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January 2016

Clayhidon Parish Council Meeting

held in the Parish Hall at 1.30pm on 11th January 2016



1.               Present 

Mr R Kallaway (Chair), Mr G Langford, Mrs S Hay, Mr R Drew, Mr M Bendle, Mrs D Evans (Parish Clerk), and 1 member of the public.

Apologies. Mr A Hill and Mrs A Weekes


2.               Declarations of Interest

Agenda item 4.1 – The parish council owns land at Wiltown Green and has given access across it to the applicant.

Agenda item 4.2 – Mr R Drew has a personal interest as the applicant is his neighbour.


3.               Ten Oaks Planning Application 15/01622/FULL

Mr G Langford drafted a response to be sent to MDDC outlining the planning issues. 

PROPOSAL:  Clerk to send the response to MDDC.

PROPOSED:   Mr G Langford


DECISION: passed.  All agreed.    



4.                Planning

The following applications were considered:-

4.1              15/01891/FULL – Variation of condition 1 of Planning Permission 10/00160/FULL to allow occupation of the caravan by Mrs G Board.  Wiltown Mobile Home, Clayhidon.

PROPOSAL:  The council does not support the application and makes the following comments:-

·             Planning Inspectorate Specific Condition - The Planning Inspector foresaw the issue of the long term in his decision of 20 May 2011.   Condition 21 expressly stated “to prevent the caravan becoming a permanent feature, I have imposed a condition tying the change of use to the appellant”.  It went on to state that:  “the permission is personal to the appellant”.  To allow this application would be counter to the Planning Inspector’s decision at this Appeal.  The Inspector’s reason for allowing the appeal hinged on his interpretation of the local employment in agriculture of Mr Board.  Mrs Board has no such employment, and although it is understood that she has a number of domestic related jobs in the area, these, in no way, require local residence.  Many such jobs in the parish are done by people living in Hemyock, Wellington and Taunton. 

·             Precedent - Within 400 metres of this site there are four locations which would be able to take full advantage of any decision to allow this application in terms of precedent. Any domestic occupation of these sites is not known to the Parish Council, and it is beyond its remit to investigate.  MDDC may choose to clarify these sites.


o     In Wiltown Farm yard there is a recently introduced mobile home (now largely shielded from view by corrugated iron), already with a power supply separate from the farmhouse.


o     Just to the north of Wiltown in Smeathy Lane, Higher Acre Ridge has a collection of sheds, barns and portacabin-like buildings.  It has a post-box and power supply and activity associated with more than agricultural use.


o     The next field up from Higher Acre Ridge has two sheds and a previous refused application for the storage of a mobile home.  This site is completely overgrown on the road side and all is hidden from view. 


o     The “Woody Lane” site to the east of Wiltown gained permission for a workshop/shed after enforcement action on the establishment of a mobile home was taken.  This permitted shed is now considerably larger and car parking and usage appears quite constant. 


·             AONB and Commons land - The parish council, in concert with the AONB team, are endeavouring to bring publicly owned spaces back into full use.  The Wiltown Green area, albeit a small plot, is one of these areas.  The parish council fenced the area to curtail illegal use as a trailer park and waste dump.  This has now ceased and there are plans to open the area up further.  The agricultural access route across the plot to the field below (on which the caravan is sited) does not impact on these plans as such use would be intermittent and infrequent.  Continued enforced use for domestic purposes would however impinge on the plans to re-naturalise the woody area.

PROPOSED:   Mr G Langford


DECISION: passed.  All agreed.    

4.2              15/01952/FULL - Erection of single storey extension and dormer window extension to dwelling, conversion and extension of garage to annex.  Shalom, Clayhidon.

PROPOSAL:  the parish council supports the application and makes no further comment.

PROPOSED:   Mr M Bendle


DECISION: passed.  All agreed.    

4.3        16/00021/FULL - Erection of cabinet to house observation borehole measuring groundwater levels, and surrounding fence.  Smeatharpe, Clayhidon.

PROPOSAL:  the council was in support of the previous application and makes no further comment on this one.



DECISION: passed.  All agreed.    


5.               Finance

5.1      Income & Expenditure








Clayhidon Parochial Church Council

Room Hire



D Evans

Wages & Expenses (Aug – Dec)


PROPOSAL:  that the above cheques are paid. 

PROPOSED:   Mr G Langford


DECISION: passed.  All agreed.    


5.2      Grants

The clerk provided the background information on previous grants paid to the Blackdown Support Group. 

PROPOSAL:  £500 grant to be made to the Blackdown Support Group. 

PROPOSED:   Mr G Langford


DECISION: passed.  All agreed. 


6.                Items raised by Chairman

Nothing to report.


7.                Items raised by Councillors

7.1              The clerk was asked to contact Devon Highways to see if the Lengthsman would report to Richard Drew when he visits the parish at end January.   

7.2              The cyclists who camp on the church field have approached Mr M Bendle.  He will ask the group to contact the clerk directly to arrange this year’s fee etc. 

7.3              Pothole by pub at entrance to the church lane to be reported.

7.4              Two potholes by Palmers Farm to be reported.  








8.                Date of next meeting  The next council meeting will be held on Monday 8th February at 7.30pm Parish Hall.



Meeting closed at 2.30pm