for deduction of the DAPC subscription.  Miss J. Ward proposed and Mr M. Bendle seconded and it was agreed Clerk complete when received to include DAPC payment.



     DAPC-January/February newsletter.  Local Council Review.  Village Green Devon Rural Transport - newsletter.  Standards Board - Mid Devon, notice of due to changes a representative from Parish Councils required.  The chairman would consider standing as a representative.  Mid and East Devon Safety Partnership - notice of meetings planned.  Miss Ward agreed to attend and Mr Pike to be contacted to attend also.


Planning Notices

     Planning Approval to Mr and Mrs T. Law, Birch House, for conversion of garage to studio and store.  Planning application Mr Hewitt and Miss Doble for replacement garage at Hardings.  No objections raised.  Planning application V Miller of Dunkeswell for erection of stables and store at Broad Street.  No objections raised.  Planning application Mrs B. Willmer, Hidonfields Farm for an extension to existing sand menage, Grant of Permission.  Mrs M. Williams, Bolham Farm, Grant of Permission for erection of silage shed (Revised Scheme).  Grant of Permission to Miss C. Hopper, Pleasant House, for a change of use of agricultural land to equestrian and siting of mobile field shelter.  Prior Approval Acceptance Notice for Mrs B. Willmer, Hidonfields Farm, for erection of agricultural storage building.  Planning application R Drew and son, Callers Farm, agricultural covered yard, after discussion no objections raised.


Smeatharpe Stadium

     Chairman outlined details of application made for "Certificate of Lawfulness for the existing use of land for motor racing." Details given on previous application and there was no difference in this one.  Other Local Parish Councils had been contacted so that they were able to make a response.  A recommendation had been made by the planning department on a previous application that 17 meetings was the valid number for the venue.  Application now with MDDC Legal department to consider if this should be upheld or to grant wider permission in case an appeal was made by applicant.  When decision made they would advise planning department.  General discussion on the situation if legal department had best interest of parishes in mind or the legal costs involved of any potential appeal.


Mr F. Rosamond, District Councillor

     Welcome given by chairman for attending.  The new executive was bedding in but some problems had arisen with councillors walking out (more details on reasons given when asked).  Office for government for South West monitoring the situation arising from the unruly debate held.  Boundary Commission to look at Devon following the decision not to grant Exeter unitary status.  Possible consultations to be held on any changes.  Credit crunch being felt with direct debits slow on Council Tax payments.  Post Office closures debated by Council.  Council had a budget deficit, cuts to be made with grants made.  Questions from members being answered after which he was thanked for the report.


Mr R. Radford, County Councillor

     Welcome for attending.  Details given on the budget as there was at present a deficit of £13 million to £15 million to work upon.  Noted Grant from the government had been increased by 7½%.  The DCC school's budget was £36 million short, also the Children's and Young Persons budget was in a deficit.  Details given on what sickness payments cost the Council.  The DCC was wishing to reduce the amount of property it owned in order to save on costs.  Details given on how much waste was being recycled and this was higher than the targets set.  Questions from members ended his report and thanks given to him.


General Business

     The Chairman stated that five properties had been reported for possible flooding arising from blocked ditches and drains not able to clear away surface water.  General discussion on sites and possible solutions and it was agreed Chairman to e-mail Mr Radford the details for contact with DCC.  Members were told of recent fly tipping on the Turbary and photos taken to include child's slide, a ScottishPower households account and a number of dead pigeons.  Members thought that this problem could increase.  Direction road finger signs now missing were listed for replacement.


Next Meetings

     As there was no other business it was agreed the date for next meeting as 10th March and the Annual Parish Meeting on Monday 31st March 2008 at the church room, after which the Meeting was closed with thanks given to those attending.