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July 2004

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 12th July 2004 at the Parish Hall, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.           Matters arising from the minutes

3.           Payment of Accounts (Loan & P.T.A)

4.           Correspondence

5.           General business



     Mr ME Bendle, Chairman; Mr MJ Hudson; Mr RJ Pike; Mr G Langford; Miss J Ward; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mr RM Kallaway; Mr FJ Rosamond, District Councillor; Mr & Mrs Lee; Mr MC Osmond, clerk.



     An apology was given for Mr EJ Berry, County Councillor unable to attend.  On opening the meeting the Chairman welcomed those present and thanked Miss Ward for the tea/coffee.



     Minutes of Meeting 17th May 2004 were taken as read, (copies having previously been circulated,) confirmed & signed.


Matters Arising

     Hidonfields a drawing of proposed dwelling was circulated, noted reply on application had been made, Mr Kallaway raised the appearance point of the dwelling as not present at previous when was discussed by Parish Council.  Copy of the reply to the application to be sent to Mr Rosamond agreed for later reference.


Willtown Caravan

     No correspondence had been received was noted.


Scrutiny Panel

     Mr Langford stated of first meeting he would be attending on the "Quality of Life in Devon".



     No decision received on application by Mrs C. Rrisdon to remove the Agricultural Tie.


Mr and Mrs Lee

     The application by Mr and Mrs Lee for dwelling at Tredown had been refused, the reasons were read by Chairman.  Mr Lee stated a further application would be made taking into consideration reasons given, Parish Council would be informed.



     Viewing and completion had been done and returned.  Tanks were given to Mr Pike for use of home to enable the viewing by those interested.


Blackdown Hills Rural Partnership

     Mr Hudson gave details on the elections, noted he had been elected as a Parish Council's representative.  This time new organisations standing and this had changed the voting pattern.  A further round of the elections to take place and Miss J. Ward was standing in this round.



     Permission granted to Mr R Darke for extension at rear.


Ford Street

     Scramble Bikes: Clarke had contacted Wellington Town Council office for details, advised to visit Ford Farm, House owner area Ward member on Taunton Deane Council.  Noted site meeting held with owner, police and Deane staff.  Access to be restricted with an earth bank on verges on top of Hill.  PC Joiner had visited when riding in progress, riders interviewed names and addresses taken and informed no permission.  The boundary was 2 1/2 miles long, not practicable to seal.  Police to watch site for any further use.  Our concerns to be noted with others received.


Payment of Accounts

     It was proposed by Miss J. Ward, seconded by Mr Pike and agreed that the following payments be made

Mid Devon Dist. Council

Loan repayment

£   150.00

Hemyock P.T. Ass’n

c/o C. Butt

Grant  (The Common Players production)


£     25.00

Denise Derham

Payment Internal Audit

£     45.00

G. Langford

Footpath Expenses

C. Risdon gate fence repairs


£   321.08



     Notice received of Lengths-man in parish in August -- items in need attention agreed contact Chairman for W. Pike.  Details Mid Devon monies for Play Areas and Public Spaces from development at Hemyock £4455.00. D. C. C. July newsletter.  Mid Devon "Best Performance Plan 2004/05" now published.  Mid Devon notice of members elected to serve on European Parliament -- seven members for South West Region.  D.A.P.C. copy of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 for information.  Mid Devon notice of questionnaire for parishes with allotments, gardens or city farms, to be received, on policy research.  Noted Devon Playing Fields AGM & DCC. Notice from Health and Safety Commission unsafe chest tombs etc.



     Mr Hudson stated Faculity received for work to start on chest tombs at St Andrew’s Clayhidon to make safe.  Discussion on size of new storage building at Hunters Lodge, noted no notice received by Parish Council, different procedure.


Churchyard grass

     Mr Hudson gave details on how cut at present and costs by other local churches of £800 to £1200.  The sheep grazing in part at Clayhidon, the removal of grass cuttings which included some yew, had resulted in dead stock.  Possible hire costs for Clayhidon for two men @ £30 per hour £1200-£1500 per season.  Wedding and funeral fees fixed none for upkeep.  Running costs for St Andrew's per week £250.  Grant from District Council for churchyard upkeep being reach used each year now to 25% of Parish Council grant to St Andrew's.  General discussion on costs and how often to cut and possible names of persons who might cut grass.  Members agreed it was for all parish if not belonging to church and on vote agreed to support cutting of grass costs with grant as in past.  Mr Kallaway proposed and Mr Redwood seconded £600.  Mr Langford proposed and Mr Pike seconded £400.  Miss Ward made a proposal on the rebate of this was withdrawn.  On a vote in which Mr Bendle and Mr Hudson declared interest for the £600 grant 2 and £400 grant 4 votes.  Notice from Mid Devon on grant made not yet received.  Chairman to note when received.


Financial Risk Control Policy

     Arising from Audit completion Clarke had obtained from DAPC a risk policy for adoption by Parish Council.  Mr Hudson had viewed paper and noted parts best for small Council as parts not relevant.  After general discussion members agreed sections best suited to small Council be adopted, Mr Hudson would be present after selection.


District Councillor

     Chairman welcomed Mr Rosamond who gave short report on "Operation Mulberry" to prevent ravers at Smeatharpe had been a success.  The scrutiny panels now busy sitting.  Review on grants made by district Council for more in deprived areas -- access to health and education.  Reorganisation by Dist Council into "Partnerships" to save money.  Corporate plan till 2008 now published for discussion.  Car parking at Tiverton being reviewed, waste management and grounds maintenance out to tenders.  Increase in amount recycled to 16.7% government targets 33%.  Thanks were given by Chairman for his report.



     General discussion on roads after a pothole filling, noted one Frenchnut Tree Lane in need of filling again as spring near, and the quality of work done as some filled in rain and small loads on lorry, a lot of time spent travelling.  Verge cutting raised by Mr Kallaway at Holly Lane as very poor noted cut area himself and driver had cut the same again.  Deadbear culvert agreed to raise again.  Signpost at Burrow Farm damage by trimmer.  Chairman noted areas of overgrown hedges and trees, Ridgewood Hill, Bolham Hill, Bywood Junction to Luppitt Common Road for attention of W. Pike.


General Business

     It was raised by Mr Pike small maps being available for holiday visitors, noted the larger display maps are in hand to be erected shortly.


Council Web-site

     Mr Langford noted that the web site was not being updated still with fresh material this had been for some time.

     Miss Ward drew attention to Smeatharpe airfield how parts had been cleaned up but now plastic cable waste had been dumped after removing copper wire.


Meeting date

     It was agreed date of next meeting on 13th September at Parish Hall after which the chairman thanked those present for attending and closed the meeting.