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January 2009, Clayhidon Parish Council

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 12th January 2009 in the Parish Hall, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.           Matters arising from the minutes

3.           Payment of Accounts

4.           Correspondence

5.           General business



            Mr G Langford, Chairman; Mr MJ Hudson; Miss J Ward; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mr ME Bendle; Mr RM Kallaway; County Councillor Mr R Radford; District Councillor Mr FJ Rosamond; Parishioners: Mr R Jeffery; Mr M Gendall and Mr MC Osmond, clerk



            An apology was given for Mr RJ Pike as unable to attend.

            On opening the meeting the Chairman welcomed all those present.



            Minutes of meeting 10th of November 2008 were taken as read (copies having been previously circulated), confirmed and signed.


Matters Arising

            The Chairman stated a decision had not been made on the appeal of East Devon District Council in regard to Boundary Commission proposals.


Precept Form

            Clerk stated the form had been received, completed and returned.  Permission is sought for Mid Devon District Council to deduct DAPC subscription.  This was agreed for clerk to state in payment form.


May's Farm

            Mr Hudson gave a short report of latest details.  Mr Winter – Mid Devon District Council, met event organisers, agreed officers work with them for any future event, when they would act on any statutory noise nuisance.  Members discussed details, also Mr N. Carter added more details to his own complaint.  Members thought little comfort arising to Parish Council, a change in law was needed.  Mrs Parish of MDDC had made it clear that MDDC were not against this, with more representation to Ministers needed to get a change on this type of short notice event.



            It was proposed by Mr Hudson, seconded by Mr Bendle and agreed the following payment be made:-

Miss J. Ward – travel expenses – £19.96

Carley Press – 2 Maps, laminated – £ 17.80


            "Village Green", Local Council Review, DAPC newsletters.  Taunton Deane Borough – Town Centre Action Plan.  Annual Report – Royal Devon and Exeter Trust.  Mid Devon – Parish Matters newsletter, copy of development "preferred options" Hemyock.



            Erection of extension to cattle shed at Harts Farm, Mr R. Kallaway application.  Permission to Mrs B. Wilmer, Hidonfields Farm for erection of field shelter and permission for a single storey extension at Hidonfields Farm.  Permission to Mr R. Drew, Callers Farm for erection of roof to cover yard holding cattle.  Application by Mr J. Brooke, Bolham House for erection of poultry house and feed silo.  Application Mr & Mrs M. Gendall, Shepherds Halt, for erection of double garage, garden store and boiler room.  Size of property/development in particular the view of the proposed from Brimley Hill.  Members thought appearance changes would enhance the development rather than present proposals.  Agreed District Councillor call in the application in to enforce this point.  No other objections raised.

            Letter of thanks received from Tiverton Transport Association for the grant made to organisation for "Ring & Ride" service in parish.


Information Act

            Clerk received notice that present Act of Freedom of Information expired 31-12-08 and new publication to be adopted by all public sector bodies.  Awaiting new publication for Parish Council.


District Councillor

            Mr Rosamond gave a short report on business including the Local Government Boundary changes, annual budget review and effects of income drop, need to make savings and expecting the Council Tax to rise at 2.5%.  New finance director looking at savings where possible such as Grants.  The "Villages in Action" program could be reduced.  This was discussed by members as it was saving at the expense of "Rural" community not "Urban".  Letter of concern to be sent on this possible cut in Grant.  More details given on the state of recycled items, noted over target and possible use now that the country was in near recession.  Thanks given for report details.


General Business

            The Chairman raise the matter of concern of Mr A. Board at Wiltown and how long A) papers for decision was at the Legal Department and B) times contacted by him for a reply but not even an acknowledgement received.  In reply Mr Rosamond agreed with problem as he had phoned twice without getting a response.  This point was pressed as not good enough service from those who were there to serve the district.  Mr Rosamond agreed to take up this point upon his return to offices.

            Point raised that during recycled collection, staff being in a hurry to complete the round targets some articles left or dropped during sorting or blown out of container due to lid not being closed.  Members agreed letter be sent noting this was happening.  Mr Rosamond agreed plastic bags easily blown out.


Wellington Archery Club -- Garlands Bower

            Chairman reported he had been contacted by Mr R. Darke of Yewhayes for site for the club.  Meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays also there was a container used as storage.  Present site in Wellington had problems.  After a review of conditions of the agreement for Garlands Bower, which Parish Council rented from Glebe Board it was found this was not possible.

State of Roads

            General discussion on the items outstanding and others in need of attention.  Details listed by Chairman.  The surface repairs done at Hidonfields after pipes laid across road, was drawn to the attention of Mr Radford following the limited responses received from Highways department to Parish Council.  Problems being the surface angles diverted surface water away from drains and this made problems for Mr Cooper and Mr Carter.  Problems brought to the attention of the site developer.  There had been a recent site visit by developer and other interested parties but none would commence remedial action.  Parish Council view was Highways had failed to supervise the roadworks properly and none would admit any faults.  Mr Radford pressed on point by Parish Council as it was Devon Highways responsibility and staff should be held to account for the problems at Hidonfields.  Mr Radford to have a meeting shortly with Mr L. Wilmington of Highways and would raise this problem.  Members thought a senior officer should come and see the problems.

            Noted that Ridgewood Hill was to be closed for a week for work near Brookridge.  Stones on the road at Middleton Barton a hazard.  Need for salt tubs to be filled again arising from recent cold weather, with many patches of ice around.


County Councillor

            Mr Radford gave a short report on business.  Noted Grant to Parish Hall still awaited from Community Council of Devon.  The Chairman then thanked him for the details.  Mr Bendle on behalf of Members wished to thank Chairman for taking up road issues, as a it was a lengthy process with slow results.


Next Meeting/Annual Parish Meeting

            As there was no other business it was agreed the date of Next meeting to be 9th March 2009 and the Annual Parish Meeting on the 30th March 2009, the Chairman then thanked those present for attending and closed the meeting.